Holland éS Game of SKATE_Finals!

Posted June 3, 2005 by éS

Last Saturday, May 28, the Dutch éS Game of SKATE Finals went down in Utrecht, Holland. Inside a very hot and humid skatepark called The Yard, the best thirty-two flatground skateboarders from Holland competed against each other to see who was the most consistent.

With Pieter Janssen (one of the most stylish skaters Holland has ever known) as the main judge, there was a very high level of excitement and anticipation. Last year's winner, Sewa Kroetkov, lost in the Semi-Finals against old school underdog, Dennis Marquis, but the final battle was between rookie, Leon Huiskes, and Dutch éS rider Ricardo Paterno. Ricardo started, and it took almost 20 tricks to lose his turn.

Leon tried to resist, and he kept it up for quite a while, but in the end, Ricardo took 1st place with a solid backside kickflip. By then, he had S-K-A. éS flow rider Johan van den Boom won the Loser's Final, which put him in 3rd. Eindhoven local Willem van Dijk took 4th.

So, Ricardo advances to the European Game of SKATE Finals in Barcelona, Spain. His plane ticket and hotel will be paid for by LEFT distribution. Dutch éS rep Fred van Schie handed Ricardo the ticket and a bottle of well-deserved champagne. Check out the photo above for proof!

éS Game of SKATE Holland Results
1. Ricardo Paterno (éS, Colorblind, Analog)
2. Leon Huiskes (Hardcore)
3. Johan van den Boom (éS flow)
4. Willem van Dijk


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