Team Report 03-24-05

Posted March 24, 2005 by éS

Eric Koston is the proud father of a new baby girl. Yes, this is his second girl in the past two years (not counting Girl Skateboards), and word is that she is as hairy as his last. Her name is Rocket, she is a six-week-old long hair chihuahua, and also a step sister to his other two-year-old dog named Tiger. In other Koston news, Eric may fly up to Sacto this weekend to meet up with éS teammates Tom Penny, Rodrigo Tx., Justin Eldridge, Cale Nuske and Javier Sarmiento, as well as éS flow riders Mike Barker and Bobby Worrest, to shred there and San Francisco. Let's just hope it stays dry.

P.J. Ladd is going to hang tough in San Diego to go over some new Plan B board shapes. Speaking of P.J., get off this computer and skate on over to your nearest skate shop to buy a pair of the Accel and Accel Plus P.J. Ladd colorway shoes. They're, like, totally bitchin'. Just to prove that, there's even a capital B embossed on the side of the shoe. Just kidding. Actually, that big ol' B stands for Boston, P.J.'s hometown.

éS Flow World

éS flow rider Nyjah Huston is rumored to have the last part in the upcoming Element video. Let's wait until this Friday for the premiere. I tell you, that kid is one of the few young riders out there making waves in street skating for the young guns.

éS flow rider Bobby Worrest is going on the road with the éS pro riders this week, then he will harbor himself up in San Franicisco for another 10 days for shore leave before heading back to DC for a few months. Have you seen Bobby's Krooked ad in the brand-new Danny Way issue of Thrasher (May 2005)? You better, cuz trust me, pal, it's a beaut.

If you ever get a chance to see éS flow rider Antwuan Dixon skate 10 or more stairs, you will be thoroughly impressed with his mad skills. Antwuan recently met up with noted photog Atiba Jefferson and accomplished frontside flipper Andrew Reynolds to shoot photos for The Skateboard Mag. Antwuan may be getting on Baker now, and might even get some tricks in their upcoming vid!

éS flow rider Kelly Hart is still shredding the streets of Barcelona with the Expedition team. I wonder if he has been to the beach yet? It's nice...and topless. You've got to love the European way of life. Or maybe you don't.


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