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Posted April 9, 2005 by éS

I'm slacking hard today, just lurking around the Internet. I've gone through all my favorite sites, and now I need some more to look at. What's your favorite site to check out? I'm not talking about porn, so keep that shit to yourself, slappy. I'm talking skate sites, music sites and nerd sites. Share your favorite links with the Blog Crew.


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  1. www.wtfpeople.com

    DidYeGetHealed Posted: 10 years ago
  2. www.b0g.org

    clay Posted: 10 years ago
  3. TOP Posted: 10 years ago
  4. kelly hart!!!

    TOP Posted: 10 years ago
  5. dotdotdot Posted: 10 years ago
  6. dickcream.com
    it's not porn, it's just funny flash loops, but not skating

    rasalibre4life Posted: 10 years ago
  7. also, i'm sure you've checked out the new dlxsf.com

    rasalibre4life Posted: 10 years ago
  8. ttp://popills.com" rel="nofollow">popills.com has some great videos

    rasalibre4life Posted: 10 years ago
  9. bill Posted: 10 years ago
  10. 5050skateboarding.com

    Ryan Posted: 10 years ago
  11. w5skateboarding.com

    Ryan Posted: 10 years ago
  12. sometimesskateboards.com

    Ryan Posted: 10 years ago
  13. www.oink.me.uk

    best music-torrent website

    seriousguy Posted: 10 years ago
  14. www.5050skateboarding.com

    i used to go to wutangcorp.com but thats no longer there.then the onther ones are here. myspace, and the emerica message board.

    yates Posted: 10 years ago
  15. Nhan Posted: 10 years ago
  16. http://www.nomisdesign.com
    sick new clothing line

    funny flash games

    random movies, photos, games and articles from crazy college kids

    variety of time killers

    skateboard blog

    skate shop home of the Top Dollar video

    hassy Posted: 10 years ago
  17. ttp://epiclylatrd.com" rel="nofollow">O'Dell's Stuff
    ttp://spotbible.com" rel="nofollow">Conskript
    ttp://thuggedoutbitch.com" rel="nofollow">Daily Musak

    Yep Yep

    nowax Posted: 10 years ago
  18. www.esfootwear.com! haha well if your reading this then youve already are here but otherwise www.hotmail.com

    Marc Posted: 10 years ago
  19. emerica message board like derrrr

    me Posted: 10 years ago
  20. allen Posted: 10 years ago
  21. peep that www.ebaumsworld.com shits super funny

    The Wizard Posted: 10 years ago
  22. http://www.funnyjunk.com - some good flashes
    I normally just look around on online skate shops and see what all is out and stuff.

    Jacob Posted: 10 years ago
  23. www.candybandits.com
    also check this out http://www.candybandits.com/videofiles/ep3video.html
    its the craziest skateboarding Ive seen from non sponsored kids. theyre so good. take a look, its not porn

    the guy with a kewl email adress Posted: 10 years ago
  24. www.enginesystem.com That's a tight one. Since I just got a new dSLR camera I've been checkin' out a lot of photography sites.

    Josh P. Posted: 10 years ago
  25. www.ronjeremy.com

    Sam Jones Posted: 10 years ago
  26. www.thespark.com thats pretty cool

    PJim Posted: 10 years ago
  27. www.sk8mkd.com - Skateboarding in Macedonia! Yes you've heard right, in Macedonia!

