Team Report 08-30-05

Posted August 30, 2005 by éS

First of all, we here at éS Footwear would like to congratulate team rider Rick McCrank for placing 5th at Slam City Jam! Even though it was the worst course set-up yet, most of the entrants managed to step their game up--especially our very own life-size Tech Decker, also known as McCrank. Way to go, Rick!

Seems Rick left the old-fashioned miniature Tech Decking to Raiden Louis, son of Timebomb's own Garrett Louis. (See bottom right photo.) Timebomb distributes éS in Canada. We here at éS would personally like to thank everyone over at Timebomb for keeping it skate! You guys rock!

Vancouver also offered a temporary home for éS recluse P.J. Ladd, who was spotted hanging out with randoms at coffee shops and at a Plan B signing. Now if we can only get P.J. to enter a contest. Maybe the éS Game of SKATE at ASR next week? Ha-ha.

Our very own éS Brand Marketing Guru, Criag Metzger, and (not) our very own Alien Workshop Artist, Don Pendleton, were just few of the artists that were put in the spotlight at the Skull Skates Direction Series show held at Rick's Anti-Social skate shop / gallery. Cool show. Good job, you guys.


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