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Posted May 17, 2005 by éS

I just got a copy of that new East Coast mag, Focus. It's a free mag back there, and it's pretty rad. What was really rad is how it was started by two dudes who decided they wanted to do a skate magazine that focused on their scene. How rad is that? It's all about getting out there and making shit happen. What are some projects, magazines, companies, etc. that you guys are feeling that embody what skateboarding is to YOU?


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  1. photography.

    me Posted: 9 years ago
  2. when you say photography are you talking about a photographer or skate photography? Who are some of your favortie skate photo flickers?

    craig Posted: 9 years ago
  3. yeah photos. just of everything, skating, nature, city scenes. whenever i see or take a really good photo i get really psyched.

    Marc Posted: 9 years ago
  4. i dont really pay attention to who takes them, just whats in it.

    Marc Posted: 9 years ago
  5. hmm

    $00p3r d00d Posted: 9 years ago
  6. the boston massacre video from coliseum in boston. it's just sick how they were just fooling around and still made a great video. it's not all about those hammers being dropped on handrails but just being innovative. the vid get's me psyched to go skate and just have fun with the boys and not stress so much about landing tricks.

    ben Posted: 9 years ago
  7. i love it in portland

    rasalibre4life Posted: 9 years ago
  8. Craig- i enjoy skate photography and theres lots of photographers out there that are great; atiba, jon humphries, shad lambert, scott prommier, ryan gee, fred mortagne.

    me Posted: 9 years ago
  9. Favorite photographer = Brian Gamberman. I did a pretty wicked scooter magazine once. Only took three days to make. Over one million copies copied.

    Josh P. Posted: 9 years ago
  10. photography at is finest
    check these guys work out

    beeboyee Posted: 9 years ago
  11. videos. for a while me and my friends were gonna make a video. we kept starting over and over for about 5 years. finally we just stopped. we would always talk about what we would do when were done, or what music to whose part, and editing, but never focused on finishing. now the guy who had the camera barely skates any more and me and all of my friends havent skated together since before winter. so if your workin on a video finsish it and focus on it. o yeah and i love gum

    tc mack Posted: 9 years ago
  12. DIY skate spots. That's where it's at!!

    JoBlo Posted: 9 years ago
  13. more about europe, everything's so focused on the US. Just one mag (kingpin) ain't gonne do it, cuz it's only popular in europe. The mags are just to much about US skateboarding, shame.

    switchtre Posted: 9 years ago
  14. it's not all of the us, mostly california. besides, there's lots of coverage of europe in tons of videos

    rasalibre4life Posted: 9 years ago
  15. europe gets alot of coverage. i went over there and i think its because the rules of skat'n street dont apply the same as here in the states. but traveling is sick,especially with you r boys, boards, an iced tea and some beef jerk.

    fabness Posted: 9 years ago
  16. speaking of portland, i love the dept.
    here's a picture

    rasalibre4life Posted: 9 years ago
  17. focus is a great magazine. it shows what skateboarding is really about... fun. forget all the whos hot whos not stuff, skateboarding is about having a good time.

    an east coaster for life Posted: 9 years ago
  18. this is my company/project that's ended up doing way more then i thought and still going. doing stuff yourself is hella fun.

    ttp://" rel="nofollow">null skateboards

    corpo Posted: 9 years ago
  19. Photography does get me really hyped and stuff in the Skateboard Mag. Day dreaming about the parks in Porland (I haven't been there yet, but I can't wait they look fun!!) I'm stuck on a rock.Dreams about skateboarding.When I look outside and it's not raining walking around the down town area.Damnit everything just about. Oh that Kingpin magazine looks pretty cool I looked at a few pages at Tower Records.( It looks like an american magazine I can't tell the difference.)

    anna l Posted: 9 years ago
  20. SEU TRINH!!!!

    Shane Posted: 9 years ago
  21. oh my god rasa i knew that the dos is a really good skatepark but i didnt know it had a big three!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH thats sssoooo awesome

    Marc Posted: 9 years ago
  22. yeah, dept. got remodled in the fall. it's really sick now

    rasalibre4life Posted: 9 years ago
  23. My local skate shop Daily Gring used to make a magazine but they stopped for some reason. It really highlighted the adelaide scene. They're making a video right now. Two guys i know are gonna have parts and they're trying to get Cale footage for it. Can't wait.

    Mugagga Posted: 9 years ago
  24. we have a project going on down here where im living at (south padre island) all the local towns are getting new parks from the city but theyre all pre-fabricated metal crap! being designed by people who dont even skate, so we are putting a stop to that and at the same time raising money for our own local park which is going to be concrete, which is way better than that metal shit (anyone agree), and weve been working on that since last summer and we have nearly 25 g's and are premeiring a local skate movie in tthe cinema to raise money for it, but thats prety much our project which is called s.p.i.t.s. south padre island texas skaters, well reply if you think that metal shit is bunk

    james Posted: 9 years ago
  25. I really wanna start my own skate/culture clothin line with my buddies but its so hard cuz of the money and shit.

