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Posted October 11, 2005 by éS

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You asked, and Rick McCrank has answered! He's responded to a bunch of your favorite questions, so what are you waiting for? Check 'em out right now! It’s pretty much like a brand-new interview with Rick conducted by all of you loyal éS heads.

P.S. For those of you who asked basic biographical-style questions like, "How old were you when you started skating?" etc., please read Rick's bio.

Jun from Washinghton D.C.: Who was your biggest inspiration when you were learning how to skate?
My biggest inspiration was probably my eldest brother, John. He was a skater, and I looked up to him. He gave me my first board. After that, I guess my inspiration came from the experience of skateboarding, traveling further and further from my house, meeting new people and, of course, pushing myself to learn tricks, etc.

Kasey from Seattle, Washington: Hey Rick, when I saw you skating at an éS demo up here in Portland, I was amazed at how easily you can land the gnarliest tricks on your stunt stick. Do you just block out the people and skate, or what?
Yeah, I guess I've learned to block out the people at contests and demos. Lately, I've been interacting with the kids at the demos, though—it makes it a little funner for me.

Justin from Chattanooga, Tennessee: When you switch ollied that double in Yeah Right and bailed, did it hurt? Plus, how did it feel to land something that big? Would your try anything else down it?
Yeah, it hurt. I hit my head and bruised my heel. To tell you the truth, it didn't feel very good to do that. I felt relieved more than anything. Sometimes, those bigger things feel rad to do, but when things don't just come together right away, it can be a little stressful. And yes, I would and have tried something else down that double set, but you're gonna have to wait for the next éS video for that one.

Jon from Vancouver, Washington: When you were younger, did you always want to go pro, or did you really just do it for the hell of it?
Going pro was probably the furthest thing from my mind when I was younger. I just skated. Don't get me wrong, I did think it would be cool to be pro, but it was just a thought—a thought that every skater has. I guess I got lucky.

Avgnar from The Netherlands: How many boards do you focus in one month?
I don't really break boards. Once a month, I might break one out of anger.

Narayan from New Haven, Connecticut: Hey McKrills, I hear that you and Koston don't get along too well. How do you manage to stay on teams with him?
We do get along very well. It's a pleasure to be on the same team as him.

John from Santa Barbara, California: You are in a Game of SKATE and both you and your opponent have S-K-A-T. Which trick do you bust?
A switch 360 flip. I like to wait for that one.

Rick from Richmond, Virginia: Which éS shoe has the largest toe area? I got a mangled toe from soccer and nothing fits. Most shoes make my toes numb.
I don't know. I'd have to say maybe the Rodrigo. It looks like it has a wide toe box.

Nate from Pontiac, Illinois: Where can I get an AntiSocial T-shirt?
At The full site will be up soon.

Alex from Madera, California: What has been the most fun experience for you as a pro?
Just traveling and meeting new people.

Chris from Fredericksburg, Maryland: What in the world made you pick Le Tigre as your song in Yeah Right. It rocks.
I had a list of songs I liked, and Ty Evans chose it. It seemed to go well with my skating. I just really enjoy their music.

Austin from Waunakee, Wisconsin: What's the worst injury you've had in skateboarding? I've seen the crazy stuff you did in Yeah Right and 411 Best of Skateboarding, so I can only imagine.
I tore the meniscus in my right knee and got surgery six months ago.

Will from Toronto, Canada: Do you think skating in Canada is harder because of the Winter? Me and my friends are trying to find indoor places to skate. What did you do?
Yes, it is harder in the Winter. I was lucky enough to have an indoor skatepark where I grew up. We also skated in underground parking garages. You can also put a flat bar in your basement.

Drew from Virginia Beach, Virgina: Is there really a trick called the El Nino flip?
What is that? It sounds familiar.

Matt from London, England: What would you say was the most daunting / scary thing you have ever tried on your skateboard? Also, what is the trick you are most proud of landing?
Learning how to drop in on vert. That is uncharted waters for me.

666 from Vancouver, BC, Canada: Which is your favorite bowl in Vancouver / Whistler?
Hastings skatepark.

Eric from Omaha, Nebraska: How did you build up the nerve to try a handrail for the first time? Did you land it or fall?
I'm sure I fell. When I was younger, it was okay to skate three-stair rails, so there wasn't much nerve involved.

Coon from Wetteren, Belgium: When I skate, I mostly think about bad things that can happen, like fractures, and stuff. Do you ever do this, and do you bail a lot?
No, I don't do that. Geoff Rowley does, though. Before trying a trick, he'll mention everything that can go wrong.

