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Posted March 28, 2005 by esskateboarding

P.M.R. Door


If any of you guys watched MTV's Pimp My Ride car show last night, you might have noticed a kid named Tom representing éS pretty hard. He had éS stickers on both doors of his crappy-looking cop-themed car, and was also rocking a pair of the Accel, to boot.

The show's host, Xzibit, transformed the black and white atrocity into a blinging gold car, and added some unusual contraptions, like a flat bar rail that literally pops out of the rear bumper, and a video camera aimed out the back of the trunk toward the rail so he can film himself skating. (To get some sponsor me footage, I presume.) Needless to say, Tom is going to get a nice thank you package from éS for his awesome representation on last night's broadcast.


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  1. hahaha
    I saw that last night
    they hung his thrashed kostons from the rearview mirror

    Matt C Posted: 10 years ago
  2. damn, that's pretty cool.

    yéS Posted: 10 years ago
  3. ba hahahhahhaha thats hilarious, man I need a new pair of accels

    Marky D(supa's pants) Posted: 10 years ago
  4. Pimp my ride is the coolest show and I noticed how much the kid liked eS. Just like all of us because they make your feet happy!hahaahha

    Zach Diekman Posted: 10 years ago
  5. Fianlly a skater gets on T.V. i watched that, It's kinda funny how they pimp the cars out with stuff that most people will never use. like the oxygen bar, .....cool,but kinda pointless thing that will probably end up getting in your way eventually.

    Cody Posted: 10 years ago
  6. oooo yea i saw that lastnight i saw the snap decks i snapd and the eccels they threw away it was pretty pimp how the guy frontboards the rail. it would suck if he mist and hit the car.

    erick Posted: 10 years ago
  7. thats cool how he gets free stuff

    erick Posted: 10 years ago
  8. Hay , whats up ? sorry i dont keep intouch, thay said thay would blow up the stapels center if i got anywere near yall. Emerica has bin lazzy to push there project so me and ben bin blasting CRASS screaming the lerics.. im going to prove you all rong see you in hell fuckoffs!!!!!!!

    jonathan paul russell Posted: 10 years ago
  9. who da fuck waz that all abaute ur a stupid ass we are talking about pimp my ride u fucken idiot

    erick Posted: 10 years ago
  10. wtf yo-i've been representing éS like my entire life and i dont get nice packages and shit from them

    Harry Posted: 10 years ago
  11. that kid was weak, Does anyone think that it was a good deal that david wells went to the red sox this season?

    adam Posted: 10 years ago
  12. i like es and ive never had a pair of anything else besides one pair of lakai manchesters and that rails weird and hes not cool

    Marc Posted: 10 years ago
  13. I'm Cool

    Poop Posted: 10 years ago
  14. I'm Cool

    Poop Posted: 10 years ago
  15. The photos in the news section are way more crappy then the ones here. I'm coming after you GSD! Watch your back.

    Josh P. Posted: 10 years ago
  16. why does kosten name his kid rocket

    Alex Posted: 10 years ago
  17. its not a kid stupid...If you read it, its a dog.

    Paul S. Posted: 10 years ago
  18. that was cool but i would rather have the cop car instead. itd sell the car and spend the money to pimp my skateboard, i'd get those new sparkely painted flip decks, then some chromed out trucks with hydros on em, and some spinners, and that tail devii spark thing. and the rest i would get another cop car. but with a rail in back, that was pretty cool. remound me of the hook ups van. haha!

    yabbo Posted: 10 years ago
  19. i just wanted to post how lame my local shop is. its owned by some lame rich skater dudes that go to my shcool. recently they had their emo band and their friends emo bands play inside the shop which is located inside the mall, and those posers as a scheme to get people to come by they posted posters before that koston would show up at a certain time to do autographs. i was suspicous at first but i went anyway to see what the hype was about. when i got there they had this guy that was impersenating as koston signing autographs for little kids. i couldnt stop laughing about how lame the scam was so i split.

    p.s. stop the koston piracy

    4:20 is_the best part Posted: 10 years ago
  20. I missed that episode... is there anyway you can put it on the és website?

    Rich Posted: 10 years ago
  21. accels r such good shoes thats all i skate there already broken in when i buy them and the sole lasts such a long time they last me like a month

    anthony t. Posted: 10 years ago
  22. anyone notice the transition on the model 'half pipe' in the trunk? how bad was that

    r00ts Posted: 10 years ago
  23. i know its the wrong place but is pj going to dc???? i hope not

    simon Posted: 10 years ago
  24. A.yes very off topic B.if he goes ill kill myself C what ever happened to good ol american hot rods?

    mike Posted: 10 years ago
  25. suicide party if pj goes to dc!

