Who's Bigger?

Posted March 14, 2005 by éS

Here is the question of the year: Who has a bigger cock? Koston or Hawk?


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There's 92 responses to "Who's Bigger?"

  1. My cock's bigger mofoz.

    some_dude Posted: 10 years ago
  2. This is so sick, like a better version of the blabs on the emerica site...but everybody knows that if Nuske slapped his out it would take out an entire nation...

    Marky D Posted: 10 years ago
  3. nation of billions

    holding us back?

    nowax Posted: 10 years ago
  4. koston

    t Posted: 10 years ago
  5. i vote koston

    g1rl Posted: 10 years ago
  6. i'd go with hawk as he has a hot wife and many kids, so he can please a woman!

    branny Posted: 10 years ago
  7. I'd go for koston
    Tony Hawk is a homosexual human being

    Eric Posted: 10 years ago
  8. Yeah this is a whole new subject, but will és PLEASE start making their shoes in bigger sizes as I have been loyal to és for a long time, and now i have reached a shoe size US14 (UK13) i can't seem to get any of the nice shoes in my size... Please és, please!

    Rich Posted: 10 years ago
  9. Please.... Hah! the penny2's in white and the snakeskin colour...make those in a 14! Please!

    Rich Posted: 10 years ago
  10. this place is weird. make an actual message board for es. kinda like the emerica one is set up, except it will be es, so it will be better and there wont be little baker clones fucking shit up. oh.. and i have a bigger cock than both of them. peace.

    yates Posted: 10 years ago
  11. r00ts Posted: 10 years ago
  12. your website gets a shitload of traffic.

    gonzo Posted: 10 years ago
  13. What's up with this new comment preview thing? god.

    Jim Posted: 10 years ago
  14. I vote koston!!!!!! Has Tony Ever Nollie heel noseslide a handrail? NO i dont think so!!!!! go P.J.!!!

    d-mart Posted: 10 years ago
  15. Has koston ever done that on vert? damn. Hawk, hands down.

    Soup Posted: 10 years ago
  16. this is stupid, what kind of question is that...whoever comes up with this shit has no life...and who the hell cares whos dicks bigger?

    p.s. mines bigger

    stupid Posted: 10 years ago
  17. We make 14s dude. Most shoes we make come in 14s. Call your shop and have them special order you something. This post was just a test post and uhm...we went live with out taking them down. Have fun. I skated Kostons private park over the weekend...oh man it's amazing!!

    craig Posted: 10 years ago
  18. tony can do 900 degree rotations but koston has gnarley nollie stance backside noseblunt slides.

    john Posted: 10 years ago
  19. clearly koston has the L D, where else would he get his pop from. Damn, hawk has NO cock. guarenteed, effin eunich bastich. see ya at slam frost

    todd michael Posted: 10 years ago
  20. Wow..this shit is crazy...I love atching people fight over shit on the internet...I got one for everyone. Why the fuck is paris hilton sucking muskas ghetto dick? Im making a website that will have be composed of submitted videos... Hook me up...Ill have categories so everyones footy is needed....darkstarbg2000@yahoo.com

    darkstarbg2000@yahoo.com Posted: 10 years ago
  21. this shit is funny as fuck...I love it

    $King Of Bling$ Posted: 10 years ago
  22. Damn it is for sure the Hawkstar, just look at the man.

    24hourcandymachine Posted: 10 years ago
  23. hawk suck dick

    bill Posted: 10 years ago
  24. i say you sould make the accel in laker colers and koston sucks he has been skaten for a like 100 years

    angent cody banks Posted: 10 years ago
  25. i think koston has a bigger cock,but hawk must hav bigger balls...this problem has to b seen in a scientific way,we hav to weight kostons cock n hawks one,then hawks balls n finally kostons; we also hav to check who is the cleaner; maybe science will help us...

    Marco Posted: 10 years ago
  26. I would have to go with koston when i seen him at a demo he had a start side pipe..

    david Posted: 10 years ago
  27. Agent Cody Banks is a retard. Why dont you try to 360 noseblunt san marcos (rip) dude koston has been tearing everything to shit forever and hes still going. You obviously dont know shit about skateboarding.

