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Posted September 16, 2005 by éS

You asked, and Rodrigo Tx. has answered! He's responded to a bunch of your favorite questions, so what are you waiting for? Check ‘em out right now! It’s pretty much like a brand-new interview with Rodrigo conducted by all of you loyal éS heads.

P.S. For those of you who asked basic biographical-style questions like, "How old were you when you started skating?" etc., please read Rodrigo’s bio.

Josh from West Covina, California: After making Menikmati and Can't Stop The Firm, is it harder to make sure your next video part is better than the last?
I don't know if it's harder, it just needs a little bit more time.

Jasen from Cincinnati, Ohio: Rodrigo, what got you into skating and how has it affected your life?
When I was young, I had a best friend, and we used to play soccer. Then he moved away, so we didn't see each other anymore. Years later, he moved back and I ran into him skating at a gas station, so I wanted to skate. He had an old board and the wheels had loose ball bearings! Then I sold an aquarium and bought a board, but I didn't have enough money for grip tape. I would go to Praca Roosevelt with no grip tape and everyone would look at me like, "What is he doing?" They would trip out. Skateboarding changes everything, pretty much. I'm another person. It has brought a lot to my life. It gave me a big chance to be something.

Simon from Salzburg, Austria: Are you goofy or regular?

Fahmi from Selama, Malaysia: Can I buy original Firm products online, as they're kinda hard to get over here.
Go to The Firm Web site.

Samir T. from Cambridge, Ontario, Canada: What do you eat for breakfast, bro? Your part in the Firm Can't Stop video was so amazing.
I don't eat breakfast, cuz I eat too much at night and wake up with food still in me. I just eat lunch.

Nicholas from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Who do you skate with the most?
It depends. Whenever my friends from Brazil are here, I skate with them a lot; or Javier Sarmiento, when he's here.

Erwin K. from Den Helder, Holland: When you have a bad injury and a long recovery time, what do you do?
Definitely not skate. I go to new places and discover new things. The last time I hurt my knee, I didn't do much, cuz I tried to hold myself back so I wouldn't get hurt again.

Mike from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: You were sick in Can't Stop, but when and what will your next video be?
The éS video.

Mark from Los Angeles, California: Have you ever got into a fight with another éS rider?
Not yet (laughs).

Miles H. from Elberton, Georgia: What was the hardest trick for you to land?
Staying on my board and not getting hurt.

Dana N. from St. Petersburg, Florida: Have you done a hard flip back lip on a hand rail?
Yeah, I've done it. That was a new trick I did. I was psyched.

Eli Y. from Medina, Ohio: Do you think you're ever gonna compete in the Ohio Gravity Games?
I don't know. I went to them in 1999. I don't remember what place I got.

Steven S. from Yuma, Arizona: When is your new shoe coming out?
In November 2005.

Michael L. from Herzlia, Israel: How do you have such a damned good pop? Do you do anything to make your skating better, like stretching or something?
I take popaine. No, I don't really do anything special.

Tommy from Fresno, California: I heard you were a Christian. Do you think it's tough being a part of skating while still trying to be a good example of a Christian?
I'm not Christian.

Kenny L. from Sarasota, Florida: What got you into switch so much?
I don't even know, I was just skating and wanted to try it the other way.

Ben from Barcelona, Spain: Do you ride your trucks loose or tight?

Brandon W. from Bismarck, North Dakota: I loved your part in Can't Stop the Firm. Was it frustrating getting all those crazy tech tricks filmed?
It was kinda hard, but cool. Some tricks you have to try for a long time.

Arome_One from Calgary, Alberta, Canada: What's the dopest trick you have ever landed? Which trick took you the longest to learn? Are there any new tricks you're working on?
Not really, that's a hard one to answer.

Arome_One from Calgary, Alberta, Canada: Has there ever been an injury that made you reconsider your skate career? If so, which trick did you bail on?

Cody S. from Dickinson, Emily: How long did it take you to film for the Firm video?
Almost two years.

Ant F. from Norristown, Pennsylvania: Is the weather any different where you're from, Brazil, than the States? Where's your favorite place to skate?
Yeah, it's tropical, so it's sunny one day, rainy the next. It's never stable. It's hot a lot. My favorite place to skate is Miami, cuz there's lots to skate, the weather is nice, the beach is nice, the food is nice. Everything about it is good. It makes you feel good to go skate.

Donnie W. from Lexington, Kentucky: When you were growing up, did you ever think you should just quit skating and not be the skater we know and love today?
No, I never thought about it.

Kyle W. from Temecula, California: What has been your favorite moment in your skateboarding career so far?
There's too many. Getting a pro shoe on éS.

Odin from San Antonio, California: What's your favorite trick to do? One that you absolutely love?
Just pushing around.

Jobe O. from Springdale, Arkansas: Was it hard for you to leave your family back in Brazil to follow your dream to become a pro skater? How did you parents take it?
Kind of, because I wanted both. At first, my parents were kind of trippin', but then they were cool about it.

