East Coast 4 Life

Posted July 6, 2005 by éS

Like, whoa, dudes. I've been busy, so sorry for the lack of updates. I was just in Vancouver, hanging with Rick McCrank and lurking in his fine city. And oh, I was lurking. Do you dudes know how good Rick is? That muthafuka can do inverts on huge vert walls, and he skates faster than all of us combined. Rick is my new favorite skater for 2005.

Okay, enough jock riding on Rick. Let's talk East Coast. We are heading across this fine land to film and take some photos, and while we're around, we'll stop at a couple of shops to skate with you and / or just hang out and talk shit. We hit the road on July 15. Our first stop is in Maryland at Pitcrew on July 16. Then we hit Philly for some shred action, followed by a lurk over to Amateur Athlete for some shopping. (Date coming soon.) After that, we'll be in NYC, where you'll catch us at KCDC for some sessioning, probably around July 24. Nothing too serious, just skateboarding.

The dudes going are Eric Koston, Rick McCrank, P.J. Ladd, Antwuan Dixon, Mike Barker and Bobby Worrest. If you're around, come say hi, throw us a high-five and scream YéS!


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  1. where in NYC?

    Kevin Posted: 9 years ago
  2. ill be there

    Sweeeet dude

    Sean Posted: 9 years ago
  3. Brooklyn but we'll be lurking in Manhattan as well. Koston is going to kickflip over the Brooklyn Bridge.

    I'm joking but you are smart enough to know that-

    craig Posted: 9 years ago
  4. Wish I was around..

    Mr. Gallon Posted: 9 years ago
  5. I'm not smart enough and will be there waiting for him to do it!

    Josh P. Posted: 9 years ago
  6. sounds awsome good luck guys dont get arrested......

    dont blame me i voted for pj ladd eS Posted: 9 years ago
  7. ya ill be the when pj fakie 540 big flips the brooklyn bridge.

    samo Posted: 9 years ago
  8. PJ is actually going switch hard flip over the entire state of PA and Rick is building a ramp from NY to Vancouver. He's claiming 900 but I'm thinking more like 720

    craig Posted: 9 years ago
  9. oh so the 24th we'll be having a BBQ at KCDC and on the 21st (which is a thursday) we'll be at Amateur Athelete in PA. Come through and say what's up...or don't-

    craig Posted: 9 years ago
  10. PJ is the man! Click my name to visit my site all about PJ.

    Pjladd.vze.com Posted: 9 years ago
  11. EAST COAST FOR LIFE BITCHES... brohasicles... what the dillio... no love for the east coast of NC? Bro-haskis?... come on, though we have a certain amount of street spots, i know there aint shit for street around here... but there IS the legendary Wanchese "cheeser" bowl, the new Y with a dope bowl yet shitty street set up, and then i know the locations of like 3 more bowls made entirely for skating... though they may be filled with water at the time for summer, theres no doubt in my mind they would be drainned for the arrival of the elite és crew. Also while you were here you could visit my shop called OBBC (Outer Banks Boarding Company) or as i call it, "Obbers." If you guys turned out for this... the crowd response would be dope... theres like nothing to do around here besides skate, work, and go to the beach... so the kids would eat this shit up. So fucking pretty fucking please... make all of the children of NC happy and do a tour through here... ill make it worth it. Trust me. Keep pimpin...

    augusta Posted: 9 years ago
  12. I have the Accel Plus' in navy/red/white(denim). Theyre the Active Exclusive ones. Do they have G2, because it really doesn't feel like it?

    Justin Posted: 9 years ago
  13. Are you guys eva coming around Boston, that would be awsome, if you are, when and where

    Ricky Posted: 9 years ago
  14. No Georgia love?

    Oh well, have fun dudes.

    Jacob Posted: 9 years ago
  15. Come to Winnipeg

    Tanner Posted: 9 years ago
  16. well if you guys are coming from maryland to philly you guys should stop in DE at Switch Skate and Snow in Newark that would be amazing and get some flim of U of D i could see you guys having some fun there.

