Posted April 14, 2005 by éS

Dudes, I'm so on this Wu-Tang kick lately. My friend made me these amazing Wu Tang CD mixes that took him many days. Making a good mix "tape" is hard, and it's an art form. Speaking of music, we are working on picking songs for the upcoming éS video. What kind of music do you all want to hear in it?


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  1. OMG!! this is like a dream come true. Wu Tang and Es. that right there is a deadly combination, if u guys put some wu tang songs on the yes video that would make it that much better. i could totally see penny, javier, or tx. skating to wutang.

    rob Posted: 10 years ago
  2. lemme hear some kid koala, some herbaliser, and some dj krush

    tobes Posted: 10 years ago
  3. UNDERGROUND HIP HOP. and of course wu tang kills it. ghostface is my favorite, but theyre all so good. im listening to jeru the damaja right now. put a bunch of underground nyc hip hop, thats where its at.

    yates Posted: 10 years ago
  4. it would be so hilarious if u guys would put a song by richard cheese and lounge against the machine. if u never heard of this guy ricky, look him up. he gives u a whole new out look of songs like down w/ a sickness and sir mix a lot. listen to these samples:



    Jewel Posted: 10 years ago
  5. Bring da mutha fucking ruckus..
    I can imagine Protect Ya Neck with some TX butters..
    BLACK STAR! 'Little Brother', 'Brown Skin Lady'..
    Er, Rolling Stones, Bjork, Paul Simon (Diggin' that Graceland album, hah) GZA? Masta Ace? HIEROGLYPHICS!

    DidYeGetHealeed Posted: 10 years ago
  6. for the credits u should use here i go again by white snake... that would be perfect for funny credits like in any girl/chocolate vid. when the slow parts in the begening u should hav like eldridge or koston skating down a long hill n when the drums kick in start the funny stuff... thatd be a money maker right there

    corey Posted: 10 years ago
  7. ok how about some david bowie wu tang fo sho gotta hav 50 cent and some other cool shit

    allen Posted: 10 years ago
  8. the ramones,the casualties,camaros,the clash,deltron 3030,gangstarr,hot water music,iama robot,joy division,mr. dibbs,saves the day,50 cent

    John d Posted: 10 years ago
  9. I think Koston should have a GG Allin song. But that's just me.

    Daniel Fiedorowicz Posted: 10 years ago
  10. give PJ ladd's part "Eons" by 311, and for Koston, "are you down" by Pepper

    Oyster Posted: 10 years ago
  11. fischerspooner.

    shane Posted: 10 years ago
  12. i would love to hear some NWA for somebodys part that would make my life happy and i'd go buy it just to listen to that part in the best skate veido to be Y'es.

    Herbie Posted: 10 years ago
  13. hrmm. what you have in your "da player" is pretty dam sweet

    Merck Records - LL12 Strateface

    would be pretty trippy to see on a skate video (or YeS)
    its going to be sick no matter what so hurry and get it to us :)

    Danny P Posted: 10 years ago
  14. You Should Deffinatley have some Mike Jones And Some Ying Yang twins....Haanhh

    Crazy Asian Posted: 10 years ago
  15. dont use too much rap, i dont rlly think it all goes that well with ppl's parts, unless they are like all gangstered out ha. but yea use something creative def maybe something from spoon or o.a.r or hot hot heat has some good songs as well. or maybe even theme music like they did in the almost video that was pretty creative and catchy. like with anyway you want it, ya know, but yea thats just my opinion. good luck with the vid im sure it will do very well. u have an amazing team. catchya later.

    adam Posted: 10 years ago
  16. anythings better than that instrumental crap in the menikmati video

    Matt C Posted: 10 years ago
  17. You guys need to put Refused - New Noise for Eric Koston. He had a good rock song in Yeah Right and he needs a crazy ass song for his YéS! part too. Stay away from hip-hop for Koston. Refused is so perfect. (By the way, who has the ender in the vid?)

