éS East Coast Tour!

Posted July 14, 2005 by éS

I'm sure all of you East Coast éS fiends will be psyched to hear that the one and only éS team is out in your neck of the woods to film, shoot photos and stop at a couple of shops to hang out with you. Our first stop will be in Maryland at Pitcrew on July 16. Then we hit Philly for some shred action, followed by a lurk over to Amateur Athlete on July 21. After that, we’ll be in NYC, where you’ll catch us at KCDC for some sessioning on July 24.

Nothing too serious, just skateboarding. éS team riders in attendance will be Eric Koston, Rick McCrank and P.J. Ladd, plus éS flow riders Antwuan Dixon, Mike Barker and Bobby Worrest. If you’re around, come say hey, throw us a high-five and scream YéS!


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