Go Skateboarding Night?

Posted June 10, 2005 by éS

That's right! Since it's way too hot to skate all day in Arizona, Cowtown Skateboards has decided to move their Go Skateboarding Day celebration into the night! On Tuesday, June 21, they will have a 21% Off Everything Sale throughout the day in all three of their stores in Phoenix, Glendale and Chandler, and then close early and set up for the night's events.

Starting at 8:00 p.m., they will have a free barbeque for everyone directly behind the Cowtown Skateboards downtown shop at 5024 N. Central Avenue in Phoenix. Shortly after that, they will premiere the new Shake Junt video, and then the Skateboarding Scavenger Hunt will start.

Cowtown will hide vouchers for all kinds of FREE skate stuff all over the downtown Phoenix area, and you will get a map that gives you clues where to find it! Come check out a good skate video, eat some food, have a drink, and then go skateboarding and product hunting all over downtown Phoenix.

Remember, you must be present at the video premiere to get your map. See you all there!

Cowtown Skateboards
Go Skateboarding Day Celebration

Tuesday, June 21, 2005
5024 North Central Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 85012
Phone: (602) 212-9687


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