    Justin Posted: 10 years ago
  18. the casualties

    Ryan Posted: 10 years ago
  19. afi

    Ryan Posted: 10 years ago
  20. Explosions in the sky

    Ryan Posted: 10 years ago
  21. WU TANG

    Ryan Posted: 10 years ago
  22. have the rza do original tunes ala kill bill

    pdub_es Posted: 10 years ago
  23. yo for cale nuske part use this fuckin song... SUCH GREAT HEIGHTS.... played by THE POSTAL SERVICE...great skate song.. and cales song in cliche is similar style kinda.. its perfect for cales style. nice beat to skate to

    Alex R Posted: 10 years ago
  24. the beatles

    tim Posted: 10 years ago
  25. yo for kostons part you must use this song...its perfect for koston... Yoshima battles the pink robots by the flaming lips

    Alex R Posted: 10 years ago
  26. this song is perfect for rodrigos brazilian stylish skating...Samba Do Brazil.. by rick and carlos music..

    ps. u gotta give him the ending part... he is worlds best skateboarder. and i have faith that his part will blow minds all over

    Alex R Posted: 10 years ago
  27. just heard this song i think its sounds nice for a skate part JR Writer magic, or its magic

    Rob H Posted: 10 years ago
  28. Usher, nsync, and michael jackson. j/k how about.....some jay-z fo sho.

    the guy with a kewl email adress Posted: 10 years ago
  29. The Strokes.

    Check out their latest CD,entitled Is This It?

    Soma from the CD is a must hear.

    David H. Posted: 10 years ago
  30. Feelin the Wu. They ain't nothin to fuck wit!

    Maybe some Lil Jon beats, he's got some crazy shit going on right now. Some of that dirty south crunk might work ya never know.

    Refused for Koston would be dope. Even though they broke up a while ago, their music is still amazing.

    seriousguy Posted: 10 years ago
  31. underground instrumentals

    beeboyee Posted: 10 years ago
  32. MF DOOM

    Royco Posted: 10 years ago
  33. the shins would be nice

    rasalibre4life Posted: 10 years ago
  34. what about some jimi hendrix off the album axis: bold as love? maybe some Doors, Pink Floyd, Stones. Clapton or beatles too. anything like that would float my boat for a snippet.

    rumpleteezer Posted: 10 years ago
  35. beatles for penny's part would be awesome. lucy in the sky with diamonds would be so sick.

    chom Posted: 10 years ago
  36. PJ better have a good song
    or at least have a song
    PJ rules

    Brendan Posted: 10 years ago
  37. Yeah MF Doom should be in there and some of the guys from the Demi Godz like Apathy,Celph Titled,Open Mic. That's some new york underground hip hop !

    anna l Posted: 10 years ago

    Shane Posted: 10 years ago
  39. you should put ^Royco^ in the video

    Shane Posted: 10 years ago
  40. Asian Breakbeat. Oh wait we already did that.

    Josh P. Posted: 10 years ago
  41. cunninlynguists, aesop rock, aceyalone, murs

    MASK Posted: 10 years ago
  42. vast - lost

    fuck u es wankers Posted: 10 years ago
  43. did i see someone put 311? the postal service? afi? oar? what the hell, didn't he say wu-tang. Wu beats would be sick to have in the flick i dont know about the real songs. kinda like bieble has in yeah right with that gza song. i think the shins was a good idea but it depends on the song. No pink floyd for a skate part that would be fucked. The beatles would be a good idea for pennys part. Oh shit i just read that black star comment that shit would be sick as hell to for javi and TX. there are so many good options

    adam foreal Posted: 10 years ago
  44. how about dr.dre cuz his beats are pretty good

    Rob D. Posted: 10 years ago
  45. contact Rza and be like "yo, produce some new shit for this sick video".... haha.

    ghostface - wu banga 101

    thats a good one right there, if you want some wu tang shit.

    yates Posted: 10 years ago
  46. oh yeah, and i dont want to see anything by dre or lil jon, those motherfuckers dont got shit.

    yates Posted: 10 years ago
  47. MF DOOM!!!!!!!