    Marko Posted: 10 years ago
  28. www.freewebs.com/skateboardingheaven

    Justin eldridge is freakin sick!!! Posted: 10 years ago
  29. www.puberty101.com

    James Lloyd Posted: 10 years ago
  30. www.coskate.net www.vafleezers.com www.bassmotion.com

    ASDL:AWUI R)(U#Q%R@ Posted: 10 years ago
  31. www.coskate.net www.vafleezers.com www.bassmotion.com

    ASDL:AWUI R)(U#Q%R@ Posted: 10 years ago
  32. www.commonscene.com

    I Posted: 10 years ago
  33. www.routeone.co.uk

    AzFaz300 Posted: 10 years ago
  34. www.uwskateboarding.tk

    Bryson Posted: 10 years ago
  35. www.GNARGORE.tk

    James Brewer Posted: 10 years ago
  36. www.chrisridgeway.com AND www.vafleezers.com --va fleezers have the best montages with good music

    Va Skater Posted: 10 years ago
  37. www.Unekskate.com

    fdg Posted: 10 years ago
  38. ttp://openmindskate.com" rel="nofollow">www.openmindskate.com check it out its rad

    Burnstein Posted: 10 years ago
  39. www.vafleezers.com --my favorite montage on their site is number 2-3- and the cardinal promo

    Va Skater Posted: 10 years ago
  40. o yea www.vafleezers.com include Kyle Berard

    Va Skater Posted: 10 years ago
  41. dont forget www.chrisridgeway.com

    Va Skater Posted: 10 years ago
  42. www.partlycloudyrocks.com
    look for these guys in your town soon...

    dstrytruitt Posted: 10 years ago
  43. and i think es sponsers some people at va fleezers?

    Va Skater Posted: 10 years ago
  44. www.SKATEBOARD.com.au

    check the fourms, their always a good read

    T Posted: 10 years ago
  45. and watch the john waterfield exclusive at www.chrisridgeway.com and then press video on the side thn go to john waterfield exclusive

    Va Skater Posted: 10 years ago
  46. Don't be jealous that I've been chattin on line w/babes...All DAY

    Great site

    BUNT CR3W Posted: 10 years ago
  47. shane Posted: 10 years ago
  48. wwww.esfootwear.com ofcourse

    jason hart Posted: 10 years ago
  49. http://www.catfishcatfish.com/

    its just a bunch of hilarious movies and photos but some of them are gross

    Josh Posted: 10 years ago
  50. CUjo Posted: 10 years ago
  51. http://www.nobodyhere.com is a good site to go to when you're bored. You can make teddy bears dance! mucho fun!

    Tsunami Posted: 10 years ago
  52. There are some good ones there fo' sure. Thanks Josh for putting my site up..hahahaha. Ok here are some I frequent that you might as well:


    (no it's not porn. check user art galleries, some good stuff in there)



    http://www.arkitip.com (check the intelligence for art news crap)



    none of these are skate sites (except the skate euro one) but I figured I add some none skate in the mix.

    craig Posted: 10 years ago
  53. Charley Posted: 10 years ago
  54. ttp://www.nullskateboards.com" rel="nofollow">nullskateboards.com got lots of clips

    Jason Posted: 10 years ago
  55. randomimage.us


    Eddie Posted: 10 years ago
  56. www.shotgunrules.net, great band, definatly checking it out.

    XXXXX Posted: 10 years ago
  57. www.gnargore.tk

    James Brewer Posted: 10 years ago
  58. www.pwned.nl

    Jacob White Posted: 10 years ago

    Focused Posted: 10 years ago
  60. www.big-boys.com

    seriousguy Posted: 10 years ago
  61. southsideskatepark.com
    rad ass videos

    air air Posted: 10 years ago
  62. www.platinumseagulls.com

    MN skate websites, first one is Munzy's blogging website and MN skateboarder is MN skateboarding.

    Egg Posted: 10 years ago
  63. www.519skate.ca

    its nice

    blair Posted: 10 years ago
  64. www.atibaphoto.com

    Dave J. Posted: 10 years ago
  65. JohnE Posted: 10 years ago
  66. ttp://www.haveboard.com" rel="nofollow">www.haveboard.com

    haveboard Posted: 10 years ago
  67. crailtap.com wuworld.com atibaphoto.com
    ^that one is sick

    i cant believe that kid put john waterfeilds video up, waterfeild is a nice quiet kid but surrounds himself with the biggest idiots that flip when they cant switch backsmith handrails 2nd try
    haveing fun_is the best part

    Adam Foreal Posted: 10 years ago
  68. www.esfootwear.com
    the only site i go too, except for the skate rumours and links from this blod section.

