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Page 3 March 2005

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Team Report 03-14-05

éS Footwear mascot Hank has been spotted in the BroCal area brushing up on his angling skills. What the hell is angling, you may ask?

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Who's Bigger?

Here is the question of the year: Who has a bigger cock? Koston or Hawk?

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Hot Shop Talk

I love hot shop talk, rumors and anything that'll make my day pass a little easier in conversation. Let's talk about the latest rumors to emerge. Plan B, and Mark Appleyard on Globe. Yes, P.J. is off Flip, which is both good and bad. Good, because Flip has enough heavy hitters on that team, so what's the deal if they are minus one now? P.J. has always loved Plan B (back in the '90s), so it was a pretty obvious choice to leave Flip for Plan B. He now joins ex-éS Team Rider Paul Rodriguez and friend Ryan Gallant, as well as Danny Way and Colin Mckay, on the legendary board company. Let's just hope it can last. The salaries are off the charts, from what I hear (five digits a month!). So, what do you think about Paul leaving Girl? Plan B? And P.J. leaving Flip?

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My fucking boy Billy Rohan landed a McTwist during his street run at Tampa Pro. After pulling that strange trick, he followed it up with a full-on tech attack. I'm talking nollie 360 heels, switch front flips, switch blunts and all sorts of tech shit. The dude qualified 1st in the Semis and then got 5th overall..not bad, right? Now go gurggle some class and wash it down with Drano.

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éS is_the best part

Dudes, I'm so over skateboaridng right now. I'd rather be sailing across the globe or living on some island selling bananas from a stand on the beach. I'm talking easy life, fuctards. Maybe I just need to invent some new shit that no one has ever thought of, like self-lacing shoes or something like that. Shit, I don't know. How many of you are actually reading this? Shit, I'm reading this. Shit, I'm cursing like a muthafuka in this shit. This is some family shit right here I can't be saying fuck, cunt, cock or asshole on a site with young kids lurking around. What have I become? FUCK! What have you turned me into? Did I tell you that éS is making MX boots? We are also making wake shoes, 'cause that shit is mad easy money, son...mad easy.

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Team Report 03-09-05

Eric Koston has been living the life of luxury lately, golfing and working on his--dare I say it--K8 éS pro model shoe!

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Cale Answers Your Questions!

In the Ask the éS Team section, Cale Nuske verbally responded (on tape) to your favorite questions, and we typed them in.

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Shop Interview: Board Asylum

éS Shop Interviews are back! This month, we visit coastal NorCal's Board Asylum, located just a little North of San Francisco..

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P.J. Ladd's Favorite Skater Josh Powner's Top 5 Favorite TV Shows

  1. SNL
  2. Chappelle's Show
  3. Aqua Teen Hunger Force
  4. The Simpsons
  5. Mystery Science Theater 3000