éS Game of SKATE U.S. Winners!

Posted July 28, 2005 by éS

Eric Koston's éS Game of SKATE U.S. Winners

Here is da boyeeez who is goin' down to San Diego to skate in Eric Koston's éS Game of SKATE Amateur Finals presented by Boost Mobile at the ASR trade show at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 10. The winner of that event will skate against the pros in the Pro Finals later that day.

Orange, California: Derek Fukahara
San Jose, California: Adam Lindsey
Sandy, Utah: Chris Grenier
Oklahoma City, Oklamhoma: Patrick Andruchow
Tinley Park, Illinois: Rob Warren
New York, New York: Matt Zicopula
Boston, Massachusetts: Dave Bachinsky
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Tim Thompson
Frederick, Maryland: Bobby Worrest
Tampa, Florida: Malcolm Seaman
Atlanta, Georgia: David Clark
Phoenix, Arizona: John Moore


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  1. Dave Bachinsky is so sick, he definitely has more than just a kickflip down el toro in his bag of tricks and hes a super cool guy, and bobby worrest is super funny. I entered the nyc game of skate and it was redicules, I had so much fun tho, the es game of skate is always a good time

    Mike Posted: 6 years ago

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