Hubba-Free Sunday Results

Posted July 11, 2005 by éS

Renowned SoCal skate shop Val Surf and the one-and-only Fourstar Clothing held a $5,000 manual contest over the weekend called Hubba-Free Sunday to celebrate the Grand Opening of Val's new Valencia store. Though there were a bunch of different obstacles set up for the contest, the balancing trickery mostly went down on a Euro gap to loading dock-type contraption. Some major flip-in, flip-out heavyweights were in attendance, but it was Aaron Snyder, Danny Gonzalez, and Joey Brezinski who split up the $5,000 cash!

Our very own X Games champion, Eric Koston, showed up late because he got stuck in a parking lot (also known as LA freeways), but he tried to manual to big spin over a little double-sided wedge ramp then fakie manual down the other side anyway! Zoinks! Since the contest was coming to a close and it was 150 degrees outside, Koston threw down a great 1985-style street plant instead to please the crowd. Very nice!

Some other random highlights: Nate Sherwood was in the house! Chico Brenes threw down. Mike York tried to double flip manual the box and almost pulled it. éS flow rider Mike Barker stylishly killed the place with tricks like a backside 180 nosegrind along the 10 foot ledge to a switch frontside 180 out. Lst but not least, Justin Eldridge was unfortunately super sick from food poisoning the night before and couldn't skate. Thanks to Val Surf and Fourstar for stepping up to put on such a fun event.

1. Aaron Snyder
2. Danny Gonzalez
3. Joey Brezinski

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