    Preferably some Monsta Island Czars shit or Madvillian

    Magic Nugget Posted: 10 years ago
  48. Talib Kweli and Hi Tek

    slak Posted: 10 years ago
  49. madvillains "raid" would probably go good with skating... since nike already used "all caps" in their promo.

    yates Posted: 10 years ago
  50. RJD2, Talib Kweli, Nothing by the smiths , modest mouse or hot water music

    Maybin Posted: 10 years ago
  51. whatever u put in the vid, PLEASE DO NOT PUT ANY SONGS WITH LYRICS, instrumental is the best, put stuff like brian wenning's song in the DC video that was brilliant

    daniel Posted: 10 years ago
  52. as much hip-hop as possible..not the wack popular radio hits but underground flavors...wu,hiero,swollen members, etc...

    suga shane Posted: 10 years ago
  53. little brother, talib kwali, and wu tang!

    Crazy idiot Posted: 10 years ago
  54. dude, daniel, the lyrics are mandatory when putting a great song in a video. when i heard ghostface's "apollo kids" beat start on beebs yeah right part, and then didnt here ghost.... i was disappointed to say the least...

    yates Posted: 10 years ago
  55. the beatles and the shins i have some more but im saving em for myself sorry guys!

    Marc Posted: 10 years ago
  56. Instrumentals from mad hip hop songs. Also some nice slow music for slow mo section. Im sure es cant go wrong and those formosa caps are sick

    Shaun Ruhland Posted: 10 years ago
  57. queen, the clash, the go go's, led zeppelin, the beatles, beastie boys, run-dmc, rolling stones, anything that sounds good and makes me feel happy, i will listen to everyday.

    mikey dawes Posted: 10 years ago
  58. yo i think u guys should have some different music maybe some koop ,diana krall for a nice part idk well not sure go for it guys

    the man Posted: 10 years ago
  59. oh yeah u gys should use songs that are memorable to u and many other people than they will be memorable to ur fans and make the video good to watch over and over!! yupyup

    super boy Posted: 10 years ago
  60. you need some good beats like wennings part in the dc video that was sick, maybe some 50-cent like how we do, the beatles for tom penny would be pretty cool

    nathan Posted: 10 years ago
  61. Dropkick Murphys (a link to P J Ladd).
    Ska / Punk definitely.
    Some Hip - Hop would do... for Koston maybe.
    Penny HAS to have a classic oldie with lots of style to match his.

    AzFaz300 Posted: 10 years ago
  62. Well I was have to say a mix of different kinda musica but some instrumentals. You guys did a good job the first video on the music choice. So you guys should just do your own thing it'll be fine.

    Brian AKA Texas Posted: 10 years ago
  63. Definately some Jurassic 5, gangstarr and other various underground hip hop artists

    Rich Posted: 10 years ago
  64. i love underground hip hop (anythin from stones throw records and the justus league is hot). but a skate video with an eclectic mix of genres and music i never heard before is dope. hot chocolate hadda hot soundtrack with the flaming lips, afrika bombata, walkmen, new order. its refreshing.

    truehead Posted: 10 years ago
  65. The Killers: somebody told me

    Ramiz Reza (PJ Fan) Posted: 10 years ago
  66. its easy making a wu mix... everything by wu is dope... just put music that sounds good in there, good amount of rap but not too much...
    Jedi Mind Tricks,
    Greatful Dead,
    Non Phixion,
    James Brown,
    Queen - Dont Stop Me Now,
    Anything else by Queen,
    2 PAC,
    Rolling Stones,
    Smashing Pumpkins,
    Big L,
    Tribe Called Quest,
    David Bowie,
    Gang Starr,
    Iggy Pop & The Stooges,
    Mobb Deep - Win or Lose,
    Anything else by Mobb Deep,
    Nice and Smooth,
    The Strokes,
    Red Hot Chili Peppers,
    Velvet Underground - Rock and Roll,
    Anything else by Velvet Underground,
    Gipsy Kings,
    36 Mafia - Ass & Titties,
    Anything else by 36,
    you know... whatever sounds good

    augusta Posted: 10 years ago
  67. Against Me! - Cliché Guevara

    eric l Posted: 10 years ago
  68. Blink 182
    Stroke 9
    Some ACDC would be cool
    Powerman 5000
    Saliva (click click boom)
    the German group "Die Ärzte" they're pretty funny if you can speak German, but if not, it still sounds cool

