Team Report 08-16-05

Posted August 16, 2005 by éS

Eric Koston is resting from a bruised heel. Send all flowers, cards and letters to Eric in care of Dominick's restaurant in Los Angeles.

Will Rick McCrank decide to try his luck with his life-sized Tech Deck at Slam City? We're sure he will. You see, we here at éS Footwear are always on the cutting edge of pretty much everything, and we know that "pretend" skateboarding is the wave of the future. Mark our words. So, stop riding your skateboard now and just play with it with your hands. Be the first on your block!

P.J. Ladd has been spotted hanging out and skating in various and sundry BroCal school yards with fellow East Coaster and éS flow rider Bobby Worrest. No telling what these two have brewing up.

Congratulations to Justin Eldridge for turning pro for Chocolate skateboards. Now if he would just turn pro for éS. Just kidding! Justin is pro for everyone!

Big-ups to Antwuan Dixon for his part in the Baker video. I'm sure the world can't wait to see more of this kid. How about in the next éS video? We say, "Hell YéS!"


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