Team Report 06-08-05

Posted June 8, 2005 by éS

Right as we speak, Eric Koston is flying back to the Midwest--Louisville, Kentucky to be exact--for the Panasonic Open contest, which is going down from June 9-12. He will be skating in the Park event on Friday only. The next day, Eric will appear in Kettering, Ohio to enter the Hammers vs. Bangers contest going down at the brand-new Skate Plaza. In case you don’t know, the Skate Plaza is the infamous new skatepark featuring only stairs, rails, hubbas and ledges. That's right, there's NO tranny anywhere!

Word has it that the always elusive Tom Penny is touring in the UK with the Flip team. If you spot him anywhere, let us know.

Rick McCrank is building up strength in his knee by skating a lot around Vancouver. He will most likely embark on the upcoming éS East Coast filming trip, which has been pushed back to July.

Rodrigo Tx. and Javier Sarmiento are still in Barcelona, Spain, filming and shooting photos. They may venture North to Rotterdam, Holland in July for a contest or two. Cock-a-doodle-doo!

P.J. Ladd has been working on finalizing colors for his much-anticipated éS pro model shoe, which will be available in stores in Spring 2006. He has also continued filming with Scuba Steve and shooting photos with noted shutterbug Atiba Jefferson for a rumored Skateboard Mag feature.

After recently selling his Lexus, Justin Eldridge turned right around and bought a sleek, new black Cadillac CTS from Andrew Reynolds. Well, Justin didn't actually buy it, he just took over the payments on the lease. Eldridge was spotted at the éS World Headquarters yesterday, bagging some goods and working on some upcoming top-secret projects.


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