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Team Report 04-20-05

Seems all of our riders have since returned from Greece and Barcy, except Rodrigo, who stayed behind in Barcy to hang with Javier Sarmiento, and Cale, who is kicking it with the Clich' guys.

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Girl + Chocolate Active Demo!

You better pencil it in on your calendar! The entire Girl and Chocolate skateboard teams are set to demo their little hearts out for you at Active Ride Shop in Valencia, Calfirornia!

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Tony's Polaroids

We just posted in the Gallery section a collection of 24 soon-to-be vintage Polaroids that éS Team Manager Tony Evjenth shot of various éS team riders back in 2002/03.

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éS Team In Philly This June!

Look out for the éS team, who are scheduled to appear at the Wild in the Streets event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania this coming June 21, also known as Go Skateboarding Day.

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Posted April 15, 2005. 346 Comments

Last Part?

All right, let's get the controversy started. Who do you guys think will get the ender in the new éS video?

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The Perforated Tongue Is_The Best Part

When I think of the Cramer, one word comes to mind: Awkward. Wait a minute. That's the guy on Seinfeld.

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Dudes, I'm so on this Wu-Tang kick lately. My friend made me these amazing Wu Tang CD mixes that took him many days. Making a good mix "tape" is hard, and it's an art form. Speaking of music, we are working on picking songs for the upcoming éS video. What kind of music do you all want to hear in it?

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éS Filmer Scuba Steve's Top 5 Favorite Books

  1. The Stranger
  2. Who Put That Hair On My Toothbrush?
  3. The Grapes of Wrath
  4. Any Dr. Suess
  5. Biography of Oprah Winphrey

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éS Team In Greece!

Although Athens is one of the world's oldest cities, it is becoming increasingly peppered with elements of contemporary life. Mixed between the ruins of ancient Athens are the standard modern junk food hucksters.

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Posted April 9, 2005. 128 Comments

Web Sites Are Rad

I'm slacking hard today, just lurking around the Internet. I've gone through all my favorite sites, and now I need some more to look at. What's your favorite site to check out? I'm not talking about porn, so keep that shit to yourself, slappy. I'm talking skate sites, music sites and nerd sites. Share your favorite links with the Blog Crew.