Nyjah Huston Gets Paid!

Posted September 26, 2005 by éS

As if winning Tampa Am earlier this year wasn't enough, éS Footwear's pint-sized powerhouse Nyjah Huston followed it up and once again destroyed all comers at the Am Getting Paid contest at Orkus Skatepark in Montreal over the weekend. There's something to be said about being 10 years old and skating like a grown man. It's breathtaking to watch it happen in person. You have to wonder if Nyjah's strict vegetarian diet has anything to do with the way he skates? Congratulations again, Nyjah! Nice work!

Congrats also go out to Canadian éS rider Jordan Hoffart for snagging 2nd place right behind Nyjah! Thanks to Orkus and Underworld for organizing and hosting the whole event, and Timebomb for holding it down up in Canada.


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