Team Report 06-30-05

Posted June 30, 2005 by éS

Lately, Eric Koston has been enjoying skating in his own private indoor training facility in Los Angeles. He recently shot a Trick Tip for Skateboarder magazine. This Saturday, July 2, Eric will enjoy a golf-themed birthday celebration for twin brothers Ako Jefferson (Art Director for éS and The Skateboard Mag) and Atiba Jefferson (noted shutterbug).

Word has it that Tom Penny is still tooling around Europe. He was also recently spotted jumping over a garbage can in a Fury truck ad in the new August 2005 issue of The Skateboard Mag. The rest of the éS team can be seen in the same issue in a 12-page spread shot by Atiba, which documents their Hong Kong filming mission earlier this year. Sweet stuff.

Rodrigo Tx. is still kicking it in Barcelona, Spain with Javier Sarmiento, shooting for the next éS video with 411 filmer Anthony Claravall. Rodrigo will be attending a big Snickers contest in Rotterdam, Holland on July 15-17.

éS filmer Scuba Steve and éS flow rider Mike Barker recently paid a visit to Vancouver, Canada to clock footie with éS legend Rick McCrank. Rick also shot some rolls with Atiba for an upcoming secret spread.

Cale Nuske is still relaxing in Adelaide, Australia, where he is nursing his knee back to health and doing a little fishing with the ICCC. He will be visiting the U.S. soon to shoot some éS Apparel ads and visit his throngs of admirers.


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