Nick from Vancouver, Canada: Hey man, I live in Vancouver. Can you tell me where there are any really good, unknown spots?
Push down the street.

David from Rexburg, Idaho: Does the movie Strange Brew accurately represent Canada and Canadians?
Some Canadians, yes.

SB from Auckland, New Zealand: How do you feel about P-Rod, Mike Taylor and Bob Burnquist leaving éS Footwear?
I was bummed, but they gotta do what they gotta do. All the best to them and their ventures.

Lorenz from Turnhout, Belgium: If you could design a skatepark, how would you do it?
A street plaza like the one they just built in downtown Vancouver, but with a pool.

Joel from Franklin, Nevada: Do you have a preference for either loose or tight trucks? Why?
I ride my trucks really loose. It feels better to me. I like to be able to turn quick. It's not just the move, it's the feeling.

David from Jonquiere, Kentucky: What do you think about losing tricks? Does it happen to you?
Yeah, it sucks. It's annoying, but you can always get them back. For every one you lose, there 100 more to learn.

Julius Caesar from Melbourne, Australia: Which is your favorite city to skate in the U.S. and Canada?
Probably Sacramento in the U.S.

Mike from Holt, Michigan: When you skate, do you usually listen to music? If so, what kind?
No, I don't. If I did, I'd listen to any.

Tom from Toronto, Canada: Do you like skating in Toronto? If so, where is your favorite spot?
Yes, I just like skating through the downtown area.

Alex from Lake St. Louis, Missouri: I asked before and you guys never answered, or thought I was a stalker, but why do I always think of blueberries whenever I see Rick skating? It's really getting to me. If there's no answer, just make one up.
Maybe cuz I'm a vegetarian.

Bobby Pyn from Atlanta, Georgia: When skateboarding is your job, I imagine you spend a lot of time doing it. How many hours a day do you skate?
I can't answer that, as I skate too randomly right now.

Matt from Clemson, Idaho: Rick, when will you get another shoe?
My éS Anti-Social shoe will be available in Fall 2005.

Joe from Durham, North Carolina: My cat has rabies. Do you want my cat?
No, I hate cats. I have three [from a previous relationship]. I'm allergic to them and can't touch them. Do you want mine?

Corey from Beaufort, South Carolina: Hey Crank, during your part in the AntiSocial video, how'd you get your daughter to float around the room like that?
It was stop-motion filming. I got her to jump up and filmed her only when she was in the air. After you do that a bunch of times and play it back, it looks like she's floating.

Cody from Steger, Illinois: Rick, how is it traveling to all these places in different countries? Do you guys get time to check out the towns while you are there?
It depends. If it's a demo trip, no. But, if it's a filming trip, yes. You can always swing a little sightseeing, if you try.

Stu from Worcester, England: What set-up do you skate?
My Girl board with high Royals and 52mm Momentum wheels.

Leonardo from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Which is your favorite trick?
A frontside 5-0 on a rough curb or bank-to-curb.

Kenneth B. from Belgium, Europe: What has been the biggest challenge in your skateboarding career?
Staying healthy.

Jebus from Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Is it hard managing your own shop and being pro at the same time?
No, my partner Michelle takes care of everything at the shop and gives me all the time in the world to skate.

Eric from City: Dallas, Texas: Does skateboarding make you do things you normally wouldn't do?
Yes, especially eating bad food on tours.

Kyle from Orange County, California: Rick, thanks for all the visual pleasure you've provided. Keep it coming. It seems like there is a really good scene in Vancouver. Is that the case? If so, why is that?
You're welcome, and thank you for the compliment. Yeah, there is a very good skate scene in Vancouver and it's getting better and better. There are lots of skateparks to skate at all times, and a lot of good skaters here.

Maurice from Geneva, Switzerland: Where can I buy or download your music?
You can't.

KFS from Elk Grove, Illinois: Do you feel that you are a product of the American dream? Do you believe that whatever you want to do with your life, you can make it happen? Or do some just get lucky?
It goes both ways. Some get lucky, and others try their hardest and get what they want. I did a little of both.

Larry from Lowell, Massachusetts: Why has éS ceased producing synthetic shoes in favor of suede and leather ones? Are there any plans for a return to at least some shoes made from synthetic materials?
Although you have to pay a ton of money to ship synthetic shoes to certain countries, I think éS is starting to make synthetic shoes again.

TJ from New York, New York: How often do you tour? Do you have enough time to be home with your family?
When I'm healthy, I tour most of the time, and I don't have enough time for my family, but that's how my job goes.

