Justin Eldridge Answers Your Questions!

Posted September 30, 2005 by éS

You asked, and Justin Eldridge has answered! He's responded to a bunch of your favorite questions, so what are you waiting for? Check ‘em out right now! It’s pretty much like a brand-new interview with Justin conducted by all of you loyal éS heads.

P.S. For those of you who asked basic biographical-style questions like, "How old were you when you started skating?" etc., please read Justin’s bio.

Mac from Los Angeles, California: Being the only amateur on éS, do you feel any pressure?
Not really, I just skate, have fun, and whatever happens, happens.

Ben from Sydney, Australia: Hey Justin, in the Girl Yeah Right video, when you snapped your finger out of place, did it feel really weird or hurt, or anything?
It didn't really hurt, but it kinda felt and looked really weird, so I just put it back into place.

Howard M. from Pleasantville, New York: Which is your favorite éS shoe?
Probably my shoe, because it's coming out soon, so that's what I've been wearing. It's my favorite one. That, and the K6 and the Accel.

Ehren from Chi-town, Illinois: How is it skating with the Chocolate team? They all seem super chill and down for each other.
It's amazing. There's so much talent on that team, and you're just surrounded by it, so it's always so much fun.

Alexi from Oxford, Ohio: How come you never do feeble or Smith grind tricks? Or do you do them but just not film them?
(Laughs) That's a funny question. I never really film 'em, but I do all the basics at the skateparks.

Corey from Narromine, Australia: What are your set-up measurements?
I'd say a 7.6" deck and 49mm wheels.

Ed from Perth, Western Australia: My friend told me that you changed your stance to regular because you skated switch so much. Is that true?

Allen from Temecula, California: When are you going to get a pro shoe?
It's being made right now.

Austin L. from Crowley, Louisiana: Is skating more of a hobby to you, or a job? Is it fun for you?
Well, yes, it's fun most of the time. I don't think it's a hobby or a job. I don't even know. It's just life.

Doug from San Antonio, Texas: Why didn't you mix your part up in Yeah Right? Everything was handrails! Do you like to skate handrails more than anything?
I actually skate handrails the least. It's just that when I go out to get footage, that's what we film and take photos of. Other than that, I skate everything else, like manual pads, skateparks, ledges, etc.

Jesse M. from Palmyra, California: Does smoking alter your skating performance? What do you have to say to all the kids out there about smoking?
Yeah, it does. I quit smoking. It's bad for you.

Boone from Saginaw, Michigan: To warm up on a handrail, why do you do nosegrinds?
I don't know, they came easy. I don't really warm up with 'em that much anymore.

Charlie from Rosemount, Minnesota: What is the best trick you have ever landed on a skateboard?
A frontside shove-it late kickflip.

Greg H. from Phoenix, Arizona: Why was your part in Yeah Right so short? It was dope, but I was hoping for more.
I didn't even know I was going to be in the video. They just kind of took last-minute footage and put it together. It worked out.

Thomas H. from Okinawa, Japan: Which is the better hat, a 50-50 New Era or a Flex-Fit?
New Era for days.

Tucker from Matto, Japan: Why are all your tricks nollie and switch? Are you putting us all on and are really regular? That would be sick.
No, I'm not regular. It's fun to skate that way.

Joel from Portland, Oregon: Say you saw a waxed curb somewhere. Which trick would you do on it?
I would do a slappy.

Ethan from Kansas City, Missouri: When you were in high school, were you just an average skater, or were you one of the kids that just ripped and who everyone gave props to?
I sucked. I was the worst one in the group, but I just skated every day of my life and it ended up working out.

Ryan from New Britain, Connecticut: How many years into skating did you do your first handrail? Which trick did you do?
I rode skateparks a lot, so it was probably a boardslide on a handrail there.

James from Ithaca, New York: Do you get obsessed over things, people in particular?
Not really, I'm just obsessed over skateboarding, eating and girls.

James from Ithaca, New York: How long does a pair of trucks usually last you?
They can last forever, but I change my trucks once every couple of months.

James from Ithaca, New York: How are your tranny abilities?
Mini-ramps for days. I have one at the local skatepark and I skate it all the time.

Davis M. from Salina, Kansas: Do you ever skate with P.J.? It seems like you have sort of a similar style and tricks.
Not really, but I do sometimes, though. We live in different places, so we're not really in the same zone.

Matthew from Ottawa, Ontario: What kind of jeans did you skate in the Chocolate Video? They're sick.
I have no idea.

Connor from Alrlington Heights, Idaho: What's the biggest set you've ever skated?
Twelve stairs.

Mark from Aarhus, Denmark: What will the Eldridge pro shoe look like? When will it be available?
It's simple and thin with a vulcanized outsole and super good to skate in. It will be available in stores in Spring 2006.

Will from Louisville, Kentucky: Did you practice all day every day so you could become pro, or did you just skate for the fun of it and things just clicked?
I just skated for fun. All of this pro stuff just came up really fast without me expecting it. I'm still tripping about it right now.

Taylor from Kadena AFB, Okinawa, Japan: What is your usual trick list for demos? Do you ever try any of your newer tricks at demos?
Yeah, I just do the tricks I have fun with, and toward the end of the demo, I start trying stuff I haven't landed before to give the crowd a little bit more.

Stephen S. from Atlanta, Georgia: How did you learn to skate handrails so well? How did you break your fear of them?
I learned how to skate handrails at skateparks. It's 90% mental, 10% physical.


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