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Page 3 April 2005

Posted April 8, 2005. 1 Comment

The Firm Complete Skateboards Winners!

Here at éS, we like to show our appreciation for those of you who hang out at our Web site and sign-up for the éS Email News, so we just gave away three complete Rodrigo Tx. skateboards!

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Rick McCrank Answers Your Questions!

In the Ask the éS Team section, Rick McCrank verbally responded (on tape) to 40 of your favorite questions, and we typed them in.

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P.J. Ladd's Top 5 Up-And-Comers

  1. Lucas Puig
  2. Wade Desarmo
  3. Akail
  4. Eli Reed
  5. Tyler Bledsoe

Posted April 6, 2005. 73 Comments

Dude, June 21. Dude?

What are you going to do on skateboarding's official day, Go Skateboarding Day? What does that even mean, right? Well, my fellow Blog Heads, a lot of skateboard companies are behind that day, and they are making it a real holiday for skateboarding. éS will be hosting Games of SKATE, and other companies have got shit cooking. You, your buddies and your local skate shop need to do something, as well. Let's make some fucking noise, already, right? So, where are you going to skate?

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Team Report 04-05-05

We got your team report right here, pal! And it's a quickie this week, as éS Team Manager Tony Evjenth is currently out of the office.

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Posted April 5, 2005. 304 Comments

P.J., P.J. and, um...P.J.

P.J. came by last week to work on colors for his new kicks. We spent hours looking at materials and talking color. What kind of colors do you want to see in P.J.s upcoming éS shoe?

Posted April 5, 2005. 146 Comments

Rick is so from Canada! Like, yeah!

Well, my little dudes, here's a pic of McCrankle's next éS shoe, the Anti-Social. Rick is so awesome, and his shoe is so rad. It looks better in person, but I wanted you to see it first. Whatcha guys think?

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The Art Is_The Best Part

Scope the complete line of Spring 2005 éS T-Shirts here on, and then head on out to your local skate shop to buy your favorites!

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éS Shop Interview: NJ Skateshop

Straight outta Sayreville, New Jersey comes my main man Chris Nieratko and his main squeeze, NJ Skateshop. Word up...

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