    Herbie Posted: 9 years ago
  17. that's my birthday! where's my contract?

    figs Posted: 9 years ago
  18. Dude,what about Chi- Town .Holla

    Boba Posted: 9 years ago
  19. Guys Come out to Stony brook in Long Island since youll be in the area. u could film at the University in Stony Brook just ask Gino Ianucci about it he skated it in the Girl Video its a great place to skate i skate ther all the time. it would be awesome if u guys came out here. thers lots to film.

    Ryan Posted: 9 years ago
  20. Josh P. please chek the "new shoes/ colorways posted!" blog i had a ? that hasnt been answered

    Ryan Posted: 9 years ago
  21. why aint yall niggas talking about my man tom penny? what did you do to him? why did yall fire him?

    y'esisgay Posted: 9 years ago
  22. Es Fired Tomm Penny what is this i must learn more.

    Herbie Posted: 9 years ago
  23. are you guys coming any farther south than maryland? bummer if your not, alot of people in VA would like to see that you guys really exsist. Goddamnit the sox are losing to baltimore 9-1 bottom of the 6th.

    adam foreal Posted: 9 years ago
  24. noboby is fired. sheessh. Ryan - I can't really tell. That picture is too small.

    Josh P. Posted: 9 years ago
  25. why hasn't 'es confronted this rumor about Penny being gone? You haven't heard shit from them. They are just waiting for all the Penny 2's to sell out in stores before they break the news. 'es is gay. FUCK EM

    'esisgay Posted: 9 years ago
  26. Come skate New Haven, CT. I'll show u my switch 360 inward heel or at lest come to eastern pulse.

    Bryon Posted: 9 years ago
  27. where/when will you be around in philly?

    kate Posted: 9 years ago
  28. Dude Penny is sitting right here and he just told me he's going to nollie tre flip the entire English Channel in the new éS flip flops that come with removal straps. Oh wait Tom is writting some thing on this post it...oh he wrote "stop obsessing with skate gossip and get out and skate".

    Here's another rumor I'll start. We made the first invisible shoe but they are mad limited.

    Ok enough of that crap. We couldn't hit all those other places you guys mentioned cause we are pressed for time. If we miss you hopefully we'll be back in your neck of the woods some time soon.

    See you on the road-

    craig Posted: 9 years ago
  29. stefan janoski coming to es?

    sandro diaz Posted: 9 years ago
  30. Penny off es'????

    Joey Posted: 9 years ago
  31. If Penny is off is, I'm off es.

    layton Posted: 9 years ago
  32. We just signed Michael Jordan, Lebron, Tony Hawk, Bam, Howard Stern and the whole state of Kentucky. Don't get trapped in rumors kids and furthermore why do you care who goess where and who does what. What matters is skating with your friends, finding new spots and learning new tricks.

    craig Posted: 9 years ago
  33. hey .. whats the KCDC .. becasue NY is the closest spot for me but i dont know what the KCDC is.

    dan Posted: 9 years ago
  34. Josh P.- no ther is another pic link a few posts above it

    Ryan Posted: 9 years ago
  35. My birthday is on july the 20th, please come to belgium with the entire és team :$ :p (The flip team is here on july 14th and the circa team on july 24th, but it isn't the same withous és :( )

    tom Posted: 9 years ago
  36. Well since you guys never openly said "NO TOMS NOT LEAVING!" then I guess he really is moving on. I still like es', but it sounds like alot of people are pissed.

    Justin Posted: 9 years ago
  37. heyyy what about my question...what day are you coming to philly?

    kate Posted: 9 years ago
  38. Kate- I think we'll be there the 21st or at least around then. I think I posted the Amateur Athlete signing closer to the top which is a Thrusday.

    Justin- We are tired of defending the rumors. I rather let people think what they want to think cause at the end of the day it's all just skateboarding.

    Dan-KCDC is in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and they have a website which is http://www.kcdcskateshop.com

    craig Posted: 9 years ago
  39. you guys should come to East Coast Terminal in Johnson City, NY. theres been a lot of demos there, but a team that i would want to see is the 'es team.

    Mike Posted: 9 years ago
  40. dude I wish we could hit the entire east coast but time is scarce especially with this video we are trying to knock out. Eventually we'll get to your town and shop....you can only do so much.

    craig Posted: 9 years ago
  41. skateboarding is right

    Justin Posted: 9 years ago
  42. Justin- Exactly! Fuck all the rumor spreaders...I wonder how many of those muthafuka's actually skate...I ain't talking about chilling at your local spot holding your board. Get out there and push-

    craig Posted: 9 years ago
  43. Pitcrew wooooooooo ill be there

    richy rich Posted: 9 years ago
  44. Mccrank....fuck yeah dude I'll be there!

