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May 2005

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The New éS Fall 2005_Footwear Collection

Announcing the éS Fall 2005 Footwear Collection, which has been posted for your perusal right now.

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New Shoes/Colorways Posted!

If you guys haven't noticed, the powers that be updated the Footwear section here on the site. This post is for any questions/comments you have on the new stuff. This will keep the other posts from getting off topic. Fire away!

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Team Report 05-26-05

Justin Eldridge finally sold his Lexus! He paid $100 to display it at an auto fair at College of the Canyons, and it ended up selling for $19,000.

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P.J. Ladd's Top 5 Favorite Movies

  1. R.A.D.
  2. Donnie Demco
  3. Forest Gump
  4. Rudy
  5. Super Size Me

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Movement Is_The Best Part

Summer is just around the corner. What better time to head on down to your local skate shop to buy a pair of éS shirts, I mean shorts?

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Shop Interview: Division East

Dang! Here we are, interviewing another New Jersey shop! This time, it's good ol' Division East in Montclair.

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Koston Footage At Active!

Check out this nice little action-packed video banner over at Active Ride Shop featuring éS team rider Eric Koston.

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Doing it Yourself

I just got a copy of that new East Coast mag, Focus. It's a free mag back there, and it's pretty rad. What was really rad is how it was started by two dudes who decided they wanted to do a skate magazine that focused on their scene. How rad is that? It's all about getting out there and making shit happen. What are some projects, magazines, companies, etc. that you guys are feeling that embody what skateboarding is to YOU?