éS Unveils Invisible Man Limited-Edition Shoe!

Posted March 31, 2005 by éS

éS Footwear is proud to unveil its next collaboration project with Andrew Lee, creator of invisible:man apparel. Andrew started invisible:man, a full line of high-end streetwear for men, in 1999, after his early involvement in the skateboard, punk and DJ scenes. He also worked for years with Futura and Stash on their Project Dragon / Subware / Recon Studios.

Andrew's amazing eye for design and creativity has placed him in high demand, enabling him to freelance for companies such as Skateboard Co., Stussy, Kinetics, T-19 from Tokyo and Neighborhood of Japan. éS is excited to collaborate on a shoe with such a talented artist and designer as Andrew Lee. The éS invisible:man shoe will materialize in the following stores on April 1, 2005.

Livestock--Vancouver, BC, Canada
Huff--San Francisco, California
Union--Los Angeles, California
Supreme--Los Angeles, California
Blend--Costa Mesa, California
Blend--San Diego, California
Clientale--New York, New York
invisible:man--Tokyo, Japan


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