    Mikey Dawes Posted: 9 years ago
  45. You are damn right that Penny is of 'es. Why haven't they just come out and say otherwise? Why wasn't Penny wearing 'es at the Munster competition?
    He's not on the team anymore. He has been there since 'es started, and now they don't give a shit about keeping him on.
    'es is wack as fuck. They are trying to take the spotlight off of this by saying "ohh fuck talking about rumors, just go skate..."

    What about coming clean? Don't you think that your consumers deserve to hear the truth?????????

    'esisgay Posted: 9 years ago
  46. Yo dude you gotz' to lay off the pills son. If you hate us so much stop coming here punking yourself cause you are looking retarded at this point. Don't buy our shit then dude and go buy some thing that makes you feel good. Penny wasn't wearing our shoes cause home boy sold his box (he also sold his Flip box). Mad love for Penny and he's still on the team...when you don't see him on the team list then he's not on anymore..aight. Now go back to playing your video games...

    craig Posted: 9 years ago
  47. Watch "/esisgay" repsond to me with the quickness? Mad predictable-

    craig Posted: 9 years ago
  48. hahahahaha...craig bro it is a new generation of kids now a days that are really into who is where and why people should stay where they are. Honestly skating is about change, look at trends from 90's till now and board companies shorties was the shit 8 years ago and now people love baker , Look at spots you all skate yourself, you move on and try to find new ones, cause skating is all about new shit. Its all change. If there was not a rumor about penny it would be about someone else. eS has been down for skating for a long ass time and Penny did move from etnies to eS and i am sure people were not bitching about this,if Penny is still on nice and if he is rocking some other shoes on his feet (like adidias in videoradio) he is still Penny. The internet and media has really hurt skating and helped it. But dont get into it with people and companies, you can choose not to buy there shit but don't go around taking about shit that you know nothing about, skating has no boundaries, so stop trying to tie teams and people together. So back to the post nice tour, but since i am up in canada it wont affect me, But not a lot of tours go to the maritimes anyway. peace bros..it's been a while since i went on the blog felt good to get back into it.

    CDM Posted: 9 years ago
  49. Predictability?
    Here's one...

    I "PREDICT" 'es will not come out and tell everyone the truth about this Penny shit until his model clears the shelves. They have been dodging this for a while.

    How am I looking retarded? Heads are talking about this-its obviously a hot topic. A few other people have respoded since my initial post, too. If you wanna talk about who looks retarded, then take a look at your new line of shoes...

    How can someone named "craig" be calling me son, anyway? Dude, you are white. There are no brothers on 'es. Cut the ebonics.

    Respond to you with a quickness? Hm? You posted your topics 3 minutes apart. Did you take your time with it, or did I just anger you so much that you had to write another one?

    'esisgay Posted: 9 years ago
  50. when is the es vid coming out? it's gunna be fiya.

    aaron Posted: 9 years ago
  51. yawn

    craig Posted: 9 years ago
  52. CDM- You are right on.

    aaron- The video comes out in 06 as long as everyone keeps in good shape. The dudes have been battling with some injuries but the footy so far is looking good.

    craig Posted: 9 years ago
  53. hey i have the sweatshirt tan with brown sleeves and its got the cursive éS with the big tail. i was reeeeeeally wondering what is the velcro strap in the hand-sticker-warmer for? ive been pondering this for many moons

    Marc Posted: 9 years ago
  54. can anyone post mike barker footy that guy is amazing we love him...

    skatemental Posted: 9 years ago
  55. I reckon you guys should come out to oz next and make sure you visit Radelaide (Cale's home town). I'll be the kid that knows everything about skateing. I guess that makes me a skate nerd. Oh Well.

    mugagga Posted: 9 years ago
  56. Marc- I'm not sure what that is either but I'll ask the designer. A part of me thinks it's for holding keys or some thing like that so if you are skating it doesn't fall out. I'm just guessing...let me find out.

    Skatemental-Barker is really good...so smooth. We are working on a future feature where you can see clips.

