Welcome: Antwuan Dixon

Posted October 19, 2005 by éS

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Although he's been riding for us for a little while now, we here at éS Footwear would like to officially welcome new am rider Antwuan Dixon to the éS team. Scope his recent éS ads in the mags and read his new bio right here on the brand-new éS Web site.


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There's 35 responses to "Welcome: Antwuan Dixon"

  1. Sooo sick.

    Josh P. Posted: 9 years ago
  2. Yes finally.. I knew this kid would blow up after the baker video.. He's proper sick.

    hiett_11 Posted: 9 years ago
  3. Finally this kid gots skills.

    Lpclown Posted: 9 years ago
  4. Antwuan is so sick, he's on the come up!

    Joe Posted: 9 years ago
  5. damn, that kid has steez... sickest style out of the whole team, but i suspect a long over due pro model in the near future, keep it up.

    NOMXPXFX Posted: 9 years ago
  6. Yeah man that kid is sick.

    Dizzy_Ghost Posted: 9 years ago
  7. Ya Antwuan is so sick but what about Javier hes amazing where is his bio come on now put it up please dont be a little orchard

    PeterM Posted: 9 years ago
  8. Dixon is sick best style out there for sure if he isnt in the the YES vid im going to be so mad

    big head Posted: 9 years ago
  9. josh p or anyone at es, when are you going to post a trailer for the yes video. im dying to see any kind of footage from any of the guys or could you atleast tell us when we could expect a trailer oh and can you please add javi to the site. i know everyone has asked you this but he really desrves to be in the site.

    sweet Posted: 9 years ago
  10. I'm not in charge of any of the content. I just ramble on in the blogs. We will have on up when the powers that be put it up.

    Josh P. Posted: 9 years ago
  11. put javier on the site!

    rasalibre4life Posted: 9 years ago
  12. Finally a brotha on eS! Yeah were is Javier's bio?Dixon is tight, good addition to the team.

    neubauer Posted: 9 years ago
  13. My favorite trick he does would have to be one of his heelflips in Baker3 video. The one where he almost hits the white rail, its so sick! And hes good got flatground tre flips on lock.

    Boston_Loc_Hater_Lew Posted: 9 years ago
  14. I Havent Seen The Baker Video, only the Gay Bird Moment, those kids rock

    MC SHorEZ Posted: 9 years ago
  15. Wheres javier and nyija

    mauricio De Anda Posted: 9 years ago
  16. yes you all are the man put Javier on, did any one see his sequence in Slap, nollie backside flip switch nosemanual cab out, and on www.slapmagazine.com if you go to like the volcom tour it has his backtail front 270 on the top of that Barcelona bench, www.volcom.com check his switch flip between those new york banks that Dustin dollin does frontside flip wallride. Come on now put him on the site

    PeterM Posted: 9 years ago
  17. his part in baker 3 was hella bad all he needs now is a pro shoe of he own

    aim me @ espro89 Posted: 9 years ago

    Potato_Klesk Posted: 9 years ago
  19. lets see worrest turned AM

    AJ Posted: 9 years ago
  20. josh or craig - dixon is dope but you guys seem to have forgotten mr javier? and on skateboardrumors is talks about sti losing penny and froston? is that true or does someone over at skateboardrumors.com need to get there shit straight?

    augusta Posted: 9 years ago
  21. he blew up so cute and hes so sexy and my name is angel guzman perez any1 holla at me i love sk8ers.....

    bigsexymanbeast Posted: 9 years ago
  22. he blew up so cute and hes so sexy and my name is angel guzman perez any1 holla at me i love sk8ers.....yyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaa

    bigsexymanbeast Posted: 9 years ago
  23. Hell yea thats awesome! I remember when he won some contest a while back and got free es shoes for a year! I skated with em a few times at Veterans skatepark in Carson a while back, hes a really cool guy and definitely deserves to be AM for es.

    BURRITO Posted: 9 years ago
  24. He hovers above stairs
    noliie heel krooks down stairs look like pie to him

    Dirty Jerzeys Finest Posted: 9 years ago
  25. Javier will be up on the site soon. I spoke to my friend over at Es and their working on his bio..

    pimplow Posted: 9 years ago
  26. y should antwon be on the es team?? he stole my skate dvd in the phoenix am contest in 2004... but he gave it back :-) good job antwon i am really proud of u haha no but thats lieka kids dream to be on the es team

    Paulie J Posted: 9 years ago
  27. oh a really good black kid , nothing too great about him besides his fabulous eyes and his dreamie boy band hair. Other than that he is just like me

    Sprizzle Posted: 9 years ago
  28. Shut up Hes on Baker and should be more well know because hes got some skills. He is not sketchy at all

    ES Posted: 9 years ago
  29. hes crazy in the skateboarder mag nollie heelflip LIP i think a 7 stair

    esfootys Posted: 9 years ago
  30. Baker, Baker

    Josh P. Posted: 9 years ago
  31. Check out that fuckin' skully he had on in his Baker 3 part?
    Just don't see that anymore these days.
    Dixon is a straight O.G.

    Gooch Posted: 9 years ago
  32. yo man ur killen it out there keep it up dog love ur vid wish i was as good as u pice

    cj Posted: 6 years ago
  33. go suck a dick

    i suck Posted: 5 years ago
  34. i like this pussy

    pakito Posted: 5 years ago
  35. hoo shit dixon is the best skate gang thank's es

    vinny Posted: 5 years ago

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