Team Report 03-30-05

Posted March 30, 2005 by éS

Eric Koston, Rick McCrank, Rodrigo Tx., Justin Eldridge, Cale Nuske, and quite possibly P.J. Ladd, are about to embark on a filming mission to Athens, Greece next Monday, April 4 through April 13. Considering that the éS team has never been there before, Athens should be a good time, according to Cale Nuske, who was there last year with the Cliché team. After Greece, the éS team is off to Barcelona, Spain to film for the remainder of the month. The éS video deadline is coming up in, oh, five months, so you'll be hearing more about team travels soon enough. There's even talk of an éS East Coast tour sometime in June. Sounds good, right? YéS!

Coverage World

Speaking of Justin Eldridge, prepare to check out his eight-page Great Idea article (regarding a random four-day Hawaii trip with Leo Romero) in the brand-new issue 14 of The Skateboard Mag. This article proves without a doubt that these two boys know how to bring down the biggins in paradise. Justin also scored a sick sequence on the cover. Scope the photos above and below.

éS Flow World

éS flow rider Nyjah Huston was recently spotted in Southern California for the Element video premeires. You can also see Nyjah in the pages of the new Skateboard Mag, shredding ledges like there only one billion tomorrows. For Nyjah, at age 10, there actually are...

éS flow rider Bobby Worrest was down in LA for a week, before taking a filming trip up to SF with Tom Penny, Rodrigo Tx., Cale Nuske, Javier Sarmiento and fellow éS flow rider Mike Barker. They headed north to Sacramento for a few days, then off to San Jose before dropping Bobby off in SF.

Antwuan Dixon is now getting home schooled and loving it. For those of you who are too young to know, home school is kind of like old school, but newer.


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