    JDizzle Posted: 10 years ago
  28. i think koston has bigger balls.. but no dick.. tony hawk has no balls... but has a small penis...BUT SHAQUILE O'NEAL.. damnnn...

    daniel diaz Posted: 10 years ago
  29. man Koston is a fuckin chink chink's dont have big penises hawks is bigger

    vagin Posted: 10 years ago
  30. man Koston is a fuckin chink chink's dont have big penises hawks is bigger

    vagin Posted: 10 years ago
  31. cody banks can lick my nuts

    agent cody banks hater Posted: 10 years ago
  32. idiot!

    agent cody banks hater Posted: 10 years ago
  33. u cant sk8 4 shit and uve only been sk8ing for 1 month

    agent cody banks hater Posted: 10 years ago
  34. agent cody banks hater suck his friends ryans dick

    angent cody banks Posted: 10 years ago
  35. agent cody banks hater dont be made that you sucked all you guy friends dick

    angent cody banks Posted: 10 years ago
  36. agent cody banks got fucked in the ass by his dog while he sucked his friend shawns balls!

    agent cody banks hater Posted: 10 years ago
  37. and he liked it!

    agent cody banks hater Posted: 10 years ago
  38. ball licker!!!!!!!!!

    agent cody banks hater Posted: 10 years ago
  39. that y u sucked konston dick

    angent cody banks Posted: 10 years ago
  40. y he did his shit skate boarding

    angent cody banks Posted: 10 years ago
  41. your ass hole must hurt from kostons rusty papie

    angent cody banks Posted: 10 years ago
  42. i bet u filmed ur gang bang with all those mexican men last tuesday...and ur dog...... thats y u walk funny..BALL LICKER!!!!!

    agent cody banks hater Posted: 10 years ago
  43. i have learning disabilities

    lucas Posted: 10 years ago
  44. man. thats a hard one. koston might be packin' more heat but then again, hawk's also probably packin' heat... ask the lady companions.

    J Posted: 10 years ago
  45. thanks és, ill be out buyin some of your shoes soon enough!

    Rich Posted: 10 years ago

    DANNY Posted: 10 years ago
  47. acutaully meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee putas

    DANNY Posted: 10 years ago
  48. koston. his shoes are too fresh.
    white leather k1 and k6= sex.

    pat Posted: 10 years ago
  49. well, i like koston more, but he has sacked himself on a lotta handrails and it mighta shrunk, tony doesn't get sacked on shit, so I'd say tony.

    Geoff Posted: 10 years ago
  50. your mom has a bigger one

    fabio Posted: 10 years ago
  51. Why the fuck do you fags care

    EH? Posted: 10 years ago
  52. hawk is pretty cool but i'd have to go with kosten

    craig Posted: 10 years ago
  53. oh ya i'll send you a tape

    craig Posted: 10 years ago
  54. kalis dude!!!

    monkeyboy Posted: 10 years ago
  55. ...oh cmon' now kiddies. This shouldn't even be here, Mandingo on the biggest wang though. As for Koston and Hawk, heck, I don't know. Hawk... God has a sense of humor on shit like this.

    Paas Posted: 10 years ago
  56. yall are all faggots talkin about male cock...

    eShoes Posted: 10 years ago
  57. both cody banks and agent cody banks hater are ball lickers!!!!!!!!! you sissy ass bitches can lick each others balls!!!!!!!!

    agent ryan banks Posted: 10 years ago
  58. Ryan banks is a homo, he cant read and he always says '' forget a female i get a man in my pink tee!''and he cant sk8 4 shit he broke his arm trying to ollie a 3 stair! omg......peace wiggas.

    ryan banks is a butt plugger! Posted: 10 years ago
  59. he also got but rapped by jimmy

    ryan banks is a butt plugger! Posted: 10 years ago
  60. ryan banks doesent even have his own movie... hahahahahahahaha.. if he did it would be a gay porno! hahahahaha

    ryan banks is a butt plugger! Posted: 10 years ago
  61. haha good one. but, i dont like people with bagel bite and shampoo commercials, so im gonna have to go with big K himself mr crook

    Marc Posted: 10 years ago
  62. Who the fuck cares!!!

