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The éS Beast Hits the East!

The East Coast in Summer is so hot (as in temperature), that I can't figure out why anyone would plan a filming trip there.

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Bobby Digi

Look out for a Bobby Worrest cover and interview coming out in the East Coast mag Focus. Bobby straight up kills it. I wonder if that Krooked video will ever come out? (Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.) How many East Coast heads come to this site?

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Cale Nuske's Top Five Favorite Movies

  1. Chopper
  2. American Wedding
  3. Rocco Strikes Back
  4. Sole Plane
  5. Scarface

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Shop Interview: Westside Skateshop

Now we head back down to Florida for a little chat with Westside Skateshop.

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éSsorizing Is_The Best Part

Don't forget to accent your head-to-toe éS get-up with official éS AccéSsories!

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Rick McCrank's Top Five Favorite Ice Age Mammals

  1. Wooly Mammoth
  2. Saber Tooth Tiger
  3. Every other
  4. cliché Ice
  5. Age animal

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Justin Eldridge Turns Pro! Buy His New Board!

Look for Justin's new signature board in your local skate shop within the next couple of weeks, or buy it at Val Surf's Web site today!

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éS Game of SKATE Am World Championships + Pro Finals!

Get ready! The éS Game of SKATE Am World Championships + Pro Finals, presented by Boost Mobile, is coming up on Saturday, September 10!

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Team Report 08-16-05

Eric Koston is resting from a bruised heel. Send all flowers, cards and letters to Eric in care of Dominick's restaurant in Los Angeles.

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