    Sheldon Posted: 10 years ago
  69. A good instrumental from the MF Doom,Madvillain is the "Supervillain Theme".It's short but I bet they will find a way to use it in the vid. It makes me wanna skate.It would be perfect for a 'es skate vid. Oh I almost forgot "Madness" ( instrumental version ) from Deltron 3030 is good too.

    anna l Posted: 10 years ago
  70. This IS MIke D, I think it should have some Radio HEad, blackstar,bob marley some shity ass disco,some gothic hits, ohh that new wave shit O.G. yo that gospel is off the hook,ya that would be Crazy....stay up 'es from sunny S.C.V. Later//

    Mike D Posted: 10 years ago

    Zach Posted: 10 years ago
  72. i really liked that song koston chose for his edited part in yeah right! that song was so awesome dude i loved it.

    mikey dawes Posted: 10 years ago
  73. Prince HaHaHaHa

    uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sum Andre Nickatina

    Magic Nugget Posted: 10 years ago
  74. The Strokes, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, The Smiths that would be so sick if ya'll but some of they're songs in there.

    Damien Posted: 10 years ago
  75. All im sayin is :
    Everyday Struggle- Biggie Smalls - use this for Penny
    The world at large-Modest Mouse - use this for Crankers

    I could see some good shit going down with those tunes!

    PJim Posted: 10 years ago
  76. by the way how the hell is micheal jackson or whoever owns the rites to the beatles tracks is gonna let u have em for less than like 7 figures each

    PJim Posted: 10 years ago
  77. Anything by the cure!!!

    sketchy Posted: 10 years ago
  78. just hiphop

    stylo Posted: 10 years ago
  79. I think you guys should use some of the british band Kasabian. That will be kick ass. Maybe some Less Than Jake would also rock

    Andy Posted: 10 years ago
  80. breaking benjamin?

    jason Posted: 10 years ago
  81. yeah wu tang rocks

    colin Posted: 10 years ago
  82. "anna l says:
    A good instrumental from the MF Doom,Madvillain is the “Supervillain Theme”."

    yo, that whole album is perfection. those two couldnt have collaborated with anyone better than eachother. hands down my favorite album. shit i'd nut on my self if a madvillain track made it on the vid.

    truehead Posted: 10 years ago
  83. Lostprophets it has to be those welsh badman wack any of the following by them;
    Last train home
    Goodbye tonight
    And she told me to leave
    Lucky you
    GO! do it now quick

    Tom Posted: 10 years ago
  84. Andre Nickatina

    D.J. Beach Posted: 10 years ago
  85. The Who, Grateful dead, Led Zeppelin, hendrix, the doors, pink floyd

    Larry Posted: 10 years ago
  86. I don't care about music in videos anymore, all the music in videos lately have been pretty lame. But I do care that the skater chooses the music, not the editor. I don't want to be watching a skater and listening to their music in the part thinking they actually listen to either that crap or the really compelling song that's playing, when in fact they've never heard of the band beforehand. I'd rather listen to a song I know that skater listens to, and enjoys. It expresses the skater more. so yeah, more power to the skater and skateboarding in videos, than the music.

    Raul Posted: 10 years ago
  87. JOY DIVISION, PIXIES, Some INTERPOL they ar really kickin' in sk8videos...i dunno whatelse but dont put to much hip hop otherwise the skater is a raper..