    YéS Posted: 10 years ago
  26. theres nuthin wrong with d.c its better then staying in faggot ass cali. except it, pj is an east sider

    fuck the west side

    steve Posted: 10 years ago
  27. he as tlakin about the copany dc

    dan Posted: 10 years ago
  28. Hey, I have a quick unrelated question.

    What software/webscript do you use for this blog?


    Jony Posted: 10 years ago
  29. I thought putting the rail on the bumber was a dumb idea. What if he hit the bumber, that would ruin the purpose of even pimping it. And it wasn't a very good designed rail.

    Nhan Posted: 10 years ago
  30. Jony - We're using ttp://wordpress.org" rel="nofollow">wordpress with our very own, customized theme! Check out the links listed under "tools" on the left hand side for even nerdier éS Blog interaction.

    cooler Posted: 10 years ago
  31. i think that havin a skater on that show was a great idea..i was syched when i saw it i have the pjs accel and they are great by the way so sweet ive worn umm out to bloody pulps but they still look snazy

    kev Posted: 10 years ago
  32. Wow that pimp my ride kid is so lucky. First he gets on TV,Gets his car "pimped out", and then gets a free package from es just for having some es stickers on his car man i wish that was me

    Tim Posted: 10 years ago
  33. The kids a lucky bastard...

    Oh, btw, the host of the show's name is Xzibit... accomplished informative journalism, pff...

    eon Posted: 10 years ago
  34. anyone played MVP 2005 yet? that game is sick

    adam Posted: 10 years ago
  35. I think the important part of that episode is that the guy had a Coliseum sticker on his board.

    Shaun Filmall Posted: 10 years ago
  36. I think someone should hook up Fat Albert.

    YéS Posted: 10 years ago
  37. Yeah, that was pretty awesome.

    Jacob Posted: 10 years ago
  38. hey hey hey nhan i said that alrady u stupid ass\

    erick Posted: 10 years ago
  39. wat da fuck yes that was stupid [hey iam yes hook fat albert up ]hahaha no never aging gay ass bitch

    erick Posted: 10 years ago
  40. yeah that episode was sweet, i wish i had a ride liek that...talking about the shoes

    freshy g Posted: 10 years ago
  41. More dead copzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    tony guerrero Posted: 10 years ago
  42. you can tell the guy didn't really give a shit for the helmet camera. He was hoping for a vx but got a lame ass helmet cam. He played it off well though. props to him and his car

    john river Posted: 10 years ago
  43. That rail at the back of the car was dope.... I want that car....

    JR J. Posted: 10 years ago
  44. dude that car is rad..... that is a moving sk8 park....

    Bitlog.... jr Posted: 10 years ago
  45. Shit, I haven't seen the episode yet. I'm sure MTV will play it 500 more times so I'll get to see it eventually. Oh and PJ is not going to DC. The best show right now on TV is Top Model...so classic!

    craig Posted: 10 years ago
  46. I saw that and thought it was pretty damn cool. Did anyone noticed how tom looked a little bit like P.J.? When i saw preveiws for this episode, I thought P.J. was going on the show to get his car pimped out.

    Eric Posted: 10 years ago
  47. what was that something about PJ Ladd sueing Coliseum? I heard it on SPoT, but I have no idea what it's about. Is it even true?

    Justin Posted: 10 years ago
  48. eteve dont you know its the west side around here .aight ckuz

    erick Posted: 10 years ago
  49. PJ didn't sue anybody.

    Josh P. Posted: 10 years ago
  50. i didnt watch all of it yet

    Jon A. Posted: 10 years ago
  51. pixelised pictures = jpeg = beurk shit = bad brand

    tony guerrero Posted: 10 years ago
  52. bring back the EOS AND THE CECIERO2S

    erick Posted: 10 years ago
  53. Wow, I think I might toss and turn all night because of what you said erick. Your intelligent and so well thought out comment was so epic... Now fuck up, cause only retards like you talk shit online.

    YéS Posted: 10 years ago
  54. i think that skater on pimp my ride should be sponserd

    LEE powell Posted: 10 years ago
  55. and the rumour about pj going to dc is false, he's staying at es.

    Geoff Posted: 10 years ago
  56. rumors like that should go to hell.

    Ted Posted: 10 years ago
  57. yes, yes they should.

    Geoff Posted: 10 years ago

    FUCKTHEPOLICE Posted: 10 years ago
  59. dude.......fuckthepolice.......its all about twinkies not cookies ur DUMB!!!! no its okay i still love you

    Marc Posted: 10 years ago

    ale Posted: 10 years ago
  61. slappin bitches_Is the best part

    james Posted: 10 years ago
  62. all emo kids sould die im sick of them just sitting at the local parks and not skating!!!

    art vandalay Posted: 10 years ago

    MIKE GRIFFIN WAFFLES Posted: 10 years ago
  64. ttp://www.southjerseyskate.com" rel="nofollow">SouthJerseySkate[.]com

    rob Posted: 10 years ago
  65. the dude looks like appleyard.

    mo. Posted: 10 years ago
  66. thats sick , whiteoks skate park 4 life yo

    jeff high Posted: 10 years ago
  67. Accels are my facourites éS shoes.Holla.