Andrew from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Hey Rick, I know you're a vegetarian, as am I, but I also thought that you didn't wear leather. But, I see you wearing leather Accels all the time. Do you wear leather, or are the shoes synthetic?
I wear leather. I'm not vegan. My éS Anti-Social shoe is going to be available in leather and synthetic.

Steve from Pembroke, Ontario, Canada: Hey Rick. I know you despise pickles, and you say they overpower a sandwich. But, what if we're talkin' a full sour kosher dill that's meant to be appreciated solo? Would you reevaluate your judgement?
No, I can't have it.

Cody from Enola, Pennsylvania: I've seen you skate bowls and street. Which one do you like better and which one do you think you're better at?
I don't like either one better. I don't think I'm better at either, either.

Jordan (aka Jockey) from Hawkinge Folkstone, England: I just started skating in June and I've gone through five of your boards already because I'm trying to tré flip down a 13 set. How do you keep your boards in good shape?
By not jumping down 13 stairs (laughs). I don't think there's any way to keep them in good shape, unless you just don't try. If they don't get broken, you're not trying.

Laura K. from Mount Hope, Ontario: How did the éS logo come about?
I think a friend of éS Founder Pierre André drew it way back when.

Zach from Charlotte, North Carolina: Hey, Mr. Cranks! I was wondering how you get such good balance and speed on handrails. In Yeah Right, you were flying down those gaps and rails. Do you ever stretch before a sesh? Just wonderin'.
I stretch now, but I never did before. I guess just practice your balance on rails. Using flat bars is good, too.

Zack from New York, New York: If you could have super powers, what would they be?
I'd have fast healing. That's about it, that's all I'd like.

Nick from Orlando, Florida: What is your favorite trick to do on a fun box?
Backside Smith grinds.

Joey S. from Brimfield, Massachusetts: Which rail in any city is the scariest to ride?
Any one with a sketchy approach, like if it's not smooth on the take-off or it's not consistent enough.

Jason K. from Orlando, Florida: My parents recently started making me wear a helmet when I skate. I look like a dweeb in it and I feel like an outcast. Did your parents make you wear a helmet when you were growing up?
Never. That's kind of like a recent fad. Just take it off when your parents aren't looking (laughs).

Matt from Nuneaton, England: Which tricks do you do to warm up?
I always start with a no comply on flat.

Taylor from Richmond,Virginia: Are you a Christian?
Not at all.

Dirk G. from Schijndel: If you appear in a skateboard video, do YOU chose your song, or does the company?
I do.

Kyle from Friday Harbor, Washington: I heard that Team Managers make you do the tricks that they want you to do, and they tell you which spots they want you to skate. Is that a rumor? Do you always choose where you skate?
None of my Team Managers do that.

Micheal C. from London, England: Was that line in Chomp, where you messed-up loads of tricks, a joke?
Yeah, it was a joke, but it was in another video called Harsh Euro Barge.

K from Seattle, Wahington: I heard recently that you traveled down to Arlington, Washington. What did you think of the park?
I thought it was great. That was the best full pipe I've ever ridden. It has a cradle in it. Then there's a fun street course with granite.

James from Nottinghamshire, England: Do you prefer skating in a big group? I prefer skating in a big group, but my friends prefer little groups.
Little groups. It's just more fun, because you don't have to wait as much.

Peter C. from Seattle, Washington: What made you want to ride for éS? What keeps you there instead of wearing some other kind of shoe?
I really think éS has the best team and shoes. What keeps me here is the people that ride for éS and work for éS.

Adam from Palm Harbor, Florida: My mom is being lame and making me play football next year in high school, but all I want to do is skate. What do you think I should do? Did you play any high school sports?
I played soccer for a little bit, but if you don't want to play football, don't. It's your life, not hers.

Joe from Easton, Maryland: I saw you on What's up with that?
I have no idea. I don't know about that. I think it's headphones. I better look at that.

Narayan from New Haven, Connecticut: I became a vegetarian due to religion. Why did you?
Health reasons.

Matic from Kranj, Slovenia: What do you do in your free time? Do you have any hobbies? Do you go out anytime for a drink with your fellow team riders? Thanks for the inspiration!
I have lots of hobbies like photography, music, surfing, stuff like that.

Chandler S. from Irving, Texas: Let me go on record and say you are my favorite skater. Anyway, have you ever really injured yourself in the middle of a demo?
Oh, yeah. All the time. I thought I broke my spleen pretty bad once a few years ago.

Sammy B. from Launnie, Texas: What type of lens do you use when you're filming all your wide-angle stuff?
A Century fisheye.

Joel from Juares, Mexico: Who on the éS team is a show off?


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