Team Report 09-28-05

Posted September 28, 2005 by éS

Eric Koston has been working on his golfing technique at the local resort. When not driving, he's been spending time putting around on his skateboard for the upcoming éS video.

Rick McCrank has been appearing in front of various cameras lately up in Canada, filming for the éS video and for a friend's art film. More details later.

Speaking of Canada, the Girl team is heading up there for a mini-tour / filming trip, and will be appearing at the Canadian Open Battle of the Brands contest this coming Friday, September 30 to October 2.

Rodrigo Tx. has been in the States for quite some time now and killing it on some late-night filming trips with Scuba Steve.

P.J. Ladd has been skating around with fellow Bostonian and good friend Eli Reed, who is visiting from the East Coast.

Cale Nuske recently joined the gym in Los Angeles to strengthen up his knee and check out all the hot girls. He's also been coaching Justin Eldridge in the fine art of knee rehab, as Justin has been hurtin' a little, too. Maybe it's from spending too much time on all those crazy roller coasters at Magic Mountain. May the force be with you two.

Javier Sarmiento has been locking it down in Spain and getting ready to return to the States for an East Coast Firm tour.

Antwuan Dixon, Bobby Worrest and Mike Barker just finished a filming trip up to San Francisco. Reportedly, Barker threw down some bangers, while Antwuan rested his hurt back and Bobby took things lightly to prepare for the Am Getting Paid contest.


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