Game of SKATE Series Set For 2005!

Posted March 18, 2005 by éS

In 2005, Eric Koston's éS Game of SKATE will take place in 13 U.S. cities and 12 international locations, with the finals being held in San Diego, California during the famed ASR trade show. Locations include local skateparks or neighborhood parks in the following cities:

Phoenix, Arizona--June 2005
Orange County, California--June 2005
San Francisco, California--June 2005
Chicago, Illinois--June 2005
Houston, Texas--June 2005
Portland, Oregon--July 2005
Salt Lake City, Utah--July 2005
Boston, Massachusetts--July 2005
New York, New York--July 2005
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania--July 2005
Atlanta, Georgia--August 2005
Tampa, Florida--August 2005
FINALS San Diego, California (ASR trade show)--September 2005

Stay tuned to for more details on exact dates and locations. Also, keep an eye out for a full-blown Game of SKATE Web site coming really soon!


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