Team Report 04-05-05

Posted April 5, 2005 by éS

We got your team report right here, pal! And it's a quickie this week, as éS Team Manager Tony Evjenth is currently out of the office. Seems he is babysitting team riders Eric Koston, Rodrigo Tx., Justin Eldridge, Cale Nuske, Javier Sarmiento and filmer Scuba Steve as they gallivant around the cradle of civilization, also known as Greece, and film for the upcoming éS video. The team will be in Greece until April 13, then they're off to Barcelona, Spain for the remainder of April to capture a bunch more neat-o tricks on video. The biggest question is: While Tony is babysitting the éS team on the other side of the world, who is babysitting Koston's new puppy back at home in Los Angeles?

In recent weeks, the ever-elusive Tom Penny has been spotted throughout California, bagging footie with longtime filmer Mike Manzoori for the next éS video.

Rick McCrank recently returned home to Vancouver after a nice vacation down in Mexico with his girlfriend and daughter. I talked to Rick on the phone today, and he answered some of your Ask the éS Team questions, which should be posted up here on the site very soon.

P.J. Ladd paid a visit to the éS offices last week to work on some colorways of his upcoming éS pro model shoe, which is due in stores in Spring 2006. Hit-up the Blog section and tell us what kind of P.J. colorways you'd like to see. In the meantime, get off this computer and skate on over to your nearest skate shop to buy a pair of the Accel and Accel Plus P.J. Ladd colorway shoes. They're, like, totally bitchin'. Just to prove that, there's even a capital B embossed on the side of the shoe. Just kidding. Actually, that big ol' B stands for Boston, P.J.'s hometown.


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