Posted March 14, 2005 by éS

My fucking boy Billy Rohan landed a McTwist during his street run at Tampa Pro. After pulling that strange trick, he followed it up with a full-on tech attack. I'm talking nollie 360 heels, switch front flips, switch blunts and all sorts of tech shit. The dude qualified 1st in the Semis and then got 5th overall..not bad, right? Now go gurggle some class and wash it down with Drano.


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  1. check out the ttp://" rel="nofollow">video footy of rohan's 540.

    huphtur Posted: 10 years ago
  2. N.Y.C TILL I D.I.E.................Billy Rohan rips and not to many people know it. Not only that he is one cool as nigga too............... i am glad to see that yall niggas is finally given Billy the props he deserves............KEEP BANGING BILLY

    OjO Posted: 10 years ago
  3. the east coast is awesome.

    john Posted: 10 years ago
  4. yea it is bitches especially when u have never nown ne thing different but hey do see me complaining, hell no

    makeuaposer Posted: 10 years ago
  5. PJ is_the best part

    Boba Posted: 10 years ago
  6. Transworld just put up a cool montage of the tampa pro contest. It's in Live events:

    craig Posted: 10 years ago
  7. one i fell asleep in tha shower and then when i woke up i got an i dea to try a new trick and it worked isent that great

    call me my number is 911 wate for it 2 ring 2 times then ill pick up

    dutchskater Posted: 10 years ago
  8. daaam man can u shut da fuck up stupid ass dutch poser ur not in a fucken chat room bitch u and ur stupid aasss jokes

    erick Posted: 10 years ago

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