    Mcidraque Posted: 10 years ago
  88. Rjd2 - Let the good times roll!!!!!

    jan Posted: 10 years ago
  89. Deffintaly Wu Tang man gotta have thats shit if not wu tang something wu related like Ice Cream why Raekwon or Incarcerated Scarefaces.....but i think the best song would be Winter Wars by Ghostface killah

    Nate Dawg Posted: 10 years ago
  90. RJD2 would be bad ass to see in there like ghostwriter, final frontier or any other song or just some good hip hop music like some atmosphere, wu tang, kool g rap, or some hieroglyphics!!!!!$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!$$$$!!!$$$$$!!!!!!!!!

    Jo$h Posted: 10 years ago
  91. If you are going to put some flow parts in it; you should put Who Are You by the WHo because that would go well with a not known skater. You should use songs by The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Bowie, KRS One, Run DMC, WU Tang wouldnt be bad, Nas, Iggy Pop and the Stooges, Buena Vista Social Club, Soda Estero, Patti Smith. I dont Know. OR....Mabye let the riders pick the songs.

    Bryan Posted: 10 years ago
  92. Maybe Some Interpol, oer The Postal SErvice and Louie the 14th or some Flaming Lips. Romones Are classic.

    Paul Rosales Posted: 10 years ago
  93. You guys should put this song called "E-Pro" on there by Beck.
    Also put some Jurassic 5 in like TX's part. That would be sick!

    GOD Posted: 10 years ago
  94. rick mccrank had an awesom pick in yeah right Le tigre went great with his part

    Ryan Posted: 10 years ago
  95. no beats because it makes it boring like bastiens part in sorry, really sorry you dont want that

    Ryan Posted: 10 years ago
  96. pure rock and roll is the way to go

    Ryan Posted: 10 years ago
  97. Seriously though...getting music for videos is mad money. We are stressing over that shit but we'll get it done. Lets change it up a bit put the name of the rider to a band you think he fits with.

    for example:

    Koston - Cher

    I'm kidding but you get the idea. So whatcha gotz'

    rider - band

    craig Posted: 10 years ago
  98. i think if u have a hard time picking the music for some riders u should ask 411vm or Transworld to help u beacause they know how to pick any perfect song according to the rider ...

    daniel Posted: 10 years ago
  99. (cale-y control, yeah yeah yeahs)
    (pj-twice in a life time, blackstar)
    (eldridge-half way crooks, mobb deep)
    (penny-hey jude, the beatles)
    (sparkles-mr grieves, the pixies)
    (javi and TX-affirmative action, nas)
    (benny-when i was young, eric burden and the animals)
    (cranks-pure morning, placebo)
    ^i know this music line up will never work i the same video but it would be sick

    Adam Foreal Posted: 10 years ago
  100. get some oldschool N.W.A. Jurassic 5 sounds nice on T.X part. Andre Nickatina is always a must. Nas wouldn't be too bad either.

    Roy Posted: 10 years ago
  101. pj- so whatcha want, the beastie boys

    corey Posted: 10 years ago
  102. forgot... a lot of good ideas...

    Anything else by Moldy Peaches
    Bob Dylan - The Man in Me
    Anything else by Bob
    Beatnuts - Off The Books
    Anything else by Beatnuts
    Bad Brains
    Blur - Coffee & TV
    Le Tigre
    Bloodhound Gang - I Hope You Die
    Petey Pablo - Freak A Leak or My Goodies
    Pilot - Oh it's Magic
    The Doors
    Bad Religion
    Ted Nugent
    Black Flag
    12 Guage - Donkey Butt
    The Hives
    KC & The Sunshine Band - Keep it Coming Love
    Billy Joel - Moving Out
    Stealers Wheel
    Sticky Fingaz
    Masta Ace
    The Cure
    Manfred Man - Blinded by the Light
    Ugly Duckling
    Van Halen
    Shyne - Shyne
    Anything else by Shyne
    The Get Up Kids
    Jay Z
    Bruce Springsteen - Growing Up
    Simon & Garfunkel
    Peedi Crack
    Steve Miller Band
    Mos Def
    Joy Division
    Modest Mouse
    Iron Maiden
    Ennio Morricone - Showdown
    Franz Ferdinand
    Dream Team - We Are The Champions
    Frank Zappa
    Human League - Fascination
    Sir Mix Alot
    Frank Sanatra
    Curtis Mayfield
    Cypress Hill - Tequila Sunrise
    GG Allin
    DR. DRE
    Gray Matter
    Diolated Peoples
    Living Legends
    Killa Army
    Jermaine Stewart - We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off
    Moving Units
    Ram Jam? - Whoa Black Betty
    you guys should have a lot to pick from now... i hope you listen to all of it... theres some good shit out there

