Team Report 07-18-05

Posted July 18, 2005 by éS

East Coast Edition

As you know, the éS Team is currently busy filming, skating, doing the demo thing and signing stuff for kids out on the East Coast. The demo at Pitcrew on July 16 went really well. Despite the insane heat, everyone ripped. Highlights included Rick McCrank's Miller flips on the vert wall, huge airs from the quarterpipes and ramp-to-ramp gaps.

Some sweet éS flow rider action also went down, with Antwuan Dixon's switch heels from a big bank gap to flat, Bobby Worrest's kickflips into a wall ride from a steep-ass bank, and Mike Barker's buttery-smooth switch tricks. That one kinda unknown guy we started sponsoring a while back, what's his name again?, oh yeah, Eric Koston, flowed around the course just like an angel or the Tooth Fairy. Sorry, I can't even remember what he did. The dudes at Pitcrew really hooked it up and we went back to the shop afterward and just lurked around.
It was so freaking hot the entire time. Everyone skated, but even after just a few pushes, they were totally soaked in sweat. After being burned alive by the DC sun and chased out by the police, we headed to a double set in the ghetto. Everyone killed it there and some ill tricks went down, but you'll have to wait to see the next éS video.

After the ghetto, we hit this strange ledge spot, which Bobby killed, then we ended up skating right next to a police a station for an hour without getting kicked out. Bobby and Mike threw some sick tricks over some stairs and down a ledge, even though the landing was mad sketchy. Stay tuned, more coming soon.


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