Team Report 05-11-05

Posted May 11, 2005 by éS

Eric Koston and fellow éS team rider P.J. Ladd are on their way to Tokyo, Japan to film for a new Fourstar quickie video called Super Champion Funzone. They will do a signing at H3 in Shibuya on Sunday, May 15, and a demo at Edit in Shinjuku on Sunday, May 22. Contact H3 and Edit for details. Check the flyer we just put up here on the éS Web site.

Speaking of P.J., if you have seen him wearing a shoe you don't recognize from the éS line, it's probably his upcoming P.J. Ladd pro model. That shoe won't be out until Spring 2006, but it'll be so worth the wait!

Now that we're on the topic of pro shoes, Rick McCrank has been spotted wearing his new kicks, The Anti-Social, which won't be out until Fall 2005. You mark my words, young man! That'll be another shoe worth waiting for. Rick designed it to be simple and effective, minimal but skateable. I think you'll like what he's come up with!

Rodrigo Tx. is meeting up with fellow éS team rider Tom Penny and filmer Scuba Steve to film in lovely Barcelona, Spain for the next month. Tom will then meet up with the Flip team at a contest in Krakow, Poland from June 3-7. After that, he'll fly back to Barcelona to shred the streets of the world's most skated city!

Cale Nuske is back at home in Adelaide, Australia, where he recently had some work done on his re-injured knee. Here's hoping he'll back on his board sometime soon.

Justin Eldridge still hasn't sold his car. Someone please buy it!

Javier Sarmiento is in New York City, skating with the Volcom team and filming for the éS video, as well.


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