    Geoff Posted: 10 years ago
  69. ooh ooh yeah. www.beachside-property.com its my friends site has some cool stuff but he just re did it or sometin so theres not to much

    Marc Posted: 10 years ago
  70. www.s-e-i-n.com

    rollen diggens

    jan Posted: 10 years ago
  71. www.crailtap.com the coolest skate site!(beside e'S)

    www.miniclips.com fun games

    www.awesomo.net #1 South Park site to me

    Zach Diekman Posted: 10 years ago
  72. ttp://e-pauly.com" rel="nofollow">e-pauly.com ... hey it's my website, mostly original work... curious to what you think of it.

    over 1200 pictures (fun party pics), 400+ storries, my own version of maxim magazine.

    Pauly (paul@e-pauly.com)

    paul Posted: 10 years ago
  73. www.isawurmomsass.com

    toelesshoes Posted: 10 years ago
  74. www.skatersinc.com

    THE toronto skate scene, watch videos, message board, pictures, good site.


    high-caliber editing skate movies (also out of toronto) you will be blown away, please take a look at one of the best editors out of the t.dot.

    sh!f Posted: 10 years ago
  75. moneythemovie.com

    leo Posted: 10 years ago
  76. augusta Posted: 10 years ago
  77. it truly amazes me but no one put down
    funny videos... games... links... pictures... and jokes

    eric l Posted: 10 years ago
  78. www.vafleezers.com

    Va Skater Posted: 10 years ago
  79. well besides esfootwear.com it has to be two of my local skateboard teams sites.


    Damon Posted: 10 years ago
  80. Damon has got it right with: www.GNARGORE.tk

    James Brewer Posted: 10 years ago
  81. Any one else check out shotgunrules.net , that band is awsome.
    Thanks "XXXXX"

    Paul Smathy Posted: 10 years ago
  82. shotgunrules.net

    Paul Smathy Posted: 10 years ago
  83. www.shotgunrules.net

    Paul Smathy Posted: 10 years ago
  84. www.chuny.de unfortunately german, but a great Berlin Punkrock band.

    Musst du checken...

    Ingo Posted: 10 years ago
  85. www.skateboarddirectory.com
    www.bareshare.com-download it and download music, videos,anything

    John d Posted: 10 years ago
  86. www.skateboarddirectory.com
    download it and download music, videos,anything

    John d Posted: 10 years ago
  87. www.wiskate.com





    yabbo Posted: 10 years ago
  88. crazy site

    kaikea Posted: 10 years ago
  89. www.skateboard.com.au

    lcm Posted: 10 years ago
  90. www.skateornot.com

    its pretty cool i mean i did it..


    Zachary Posted: 10 years ago
  91. www.5050store.com
    the greatest shop int he world (site still under construction)

    Rich Posted: 10 years ago
  92. www.newgrounds.com
    games cartoons ect..
    look up joe zombie its fucking awesome stick fights and shit
    stoned flys, drink flys the works
    cute little woodlan chreaters have insane deaths
    skateboarding group to post pictures and short videos

    Herbie Posted: 10 years ago
  93. ircspy.com

    beeboyee Posted: 10 years ago
  94. www.viruses.net go to it u will get a virus

    NòóKzZz 1s g0nn4 h4ck th1s j/kin Posted: 10 years ago
  95. wwww.meandurmom.com

    toeless shhoes Posted: 10 years ago
  96. check out http://www.skateservice.com it's a fun site run by skateboarders, for the skateboarders of the world! Videos, tricks, pros, interviews and more junk to check out.

    wil Posted: 10 years ago
  97. http://www.machinesofmajesty.ca

    our 'music and culture blog' we're kooks but who cares. check it out and give us some love.