    P. Posted: 10 years ago
  68. I bet he missed that front board a few times. Lucky guy gets free es stuff.

    Munzy Posted: 10 years ago
  69. dude pj doent even live in the area of nice and it sucks to much for him, look at the contrast. and hes not going to globe, period. ur just trying to make up stuff so people will be like oh ur cool

    Marc Posted: 10 years ago
  70. we are supposed to be talking about pimp my ridé... anyway és how about a new subject to blog?

    Rich Posted: 10 years ago
  71. yah we do need something else to blog

    james Posted: 10 years ago
  72. damn mcCranks creepy

    james Posted: 10 years ago
  73. Hey I just wanna say that I have the same style as PJ Ladd
    No body in my town could switch f/ flip and switch hardflip like me.I think that the es team shoul come to Calexico CA, near the border, there are the best skaters of the southside. And plus theres a 12 step and ledge that pj and koston would like to bust some tricks out. Seriously Iam not kidding. Thanks aks for danny if you come

    Danny M Posted: 10 years ago
  74. Notice that when pj 3 flips, his tail foot gives a complete turn like a 360.

    Danny M Posted: 10 years ago
  75. Notice that when pj 3 flips, his tail foot gives a complete turn like a 360.

    Danny M Posted: 10 years ago
  76. You try to skate like Ladd obviously-that's sad get your own style

    PJim Posted: 10 years ago
  77. i poop

    andrew Posted: 10 years ago
  78. I dont try to skate like ladd, the fucking tricks just come out like that. Thank you!

    Danny M Posted: 10 years ago
  79. Hello Danny M, hows it goin? K please never say that you have the same style as pj again you geek. You are a wanna be loser and pjs style is too good for you. nobody has the same style as him. Although i think you have either chad knight or chris dobstaff style so go blog on kasperholics you doushe haha i like you 7734

    albert from canadian tire commercials Posted: 10 years ago
  80. rod ferens

    albert from canadian tire commercials Posted: 10 years ago
  81. hi im tom and im homo..
    well not really but MTV made me realize that 'reality' isnt reality. when a tv. producer tells you that he picked you for your personality and then later while filming the show tells you not to be yourself and say this instead......you start to realize that TV(like i always said) is a load of crap.
    they used the gayest footage and made me skate this 2 inch bar down a fly box at a random skatepark in tarzana!

    but what do they know...haaha...they gave me a car!(suckers)= MTV

    but GOD has blessed me mucho and i hope HE blesses everyone else who reads this the same....

    im a douchebag sell-out,

    tom vrab

    ps.yeah totally...sexytime...word up...Cameo fo' life and


    -never stop skating that board-

    tom"the fag from tv" Posted: 10 years ago
  82. woah that was a little weird, at least you got hooked up with new shoes and a newcar, my accelerates are fucking blown and my accels are on backorder :( i wish i got put on tv i need some new fucking shoes

    james Posted: 10 years ago
  83. That really is Tom from the show. If anyone was wondering.

    Josh P. Posted: 10 years ago
  84. dude i swear that was me!!!!!!

    no doubt.....

    i aint lying.....

    fine you win....thanks josh for all the support, and let me know if you want a new footage tape .......i got one..i just have to beg my busy brother to see if i can put the footage on his computer first.....but im sure its cool...cool like JOSH.......OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH! you know it.

    JOSH is the best part.

    e'S = sexytime

    signed (but not really),
    thomas matthew vrab sir valiant the 6th part 4 in 3D rated R starts friday check your theaters for showtimes

    sorry. bye

    tom\ Posted: 10 years ago
  85. oh and to answer that MUNZY guy.... the front board on the car was actually 2nd try....i rolled up to it once and told them that i was gonna screw up the car if i did it...but they all insisted that theyd fix whatever, so i just stuck a little shanker and felt relieved.. that darn sticky car paint and bent flatbar was an easy was to mess things up.....obviously you can tell that by how much i just shanked the rail instead of actually sliding....they kept it for 3weeks after that and they told me they would detail it and re-paint the flatbar, but they lied and now i have to deal with it myself.......BUT ITS ALL GOOD.

    i suck

    tom\ Posted: 10 years ago
  86. haha thats sick you got hooked up though, and badass that your supporting es we dont get much attention down here on south padre island except for spring break YOOU SHOULDA CROOKED that motha fucker, haha that wuldve been sick i haven't seen the pimp my ride episode, but im sure ill see it eventually, keep skating tom l8s

    james Posted: 10 years ago
  87. omg now that i saw it now i must have èS

    NòóKzZz 1s g0nn4 h4ck th1s j/kin Posted: 10 years ago
  88. The guy kinda looks like Mark Appleyard...maybe his long lost brother.