    augusta Posted: 10 years ago
  103. dude put some zeppelin on that shit check out there coda cd and listen to bonzo's montreux it's all drumms and from the best john bonham no one can play like that

    air air Posted: 10 years ago
  104. or moby dick from led zeppelin II or III

    air air Posted: 10 years ago
  105. something stylish...like pennys last part..or just different like Rick Mc Crank in Yeah Right. I just hope no punk music...

    Jerkmeoff Posted: 10 years ago
  106. Oh and i agree witth air air...i think that would be amazing...no one ever has zepplin in vids and makes it work right.

    Jerkmeoff Posted: 10 years ago
  107. Alright by Supergrass for the surfer style skater like Crank.

    McLane Posted: 10 years ago
  108. joy division, for duran duran the song notorious would be cool for koston. new order bllue monday. Biggy.

    h Posted: 10 years ago
  109. "slow hands" by interpol would be a good song for a part. 2 pac's "last ones left" is a great song. its a good idea to use "hey jude" or another older song for pennys part. also you gotta use that "send me an angel" song

    BlakeL Posted: 10 years ago
  110. modest mouse - float on is a amazing song come on koston show us your magic again ACCELS are the best shoes in da world

    dave Posted: 10 years ago
  111. modest mouse - float on is a amazing song come on koston show us your magic again ACCELS are the best shoes in da world england is the best (the blueprint shows how good the english are)

    dave Posted: 10 years ago
  112. definetly use Wu Tang and a bunch of other good shit off those lists i left up there^...

    augusta Posted: 10 years ago
  113. I hope you huys dont use rap....its cool with other skate teams, but I dont want to see parts wil wu-tang and other hip hop when the skaters last video part consisted of LeTigre, Frank Black, Pulp, and some crazy brazillian ramba. Rock works better. Finding music that hasn't been heard and fits with the skater is exactly what you need. Who can really picture Crankers skating to Biggie Smalls.

    Andy B Posted: 10 years ago
  114. jedi mind tricks have crazy beats

    brian Posted: 10 years ago
  115. cale nuske - hilltop hoods


    Fat J Posted: 10 years ago
  116. definetly Rock, that is the best for a skate video

    RAF Posted: 10 years ago
  117. old 70s and 80s rock that shit never gets old

    carlos Posted: 10 years ago
  118. you should get some instrumental tracks, or something thats like just beats.


    that dude, auditory, makes some pretty good beats.
    all that gay music like michael jackson and punk rock music shouldnt go up there.

    Daniel Posted: 10 years ago
  119. strate beats, get some ozzie hip hop crankin cale!! hilltop rep ADELAIDE YO!

    cHeEzEGriZzle' Posted: 10 years ago
  120. I would suggest maybe some random go go's song for mckrills's part and probably some upbeat 80's rock and roll song for frosty's part...oh wait you guys already did that for the YEAH RIGHT! video did'nt you....crap....

    mikey dawes Posted: 10 years ago
  121. def songs from GZA's liquid swords album. Pj should use krumbsnatcha for his part to keep it boston

    Tim McCann Posted: 10 years ago
  122. If u lookin for decent rap songs, try some hip hop from the uk. Its defenatly worth takin a look at 'Task Force' and 'Phi life Cypher'. Take heed and showtime are phat songs from phi life cypher. U might also like cosmic gypsies and new mic order from task force.

    Joe S Posted: 10 years ago
  123. No hip-hop please.

