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Posted March 21, 2005. 58 Comments

Dread Lock Rasta!

Just saw the Element video, and Nyjah has the last part. That's right, THE LAST PART! This little dude kills it. You can see footage from his run on SPoT and on Element. You guys backing this young shredda? Respect due. Oh, and thanks to SPoT for the photo we took from their site.

Posted March 21, 2005. 202 Comments

Yo, what kicks you skating, Koston?

This weekend at Kostons private warehouse, Bobby Worrest showed up and threw down some amazing tech skills. The session was a heated one. The one thing we noticed is that most of the dudes there were wearing the Accelerate. Any of you try this shoe yet? What do you think? Koston said he liked the feel, and the full gel made a difference. Like, Whoa!

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Game of SKATE Series Set For 2005!

In 2005, Eric Koston's éS Game of SKATE will take place in 13 U.S. cities and 12 international locations.

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So Sketchy!

It's Spring cleaning time here in the offices of éS Footwear. During a recent office re-shuffle, we accidently ran across a couple of artistisc gems: Two pages of collaborative doodles.

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Posted March 17, 2005. 269 Comments


The team and the crew have been working like mad on our next video. What do you guys want to see in the bonus section of the DVD? We have a list of about eight things so far...some are funny, some are strictly skate. Tell us what you might want to see and it just might end up in the DVD...or not.

Posted March 17, 2005. 68 Comments

Penny, Javi and Tx.

The three-man crew has been around town filming for the YéS video. They've been stopping by and just chit-chatting with us. I got to see some of their new footage and the shit looks good. Tx. got mad pop, Javi is a tech wizard and Penny has mad steez. Which part can't you wait to see out of these three: TX, Javi or Penny?

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Rick McCrank's Top 5 Favorite Restaurants

  1. The Foundation, Vancouver, Canada
  2. The Naam, Vancouver, Canada
  3. That Arabic Sandwich Spot, Dortmund, Ger.
  4. Veggie Orgasm, Melbourne, Aus.
  5. Veg Out Time, Melbourne, Aus.

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The Blog

This blog is where we post really random stuff, I'm talking random. We'll post rumors, lies, fun stuff and whatever else we feel like. We'll post pictures and even give you sneek peaks to some new shit and stuff that might never come out. We wanted this blog here just so we can all have fun. Check the main éS site for the real info, and come here to just goof off and have fun. Don't believe everything you read here, and remember, it's all for fun. For example: We will never make MX boots or wake shoes, so if you see us talking about it...we are joking. éS is pure skateboarding and we always will be. You can even tell us what you want to see on the site. Well, what do you want to see?

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See The Mixologists!

éS Footwear presents The Mixologists (UK) on four turntables on Friday, April 8, 2005

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