    Brian Posted: 10 years ago
  89. congrads to Tom! I didn't watch it but im sure he had a blast

    Samuel Houston Posted: 10 years ago
  90. Tom got hooked up!!!

    flipscout22 Posted: 10 years ago
  91. Ahaha, I saw it last night. They gave him a West Coast Customs complete without any griptape. I was like "what the hell"? And who needs a first person helmet or an oxygen bar anyway? I liked the old car better.

    Anyway, Tom (if you're still responding) or anyone else: what size deck does he ride? Just wondering.

    Eddie Posted: 10 years ago
  92. Yo representatives at es' footwear inc.!! You guys should hook me up just because im gnarly! I broke my foot and got crutches to walk with, but I only used them for three days skated 3 weeks later...... anybody else break their foot skating? I tried to kickflip this big ass barrel, I landed and slipped off then my foot bent to the side and all of my weight landed on it. The muscle in my foot got so messed up, their was like a huge lump and bruises everywhere.... well it sucked ass but I am better. To celebrate skating again, I got some sweet ass black/grey accels for $30.00 on some weird russian skate site... lol. well, peace out homies!

    P.S. Skate More! Yes'!

    Jake Posted: 10 years ago
  93. hey there again! tom here...
    i recieved a very friendly phone call from TONY AT e'S tonight, however i m in Tennesse right now on a 3 week rod trip with my friend Eric , so as excited as i am, im still gonna have to wait for any package...e'S has always been the BEST and id just like to thank JOSH & TONY SOOOOOOOOOO FREAKIN much for all you guys are doing once again!..... i dont have the net still so i might not be on here again for awhile, but to answer that eddie question above about board size; i ride 7.75 by 31.5(plain and simple)not to wide not to skinny! cool... and i reeally do appreciate all the friendly comments ive been getting too!!! im sure you are all 4 million times better than me on a skateboard !!

    once again though i have a whole new video if you want any new footage....

    E'S SIDE IS THE BEST SIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    OH and the board they gave me on the show .....yeah, they forgot to hand it over with my car so i never recieved it ...haha, i dont care though...as long as some kid that would appreciate it more than me gets it....


    yeah totally.

    i hope i sell this thing soon and buy another sweet cop car!


    tom vrab Posted: 10 years ago
  94. dawg! pimped out rides r da bomb! sell it 2 me on ebay. I'll bid at like $50!!?waddaya say tom?

    Cheese Skate, Perth Posted: 9 years ago
  95. és is the shit... who wouldn't pimp és... if they pimped my ride thered be way more és shit than that

    augusta Posted: 9 years ago
  96. You're welcome Tom.

    Josh P. Posted: 9 years ago
  97. That Tom guy is right, MTV is fake. FUCK MTV!!! I got a sharpie and wrote that on a shirt some how it magically disappeared.?? Hmm, maybe it was the same person who took my "Look Who's Ten -KTSU 1450 AM". Damn it!, that was my favorite tee. It had these three little kids on the front and on the back it had a turntable with birthday candles on it. It was from this college radio station in Oregon. Hey Tom since you drive a fake cop car, I am going to report those shirts missing maybe you could find out who the perpetrator is. Good Luck. : )

    anna l Posted: 9 years ago
  98. sorry augusta..... im not even allowed to put that thing on the net what so ever!!!!!!... i signed my soul away in a contract.....but ohwell its still amazing! JOSH iwant to send you a new footage tape, so im not leaving you in the dark.... just let me know and i can put it together>>..yeah totally? yeah totally! ok .....good bye for now and yes my road trip was retardedly fun!!!!!!!

    total douchebag,
    -tom vrab-

    ps..anna l , that butthole that took your shirts!....he's mine ....I'M ON IT!!!!!!!!!YEAHHHHHHHHH! totally (can't help myself)

    tom\ Posted: 9 years ago
  99. oh wait.... augusta?!??! shit!!! he was just making fun of me ... im sorry i meant the Cheese dude!!!!..a thousand pardons CHEESE.

    and augusta... if i put any more e'S on my car they would have made me take it off....in fact they were suppose to blurr it out and that's why im glad i didnt put too much on like i originally planned.
    so there you go & im sure you dont care....byebeybybyeybyebyeybeyby


    tom\ Posted: 9 years ago
  100. dude, pimp my ride is just totally fucking gay like those fruitbooters, who are also gay.

    popopo Posted: 9 years ago

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