    Chad Posted: 9 years ago
  26. k.a.s.t. in San Antonio is all about having fun and not worrying about doing this or landing that. keep sk8n for fun and remember why you did in the first place.

    kast sk8er Posted: 9 years ago
  27. oh man.. what a perfect place to drip this link

    ^^^inspired by skateboarding.

    i did a whole series of local spots n shit like that.. and i won a couple of national awards with that portfolio n some local ones too. gotta hand it to skate culture.

    skateboardmag is real hot too.

    truehead Posted: 9 years ago
  28. METAL = SHIT!!!Concrete = good!!!!!

    anna l Posted: 9 years ago
  29. Yea that's awesome when a group of skaters just get out there and spread the love on their local scene to the locals. I live in Malaysia. I'm pretty proud of what my country's trying to bring up with these skate shops and skateboard magazines. Sometimes they do a terrible job with the photography and videos they release. But at least they're trying rather than sitting down and not doing anything. Nice to see the local scene coming up. Hopefully eS will stop by Malaysia some day. Email me when you're here ok Craig & Josh :-)

    skratchboarder Posted: 9 years ago
  30. ive been wanting to put togethter a little mag for some friends at school and show case one of us as the main skater in it and have an interview and stuff, but its still just a thought, no production or anythign yet...

    johne Posted: 9 years ago
  31. yo kast what is that? a skate team or a park or somehting? i live down here in corpus and am in san antonio all the time...wait, san antonio texas right?

    johne Posted: 9 years ago
  32. One of my best friends will be taking pictures of local skate Ray Gurz for a Navigator Trucks ad that will be in Focus magazine.

    Brendan Posted: 9 years ago
  33. Hobo Child is radical! It's a pretend clothing company my friends and i started. we make our own arty clothes and stuff. but now we're making a video an we're about a third complete. it gets me excited about skating to just edit the footage and to see all the funny stuff of my friends. Hobo Child is radical dude!

    daniel freitag Posted: 9 years ago
  34. i started a skate team called streetarmy skateboarding

    Ryan Posted: 9 years ago

    some of the rad people near me

    joey Posted: 9 years ago
  36. I wrote the "Neighborhood Watch" article in Focus about Gear For Groms. If you have the magazine, check out the article - if you live in or around Philadelphia and want to help out with it, we are trying to expand the project for the 05-06 school year. Get in touch if you want to get involved.

    At the very least, pick up an issue of this magazine if you havn't already, I think it turned out real well.

    Joe Benzon Posted: 9 years ago
  37. Focus is an awesome mag, they do an great job on exposing the east coast scene, i started a clothing company with my friends - check out our ad in focus.

    brad Posted: 9 years ago
  38. what's up with them jacking the flash logo?

    joeya Posted: 9 years ago
  39. I like Seu Trinh for photos

    Justin Posted: 9 years ago
  40. Joe, I live around 45 minutes from philly and i would like to get in on this. get at me.

    Herbie Posted: 9 years ago
  41. i heard about this new clothing line. they are hooking up Ronson Lambert and working to build a solid team.
    they clothes look dope but i dont know where i can buy any.

    circle Posted: 9 years ago
  42. hey sorry i didnt read it all so i dunno if anyone put this but its a bunch of picture of people including Gallant and Jereme and many other equivalently sick skaters from boston and around you should check it out his photos are amazing

    pete Posted: 9 years ago
  43. Hey man - post your e-mail, or send one my way,

    Joe Benzon Posted: 9 years ago
  44. hey johne yea kast is in san antonio and in mission tx and its juct a little skate team we got going

    kast sk8er Posted: 9 years ago

    kast sk8er Posted: 9 years ago
  46. new clothing line outta vancouver..
    i like the site its hot..

    2up Posted: 9 years ago
  47. hey, could one of the guys tell me how i can get a Q & A (possibly through email) with the art director(s) at éS???

    i have an english paper on a career i'd like to pursue
    thought it'd be cool to get some questions answered from the dudes at éS. if you could help me out that'd be great

    truehead Posted: 9 years ago
  48. Yeah Mike your Mag is on the es website.

    Jim Gray Posted: 9 years ago
  49. focus? thats the name of a sk8 shop here in madison wis

    dont blame me i voted for p.j. ladd Posted: 9 years ago
  50. bloody awesome skate brands from perth get me amped. u no wot im sayin ay, we talkin Cheese Skateboards. {pimpin]

    cheese skate Posted: 9 years ago
  51. bloody awesome skate brands from perth get me amped. u no wot im sayin ay, we talkin Cheese Skateboards. {pimpin]

    cheese skate Posted: 9 years ago
  52. I don't know if any of you have checked out the DIY tee shirts that you can make of the contract faces of the 'es team. It's sooo cool 'cause I wear them every where. I think it was in the first 'es newsletter. When I first got the letter I didn't pay any attention to it at the time 'cause it was summer. But around December no skateboarding = lurking on the net so I went got got white underwear shirts and it came out lookn' great. People look at the shirt and try not to laugh. I always get odd looks on the bus.I think those are the coolest shirts ever. It's a hoot to see some girl riding on a skateboard with Justin Eldridge or Rodrigo TX face. ( have them all but I need more shirts.) THANK YOU 'ES!!!!!! XOXO

    anna l Posted: 9 years ago
  53. It's me, it's me, how, how, how, can, can, can, I, I, I, Get, Get, GEt, In, IN, IN, TOUCH, TOUCH, TOUCh, Touch????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I drew that tee w/the van 'n smoke .

    Elaiene Posted: 9 years ago
  54. I think its time somebody took Bobby Worrest, Javier Sarimentio, and Benny Fairfax off of flow and put the them on the actual team before I'm forced to kill someone. How can you not like these guys, all of them are killing it right now.

    Mikey Dawes Posted: 9 years ago
  55. Yea Focus!

    haveboard Posted: 9 years ago
  56. Guess what children....Ohio isn't for lover's....Ohio is for skateboarders and porn stars....that's it....oh and probably about 600 different WAl-MART stores.....

    Mikey Dawes Posted: 9 years ago
  57. hey circle look

    Nomis Design Inc.
    suite 500
    8 East Broadway
    Salt Lake City, Utah
    Ph: 1 801 746 1033
    Fax: 1 801 746 5613

    John d Posted: 9 years ago

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