New éS Team Manager !

Posted August 9, 2005 by éS

It's with great pleasure that we introduce the new Team Manager for éS Footwear and Apparel, Jay Maldonado. Jay is originally from New York City, and has been involved in skateboarding for 15 years. He's been filming and editing skateboard videos for some time, and released the independent skate film La Luz in late 2000. He also filmed and edited the public access skateboard show Rec Shop, which covered skateboarding, culture and nightlife in downtown New York City.

Besides the numerous skate film projects, Jay was also the manager of the Alife Rivington Club and the Alife Gallery for two years. With his do-it-yourself attitude, skateboard filming knowledge and his passion for sneaker culture, we are sure Jay will be an asset to the tight-knit éS family. The legacy continues...

Let's all welcome Jay Maldonado to the éS team!


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