    Mugagga- We did a small trip to OZ this year but I'm sure we'll be back in the future.

    craig Posted: 9 years ago
  57. i'm def buying the vid when it comes out instead of bootlegging my friends' copy like i normally do.

    aaron Posted: 9 years ago
  58. can you guys please post up a trailer or at least a teaser or anything on the movie please

    Crazy G Posted: 9 years ago
  59. Wow, esisgay is really caring about eS. Or is maybe Tom is his favorite skater. I still wonder why that when a rumor like this gets started people assume that he was kicked off and eS doesn't care about him anymore. People can make a decision to leave a company on their own free will, Son. Anyway, go see the guys at Pitcrew on the 16!!

    Josh P. Posted: 9 years ago
  60. EDIT - This isn't a swap meet. Thanks. Josh.

    Free Kayo Posted: 9 years ago
  61. hey kiddies, here is a rumor thats true! i work for es in vancouver and when craig says that he was "lurking" he means it!! i had a bbq at my place, oh i live with my mom! and every day after that he was "lurking" out side my moms bedroom window! what the shit? no but for real, craig and the boys are doing nothing but amazing things for es now and in the future SO stick around and find out! oh and 'esisgay....relax! dont hate on craig and es just cause your pissed with your station in life!!

    scott herbert Posted: 9 years ago
  62. dude today was like my best day ever! i woke up around ten, filmed a techish manual trick, skated a new skatepark, hugn out with my friends and skated a secret mini ramp that was in my down for ages and i never new about it, i had so much fun it was insane, came home around nine, ate the best dinner i had in my whole life(beef wellington by my mom) and i got a new skate video(vicious cycle). best day ever (sorry if that sounded stupid but i had to tell someone). thanks men keep up the good work!

    Marc Posted: 9 years ago
  63. aaaaah sorry for posting twice

    Marc Posted: 9 years ago
  64. Marc - Fixed.

    Josh P. Posted: 9 years ago
  65. If Tom Penny is off of eS it really dosen't matter to me because he will always be Tom Penny...one of the greatest skateboarders of our time. A rumor is a rumor...it's neither real nor is it fake...it's just a rumor. I don't know that much about Tom but I can assure all of you...he's not leaving eS anytime soon...


    Mikey Dawes Posted: 9 years ago
  66. hey heres a rumor, i like to skate a lot, accel pluses are the best shoes, and i get a kick out of reading what people bitch about in here like it will ever really affect their life. haha nah thats all true actually. dont concern yourself with what others are doin just have fun doin your thing

    kev Posted: 9 years ago
  67. 3 people have asked where you guys will be in philly, but no one has anwered! so where in philly is it ??!!

    joe Posted: 9 years ago
  68. please reply soon to the message from me above. Urgent!

    joe Posted: 9 years ago
  69. Craig, Josh, and whoever else is responding for és... if time is scarce... thats straight... but next east coast tour... please visit my area... based 100% around the fact that i would like to skate with the és crew... if your lookin for no crowd response (or if you are) and just straight up die hard skateboard lovers to skate with and have a good time on tour... you need to visit here... plus i wanna get the team blazed, mostly Penny. oh yeah and that esisgay kid sucks cock for $3.50 on the 78th and Broadway... look for him sucking off old men in an alley near you. oh yeah... and i predict all of you fags should get off the computer, stop worrying about rumors, and have fun on your board... kooks. Keep Pimpin és Bitchés.

    augusta Posted: 9 years ago
  70. i went to the one in fredrick but we got horrible directions and couldnt find the park we spent an hour looking it sucked so bad and it took an hour just to get to fredrick

    mike Posted: 9 years ago
  71. Antwuan Dixon was going upto people at the Frederick demo asking for weed haha

    dawg Posted: 9 years ago
  72. Hey Joe- We'll be just skating around Philly and then hitting Amateur Athlete to sign stuff but before then I'm sure you'll catch us at Nocturnal lurking around.

    Antwuan doesn't smoke weed he's actually a undercover cop trying to bust you.

    We had a good time at the demo but dam was it hot. Now we are just skating around hitting spots but the heat..dam this heat. Every one is killing it though..straight up killing it

    craig Posted: 9 years ago

    dont hate Posted: 9 years ago

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