    Russ Posted: 10 years ago
  124. even though eminem is the best. Rap and hip hop aren't good in skate videos so no rap

    john Posted: 10 years ago
  125. gotta be as fresh as the music was back in menikmati

    benny g Posted: 10 years ago
  126. penny - golden brown by the stranglers

    benny g Posted: 10 years ago
  127. no craze bullshit
    no ultra cool 80's techno dance crap
    take koston back to the goldfish days
    smooth jazzy type hip-hop
    WU-TANG oh yea
    ....hey just good music
    you guys have a worldwide team that know about alot of random music /use it(see j.b.'s part in freedom fries)
    but hip hop and good beats for sure

    jack frost Posted: 10 years ago
  128. I think that you should put some Iron Maiden on there, like Phantom of the Opera, or Hallowed be thy name. Iron Maiden Rocks... or if not I would go with some Greenday, but not the new fruity stuff the good ol' stuff off of greenday dookie, or perhaps even Some Husker Du...

    Chris Posted: 10 years ago
  129. APHEX TWIN!!!! If someone could make a part to fit with that music, it would be amazing. Also, Boards of canada could work, and that would be really cool as well.

    Peter Posted: 10 years ago
  130. Whatever music you use, make sure it all flows together so you actually feel like you've watched a whole video as one thing, not just 10 different parts crammed together, if that makes sense lol.

    Jack Posted: 10 years ago
  131. I think you guys should use some good underground rap, the beats and stuff go really good with skate videos. Good music makes the video more enjoyable... There is way to much rock/punk music in skate videos because of stupid stereotypes from people like " you must listen to rock because you skate and have shaggy hair!" I thinks thats stupid as hell, it happens to me all the time. I just like the style and culture of rap/hip-hop. well peace out homies!

    P.S. Skate More! Yes'!

    Jake Posted: 10 years ago
  132. Jedi Mind Tricks, Blackalicious, cunninlinuguists

    Brandon Posted: 10 years ago
  133. fischerspooner would be good.

    me Posted: 10 years ago
  134. Put some wu tang on there, some NaS, some Cam'ron,living legends, and all that other good shit.

    Doug Posted: 10 years ago

    e's are the be'st Posted: 10 years ago
  136. Hip-Hop...no doubt...

    i mean like so many vdos play rock and all this ol skool music...not that it's bad or anything cos I listen to anything really, but...i dunno...just way too much of them oldies genres in skate vdos lately...just be different from the rest...str8 up...

    Being Original__Is The Best Part

    skratchboarder Posted: 10 years ago
  137. ODB ouhahahahaha

    tony guerrero Posted: 9 years ago
  138. put like some instrumentals and like regea smthing new es is origenal so should the music

    wonderboy Posted: 9 years ago
  139. 2PAC for koston!!!!!!!Marcelo D2 for TX. part!!!!!
    Regea for Penny ......McCrank with his own songs....
    Michel Jackson for Eldrige.....Some Autralian native songs for Nuske.......And Pj with some instrumental sshit.....That would be Great........

    NicK_olas Posted: 9 years ago
  140. AC-FRIKIN'-DC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    jason Posted: 9 years ago
  141. The sea and cake works perfect for skate videos and never fails

    MSD Posted: 9 years ago
  142. the variety of music must run the gamut.methinks some tool/apc would be nice.i also wants me some smoove ass easy goin rap song in there.and wants me one the most gangstaist rap song you can possibly find.fo'shizzle.reagae would be nice in the montage section.make it so.
    GIMME DA VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    infanticidalsk8er Posted: 9 years ago
  143. NWA straight out of compton and AC-DC would be tight and WU TANG cream is good if your talking about the clan

    DJ Posted: 9 years ago
  144. dude definatly something like... atmosphere... yeah! thad be so awesome

    Jenny Posted: 9 years ago
  145. 1) 'thought at work' by the roots

    2) 'mystery' by miles davis

    3) 'journey to arnhemland' by jamiroquai

    4) 'the kids' by jamiroquai

    just wait till the beat drops in journey to arnhemland and mystery, its hot!

