The éS Beast Hits the East!

Posted August 25, 2005 by éS

éS East Coast Tour 2005

First off, let's just say that the East Coast in Summer is so hot (as in temperature), that I can't figure out why anyone would plan a filming trip there. However, we here at éS decided to go anyway, because 1) We like to make things tough on ourselves, and 2) We like to keep things skate. ("Keepin' it skate" is the hot new term for 2005, even though the year is half over.)

Our first few days were spent in Washington DC, which must have been the hottest days of the entire Summer. We had to change T-shirts, like, five times a day. Our hotel was this baller-looking place. Right outside our windows, we saw all sorts of "nightlife". I'm talking about ladies of the night and other city lurkers. Besides all of that, DC has got some choice skate spots. We hit up a bunch that éS flow rider Bobby Worrest took us to. I'd love to give you the list of tricks and spots, but you'll just have to wait until the next éS video comes out.

We headed out to get radical for a Pitcrew demo in Fredrick, Maryland. As we drove, we watched rain clouds start to gather. We thought for sure we weren't going to make it in time, but we did, and despite the threat of rain, the park was packed. As the éS dudes stepped up, the park cleared out as an invitation for them to shred it up. It was strange, but Eric Koston and Rick McCrank dropped in anyway and started zipping around the park.

McCrank pulled killer Miller flips and blasted huge transfers. Bobby threw some sick kickflip wall rides from bank to wall and éS flow rider Mike Barker threw some big spins over the pyramid hips. Antwuan Dixon dropped a few switch heels and switch pop-shuvs over the huge bank rail to flat. The heat was getting harsh, but the éS team really put it down for the kids anyway.

After sweating our balls off in DC, we headed to Philly for some more shred action. Our hotel was right in the middle of that great city. Why are all the best skate spots in the worst neighborhoods? We hit some ghetto-ass spots in the city and then ventured into the sticks for some undiscovered ripping. A few nights, we even "broke night", which means we skated until the sun came up.

Andrew Cannon and Phil Ladjanski showed us around, which was awesome of them. One of the nights, we ended up catching the premiere of Shake Jaunt, which had some footy of Antwuan in it. (Wait until you guys see Antwuan's Baker 3 part. Whoa!). After lurking in the bars, we hit up spots for some slashing. Basically, our whole deal was skate, skate and then skate some more. Oh, and then skate again. It was the super-gnar skate mission.

After throwing some shakas around, we headed to a signing at Amateur Athelete. It was nothing too exciting, but some kid showed up with a pair of brand-new Koston 2 shoes for Eric to sign. We all tripped out and asked the kid how long he had them. He said he'd just bought them. Yikes! After the signing, we headed back to the city to continue shredding.

A few cheese steaks later, we packed up and headed to the greatest city in the world, New York City. I thought we would get caught up in all the distractions, but the dudes were on a skate mission. We ended up hooking up with Rodney Torres and Ian Reid, who took us to some spots, and, of course, we hit the buttery smooth ground over at Flushing Meadow. Bobby kept wanting to go back to that spot.

We also headed to the newly-opened Brooklyn Banks. The smaller banks have been shut down, but through the efforts of Steve Rodriguez and some other dilligent skateboarders, they saved the bigger parts of the banks and even got the Parks Dept. to install a flat bar. Eventually, some other cool obstacles will be installed. Antwuan threw some gnarly shit over the bank's rail but you have to wait until the video to see it.

On the final day, we took a trip over to KCDC in Brooklyn for a wrap-up barbecue and demo. Koston got caught up in some NYC shopping, so he got to the demo late, but it was no big deal, because all of the kids were skating anyway. Once there, Rick, Eric and Bobby hit the KCDC mini-ramp and began to shred it up, blasting huge airs and a barrage of tech tricks in that tiny place.

After the heated ramp session, Eric came out to get a burger from the grill and this kid walked up and challenged him to a Game of SKATE. Unless your name is P.J. Ladd, that's not a smart thing to do. Eric accepted, which tripped us all out. The rest of the kids figured out what was going on, and soon a huge circle gathered around the two.

The kid actually got a letter on Eric. I'm sure you want to know which trick, but I can't tell you, because it's a trick Eric doesn't have down so well, and we don't want the secret getting out--especially with the éS Game of SKATE Pro Finals just around the corner.

After Eric got a letter, he ripped open his big bag of tricks and had everyone ooh-ing and ah-ing. After the game ended and the kid was totally destroyed, a bunch of other kids tried to challenge Eric, but he declined in favor of some burgers.

Overall, the trip was amazing, and we got a lot of good footage. Thanks to all of you East Coast heads for having us. Look for a complete gallery from this trip coming soon.


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