    Ryan Posted: 10 years ago
  63. koston has the bigger cock tony spun his out of shape doing 900's

    michael Posted: 10 years ago
  64. koston bitches he keeps it real unlike hawk who be fakin

    aaron Posted: 10 years ago
  65. Yo!YO!Whats going here!

    Phil Posted: 10 years ago
  66. I think KosToN is more popular in the circle OF GooD Street Skaters!AND WHAT about Hawk HE is simply NOW!

    Phil Posted: 10 years ago
  67. pj ladd has a bigger dick

    Kyle Posted: 10 years ago
  68. this is the gayest thing ive ever seen, who cares? i know i dont...

    Trey Posted: 10 years ago
  69. Tony hawk lived in chestertown, MD be for moving to cali and turned pro, he tried to keep it a secert

    . Posted: 10 years ago
  70. hmm this is hard well koston is bigger sorry booth but bloody hell kylie monogie is the bomb!!! or jessica simpson!!

    jj Posted: 10 years ago
  71. koston rocks, so koston

    Some guy Posted: 10 years ago
  72. John Travolta

    Joep Posted: 10 years ago
  73. i think scubba would win against all

    freshy g Posted: 10 years ago
  74. thats just nasty maybe all you guys like talking about dicks but thats gross

    Tim Posted: 10 years ago
  75. i do i can take my size 13s get a boner and stick it out teh hole in the other end

    toeless shoes Posted: 10 years ago
  76. damn u fuckin idiots..... koston has it by a long shot, trust me i no....i sucked em both bitches

    lil mamma hoe Posted: 10 years ago
  77. but tony hawk is lanky. its all proportional.

    size 13 US for life!

    enjoi or destori Posted: 10 years ago
  78. wth most of us are guys we wanna think about tight pussy juicy asses and hot tits no a fucking cock u sickos

    dont blame me i voted for pj ladd eS Posted: 10 years ago
  79. Koston !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hawk is a boring man i know all his tricks :-D

    Sami Posted: 10 years ago
  80. mmmm pussy

    james Posted: 10 years ago
  81. u all r fags

    Ryan Posted: 10 years ago
  82. dude...why are we disscusing penis sizes on a skateboarding site ?

    mikey dawes Posted: 10 years ago
  83. rodney mullen.he is a fucking skateboarding g0d.

    why don`t you guys put out an archive of your shoes?tah tway we can see all of the shoes tha tes has come up with.that would be cool.

    etnies,emerica and eS should have a shoe archive.

    tyopot Posted: 10 years ago
  84. fuck...

    mikey dawes Posted: 10 years ago
  85. Rodney is a cocksucker. who cares about the tricks he does there all old shiot anyway. PJ LADD is the best skater anyway who cares about anyone else. haha jk but who carea about rodney!

    Beem it Posted: 9 years ago
  86. I care about rodney and i can tell you that he has left one of the biggest legacies ever in the history of skateboarding. without him we wouldnt be doing kick flips today or impossible flips or 360 flips...you know what i mean...

    mikey dawes Posted: 9 years ago
  87. i dont really consider a kick flip remo to primo slide flip out old school....do you ? ( almost round three )

    mikey dawes Posted: 9 years ago
  88. damn u fuckin idiots….. koston has it by a long shot, trust me i no….i sucked em both bitches

    lil mamma hoe Posted: 9 years ago
  89. wow.... what a weird question to be asking the guys. this blog section should be for women! they will definatley know, lol. ummmm street skaters are better than vert, so its koston! well, peace out homies!

    P.S. Skate More! Yes'!

    Jake Posted: 9 years ago
  90. what kinda' question is that perv!!!!!!?????!!!!!?????

    jason Posted: 9 years ago
  91. I think it's safe to say that I may be the first girl replying to this blog. Well I think it's Koston because he taller than Tony ( I don't know if this is true ).But then again big feet / hands sometimes don't mean shit.

    anna l Posted: 9 years ago
  92. Y da hell r u pepol talkin about dis r u guys pervs?

    ian apostol Posted: 9 years ago

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