Gustavo O. from Manassas, Virginia: When is your Rodrigo 2 shoe coming out? Is it going to be similar to your first shoe?
The Rodrigo 2 is more simple and skatable. The shape is different. It's a little thinner and not as puffy.

Tony F. from Nogales, Arizona: I know you've gone all over the world to skate. Which city has the coolest skate spots?

Nicholas from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: I'm from Brazil, too, and wanted to know where your brother's skate shop is.
It's in Sao Paulo.

Jer from London, Ontario, Canada: If you find a good deck size, do you stick with it for a while, or do you like to experiment with different sizes?
Not really, I just keep it the same.

Shane from Hyde Park, New York: Are The Firm decks any good? Are they light and strong? Do they have good pop? I've been wanting to buy one, but everybody I hang out with says they're crappy. But I would still like to try one.
Yeah, they're good.

Markus K. from Salzburg, Austria: How long did it take to develop your shoe?
It took, like, five months.

Thiago V. from Houston, Texas: I am from Brazil, too--Sao Paulo. Why does making a video part take so long?
The more parts you've had in the past, the less tricks you have to film in the future, so it's harder to step it up. You always have to push and push and push.

Tom H. from Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Are Tony Hawk and Bam dating?
(Laughs) Maybe, I don't know.

Marius from Oslo, Norway: Did you grow up skating with Bob Burnquist? If yes, how was it?
No, when I started skating, he was already here in the U.S.

Sam from Belfast, Ireland: Why did you have two parts in Can't Stop? Which one do you prefer, and why?
I just had too much footage for one song. I never thought about which part I liked more.

Josh and Will from Upper B: What inspired you to join éS?
Bob Burnquist. The éS guys saw me in Europe and talked to him, then I came here to the States and Bob got me on.

Louie from Manila, Vanilla Wafer: After you skate, what do you do? How many decks do you throw because of anger?
I usually try to get home as soon as possible and take a shizzower. I don't really throw my boards much. Sometimes I get mad and smash a board, but not very often.

Leonardo B. from London, England: How long were you skating before you felt completely comfortable on your board?
I still don't feel comfortable on my board. The more you skate, the more you feel comfortable. There's always more to learn. Like, if I go to a pool or something, I'm not comfortable. It's hard. So, I don't feel totally comfortable yet.

Cody from Steger, Illinois: How did you get hooked up with The Firm? Did Bob see you skating?
Lance Mountain was in Europe and saw me at a contest. He and Bob Burnquist talked to me, and I came to the States and Bob got me on the Firm, as well.

Kyle W. from Ann Arbor, Michigan: How do you pronounce your last name, Teixeira?

Mike D. from Santa Clarita, California: What's in your iPod?
A lot of shit like Mobb Deep and Queen's Bridge.

Kyle from Friday Harbor, Washington: Why did you have two parts in the Firm's Can't Stop video? I'm not complaining, I loved it. I was just wondering.
Because all the footage wouldn't fit in just one song.

Steven from Los Angeles, California: What set-up do you skate?
A Firm board, I don't even know what size, Fury trucks and my 50mm Ricta wheels.

Fernando from Santiago, Chile: Have you ever been in Chile?

Danny from Bristol, England: What is your favorite trick?
I don't know if I even have one. I like 'em all.

Nick from Albertville, Minnesota: What stance are you?

Robert A. from Rancho Cucamonga, California: Did you always know that you would skate for a living, or did you just jump at the chance when the opportunity presented itself?
When the opportunity came up, I pretty much went for it. I never thought about it at first.

Boyan from Ronse, Belgium: What's your favorite éS shoe?
I'll have to say my shoe, the Rodrigo 2. It's better for skating. Look for it in shops soon.

Ryan B. from Redmond, Washington: Have you been skating in any demos lately?
No, the last demo I did was a while ago--probably like a year ago in Europe.

AP from New York, New York: Did you stop going to school to focus your time on skateboarding?
When I was a little kid, I was just skating and skating and forgetting about school. Then I had to come to the States for [a career in] skateboarding. That's when I gave up school.

Alex from Mt. Holly, New Jersey: In your Can't Stop video part, what made you want to do the switch flip back lip on that black rail? How many tries did it take?
That was kind of a long time ago. I can't remember.

Paul from San Bernandino, California: You skate very good switch. Was it easy for you to learn switch tricks? Did it take long to make a switch kickflip to backside Suski grind down a handrail?
No, it was pretty much like learning a switch back tail or a switch 5-0, but I just mixed them up.

George M. from Oxford, England: After an injury, I'm scared. What should I do after an injury to keep progressing? Does style come naturally or with practice?
Drink Progresso sauce. Just kidding. I just try to skate as much as I can, as long as I don't get sore. Style is something you're just born with.

Mike B. from Akron, Ohio: Are you the first person to test your pro model shoe?
(Laughs) I think so. I hope so!

Andrew from Houston, Texas: I'm not very good at skating. Should I stop? Were you good when you started?
Nobody's good when they start. It takes practice. Stop if you don't like it, that's all I can say.


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