    krookfish Posted: 9 years ago
  146. oh yeah, and for penny, maybe a song by ernest ranglin.

    or just some good ol' classic reggae

    krookfish Posted: 9 years ago
  147. 'mercy mercy me' by marvin gaye

    krookfish Posted: 9 years ago
  148. frog eyes, xiu xiu or maybe some broken social scene

    j byrd Posted: 9 years ago
  149. fuk all ur music let the sk8er decide but if not some underground aussie hardcore metal
    wish 4 wings
    i killed the promqueen

    cjizm Posted: 9 years ago
  150. not a goddamn thing couild possibly beat an old Wu-Tang joint. Forever, Liquid swords, 36 chambers, anything.

    the burner Posted: 9 years ago
  151. maybe everyone should ride to meat loaf. just get the 12 minute version of I WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR LOVE, from bat out of hell II and just make a sweet montage. to be honest, you guys always talk about the best part, well the best part is doing anything for love...

    instant winner is cooler than your skateboard company Posted: 9 years ago
  152. Anything Dream Theater

    Nate Posted: 9 years ago
  153. Yeah some smooth jazzy hip hop stuff ,acid jazz is what I think it's called, or maybe they are two different things. It really does go well with skateboarding. "Every Emcee" by Apathy is a great. PEACE...

    anna l Posted: 9 years ago
  154. hahahaha dude...that meat loaf song idea had me laughing so hard...hahahahah. I also liked your use name ;)

    You guys come up with some good stuff.

    Man if we could use all Wu Tang for the video I would...and use the same song for every part.

    I'm joking-...sort of

    craig Posted: 9 years ago
  155. if ur gonna hav wu-tang u better put gravel pit. that song iz da bomb

    eesy Posted: 9 years ago
  156. weezer is wat u need

    rivers Posted: 9 years ago
  157. No hip hop, it just doesn't work for me...
    I reckon Penny should skate to the beatles, maybe I'm only sleeping or penny lane..
    Mcrank definitely modest mouse, lives..
    Cale should skate to yeah yeah yeah's, interpole or joy division..
    Pj should have the ender and skate to radiohead..

    But letting the skaters decide would also be cool.

    G Posted: 9 years ago
  158. just some music we can roll to and get us to get amped and get off our asses and go skate

    grant lyon Posted: 9 years ago
  159. Let's hear some Cannibal Corpse,Slayer,and oooh oooh some Judas Priest. Head banger for life bitches... [luaghing]

    anna l Posted: 9 years ago
  160. I want to hear some PROMOE and some Kid koala definitely emperors main course maybe even some infesticons anything off xen cuts disk. plus the hilltophoods the nose bleed section rules i gotta rep my aussie hip hop.

    Vinnie Posted: 9 years ago
  161. koston- can i live by jay-z, at least as an intro or something, it'd definetly work for a full part too though

    penny- needs to have some wu tang. and everybody knows the best wu track ever is da mystery of chessboxin. every verse is 100% spitfire

    mccrank- some indie song...maybe the anniversary or a good old modest mouse song?

    rodrigo- deltron 3030- 3030 or mastermind. deltron is amazing, if you've been ignorant of his work till this point in your life. the beats are sooo hot

    javier- i have no clue

    pj- let him pick his own song its his video anyways haha

    bongking Posted: 9 years ago
  162. Javier S. -Ummm toooo much pressure can't think my head will explode. Shit I'm having an axiety attack! OOh holy hell I just died. Uh oh well I guess it was for the best.

    Rodrigo TXXXXXX- Towers Of Dub,Orb.?????

    anna l. Posted: 9 years ago
  163. Tupac 4 life

    tities Posted: 9 years ago
  164. you should put some van halen in the video

    kevin Posted: 9 years ago
  165. I want to hear that Mexican Rap song "Gasolina" on there. That song be getting me all fired up and shit.

    pimpPanther Posted: 9 years ago
  166. if i had to give a song to each person for their part... i would have to think about that so hard... ill try sometime maybe

    augusta Posted: 9 years ago

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