Pimp My Rizzide!

Posted March 28, 2005 by éS

You may have already read this news item earlier today over in that silly Blog section of the éS Web site, but do the photos look as good? Is the writing as accomplished and informative as it is here in the official éS News? I think not! If any of you guys watched MTV’s Pimp My Ride car show last night, you might have noticed a kid named Tom representing éS pretty hard. He had éS stickers on both doors of his crappy-looking cop-themed car, and was also rocking a pair of the Accel, to boot.

The show’s host, Xhibit, transformed the black and white atrocity into a blinging gold car, and added some unusual contraptions, like a flat bar rail that literally pops out of the rear bumper, and a video camera aimed out the back of the trunk toward the rail so he can film himself skating. (To get some sponsor me footage, I presume.) Needless to say, Tom is going to get a nice thank you package from éS for his awesome representation on last night's broadcast.

There, take that, you silly bloggers! Please enjoy today's free lesson in responsible and accurate news journalism!


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