Team Report 08-02-05

Posted August 2, 2005 by éS

The éS team just returned home from their recent East Coast mini-tour. Look for a full article coming soon.

As you might know, the X Games are just a day away. Ah, yes. It's once again that time of year to get as extreme as possible. You should be able to spot Eric Koston and Rick McCrank killing the street course. Don't be surprised if you see Rick harpoonin' the course while trombonin' a veggie sandwich.

Justin Eldridge is back in the States from the Chocolate tour. We're not exactly sure which state he's in, though. Just kiddin'.

P.J. Ladd and éS flow rider Mike Barker have been spending quality time with éS filmer Scuba Steve all over LA, filming for the next éS video. Ditto for Antwuan Dixon. Watch out for his part in the upcoming Baker video.

éS flow rider Bobby Worrest is on his way out West to get stuff done East Coast-style. Can we expect another massive round of coverage?


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