Team Report 04-20-05

Posted April 20, 2005 by éS

Eric Koston made it back safely from the éS Greece excursion. He and photobug Atiba Jefferson cut out early so they could finish Eric's upcoming Skateboard Mag interview. Apparently, Eric has something special up his sleeve for it. Get your eyes ready to be blown.

The rest of the boys, Rick McCrank, Rodrigo Tx., Justin Eldridge and Cale Nuske, went from Greece to Barcelona, Spain to finish up some filming there. The boys were spotted shredding the legendary ledges of MACBA (the Museum of Modern Art), and that big four in the back, which is even more extraordinary. I don't really want to give away any tricks that went down, but lets just say the éS team always leaves quite an impression on the locals. Seems all of our riders have since returned to their respective homes, except Rodrigo, who stayed behind in Barcy to hang with Javier Sarmiento, and Cale, who is kicking it with the Cliché guys.

What's been going on with P.J. Ladd, you ask? Well, he's been hanging out in Cali, and will soon head out on a Fourstar Japan trip with fellow éS and Fourstar team rider Eric Koston. In other P.J. news, Mr. Ladd has recently been looking for a new apartment in Los Angeles. He and soon-to-be-roommate Eli are still trying to decide which part of town to move to. Where would you suggest? I say the hills, P.J. says no.


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