Team Report 05-26-05

Posted May 26, 2005 by éS

As you already know, Eric Koston and P.J. Ladd were recently spotted skating around the streets of Tokyo, Japan, filming for an upcoming Fourstar video catalog and the next éS video. The boys also did a three-hour autograph signing for hundreds of fans lined up at H3 skate shop, but their demo at Edit skatepark got rained out. After the Fourstar jaunt was over, Eric stayed behind in Japan with his girlfriend Ashley for a little mini-vacation, and P.J. is back in SoCal, where he is currently shopping around to buy a condo in the Los Angeles area. It's amazing that he has finally decided to pull up his East Coast roots! P.J. is also ironing out some final details of his first-ever éS pro model shoe, which will explode world-wide in Spring 2006.

Tom Penny and Rodrigo Tx. are still kicking out the jams in Barcelona, Spain, filming for the next éS video. Rumor has it that Rodrigo may also be shooting photos for an upcoming TransWorld Skateboarding interview. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Rick McCrank's knee is doing a lot better than previously reported. It had been bothering him a little after he skated a lot of switch a while back, but the doctor said it's doing fine. Cranks is currently building up strength in it by skating a lot around Vancouver. He has also been riding his motorcycle and hanging out with his daughter. The Ed Templeton art show that opened at Anti-Social last Friday went over well, as several hundred people milled about throughout the night, scoping Tempster's art. Rick is planning on skating a new park that opens soon on Vancouver Island, as well as surfing there. He will also be embarking on the upcoming éS East Coast filming trip in June.

Justin Eldridge finally sold his Lexus! He paid $100 to display it at an auto fair at College of the Canyons, and it ended up selling for $19,000. As you may know, Justin bought a condo a while back, so he's been hanging out there with his new kitten, Diamond D., who he rescued off the street. After slightly spraining the ligaments in his knee, Justin has been resting up for the éS East Coast tour in June and eating a lot of sushi.

After the éS Greece / Barcelona filming missions a while back, Cale Nuske re-injured his knee during a Cliché trip to the Canary Islands. Now he's back at home in Adelaide, Australia recuperating and doing a little angling with the ICCC.


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