éS Team In Greece!

Posted April 11, 2005 by éS

Although Athens is one of the world's oldest cities, it is becoming increasingly peppered with elements of contemporary life. Mixed between the ruins of ancient Athens are the standard modern junk food hucksters like McDonalds, KFC and Starbucks (I've counted 11 so far), to name just a few. If he were alive today, I wonder if Zeus would have enjoyed a half-caf mocha latte? And if so, would he have had ordered it iced or simply "got it hot"?

As for Greek skate spots, there is no lack of those. Marble is everywhere, and although some spots are as old as the city itself, they are still in fairly good condition. As far as our beloved éS team riders go, Eric Koston, Rodrigo Tx., Justin Eldridge and Cale Nuske have been killing it here. YéS, Greece, as it turns out, was another great filming destination for the éS team. What kind of super bizotic tricks have gone down? You'll obviously have to wait until the éS video is done to find out. Trust me, you won't be let down.

After hammering out hammers all day long, we met up with our Greek éS distributor and all-around lady killer, Stamat, for a last-minute signing at his Switch skate shop. We figured since it was all last-minute, there wouldn't be too many kids there to trample the team for autographs, but we were wrong. From the looks of it, about 250-300 kids showed up to meet, photograph and shake hands with the notorious éS team.

Stamat also wined and dined us that evening, and some of us were even given the privilege to experience a true Greek hangover the next day. We are off to Barcelona, Spain on April 13 to meet up with fellow éS teammates Rick McCrank and Javier Sarmiento and shred it up until April 20. More footage, more good times! Stay tuned to this channel...


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