Go Skateboarding Day 2005 Report

Posted June 22, 2005 by éS

Val Surf in Valley Village, California celebrated Go Skateboarding Day on June 21 by hosting an éS Game of SKATE for the second year in a row, and once again, it was a true success. With over 300 kids turning out, not to mention Eric Koston and Justin Eldridge in the judges' stand, there were bound to be some serious games going down.

It was blazing hot outside, but thankfully, there was an éS easy-up for our boys to hide out under. Val Surf's own Patrick Forster, Justin Schulte, Shaan Harris, Joe Abarca and Zach Wagner all made it through to the Semi-Finals, but some crazy little kid named George Comelli had a huge bag of heelflip variations that was quite impressive, so he ended up taking the cake. Hats off to him.

Big ups to Hime for the commentary, Jason Seitz for keeping score, Victor and Corey for judging, Guy Mariano and Jason Callaway for repping, Justin Eldridge for flipping the coin, and of course Eric Koston for sparkling. And let's not forget Tim, Craig and Cooper for giving Val Surf the opportunity to host this event every year, all of the kids who came out to compete, plus all of the spectators for peeping. Thanks, and see you again next year.

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