    Zane Posted: 10 years ago

    NUFIVE1 Posted: 10 years ago

    mikey dawes Posted: 10 years ago
  100. Check the site! just xsquare

    rodriguez.cz Posted: 10 years ago
  101. www.skateboardeurope.com


    oo Posted: 10 years ago
  102. www.islandproductions.org

    skate crew in montreal

    i love és Posted: 10 years ago
  103. www.street-riot.com yo!

    teddy Posted: 10 years ago
  104. this is The Site To Rep. The S.C.V. Hydro is one of the Local teams there its the best......Check It ouT.

    Mike D Posted: 10 years ago
  105. www.maniacmansions.com

    best va skate site in va right now...

    who inward heels over gaps?

    Va skater Posted: 10 years ago
  106. check this out

    Shank54 Posted: 10 years ago
  107. Listen to brewer hes got it right.


    Damon Posted: 10 years ago
  108. www.peake.k12.oh.us/timbush

    tab Posted: 10 years ago
  109. www.islandproductions.org

    ilikeskateboarding Posted: 10 years ago
  110. www.settlementskateboards.com

    JORDAN Posted: 10 years ago
  111. www.vfs.com/~fd05mike

    it's my website...hahahaha. graphic design is good.

    Mike Posted: 10 years ago
  112. ttp://www.mwi.com" rel="nofollow">www.mwi.com - my web design firm

    ttp://www.sublimited.net" rel="nofollow">www.sublimited.net - the blog we just finished putting up that will promote our shop, which will be launching soon at ttp://www.sublimited.com" rel="nofollow">www.sublimited.com

    ttp://www.linkdup.com" rel="nofollow">www.linkdup.com - lots of nicely designed sites

    Josh Posted: 10 years ago
  113. www.ride-boards.com
    its a kickass message board, check it out

    Andrew Posted: 10 years ago
  114. www.commonscene.com so many sick local kids from the northeast/ boston area.. their new vid teaster is on the front page of www.skateboardermag.com

    Tim McCann Posted: 10 years ago
  115. ttp://powlow.com/" rel="nofollow">powlow.com ::
    personal site about stuff...:) in english and portuguese

    powlow Posted: 10 years ago
  116. dude. the best skate site of all time iz definately www.freewebs.com/cheezeskate
    thats right. my crew/brand's site. its pimpin. also were releasin a video ov us bein idiots n gettin kicked out of sptos soon so keep an eye or 2 out

    Cheese Skate Crew, Guildford Posted: 10 years ago
  117. www.Crailtap.com

    These are updated daily so they are good

    jake Posted: 10 years ago
  118. honestly ive been going to my free psp site alot

    kuklinski Posted: 10 years ago
  119. go to www.dlxsf.com

    DJ Posted: 9 years ago
  120. moneythemovie.com...very sick site with very good skating..good filming...nice layout...sick rippers from tulsa....

    GiFauntino Posted: 9 years ago
  121. Hey go to my site www.truskateboardteamtru.zoomshare.com peace

    Patrick Posted: 9 years ago
  122. here we go again: www.freewebs.com/cheezeskate
    im in the process ov making a new one tho

    Cheese Skate, Perth Posted: 9 years ago
  123. www.freewebs.com/sk8cheese
    the new cheese. minus the shit skaters
    an as zack wilmore says, stay staunch dudes

    CS crew Posted: 9 years ago
  124. www.lighttight.com
    the best skateboard photography and other stuff by ryan flynn. check it out!

    the burner Posted: 9 years ago
  125. ttp://www.switchskate.net" rel="nofollow">Switch Skate

    josh Posted: 9 years ago
  126. Julien Posted: 9 years ago
  127. check out www.MYSPACE.com

    haha nooot......

    anyways a got site is www.skateperception.com

    its got alot of under-rated and unsponsored kids on there....you should really check it out

    check out the forums and go to random footy to watch clips kids post

    Jeff L. Posted: 9 years ago
  128. beeboyee Posted: 9 years ago

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