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Technical Features

As you can tell by the photo above, we here at éS Footwear are very serious about the technical features of our shoes. From Support to Durability to Cushioning to Grip, we've got your feet covered in goodness.

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éS Footwear set the standards for excellence in the footwear industry by creating and manufacturing shoes that are of innovative design, function and durability. Many of our shoes feature a high abrasion rubber outsole, reinforced stitching, multi-layered fabric in key areas, heavy padding, footbeds with removable arch supports and more. Our shoes are designed and tested by the top skateboarders in the world.

We are dedicated to providing you with shoes that aren't only stylish, but are also able to tolerate the abuse of skateboarding better than other shoes. However, grip tape is very abusive, and when you are trying to learn tricks, you will inevitably wear out certain spots on the shoe. Even though this shoe was designed for skateboarding, this type of wear is not considered a manufacture's defect and is not warranted.

éS Footwear will gladly replace any shoes that are defective in construction for a period of 30 days from the date of purchase. Defective shoes not resulting from normal wear and tear should be returned to the place of purchase accompanied by your sales receipt.


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Shoe Care

Take good care of your éS shoes, and they'll take good care of you. In this section, you'll find a few neat tips on how to primp and polish the uppers, insoles and outsoles of all your favorite éS pups.

Posted October 31, 2005. 47 Comments

Featured Shoe: The Flik

What are you waiting for? Flik an ollie today.

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Post Your Blog Signature Photo!

Sign up at Gravatar and upload a photo. After it has been rated by Gravatar, it will show up in your comments on the éS Blog!

Please note: Use the same email address as the one you used to register for the éS site. Change your email address in your profile, if needed.

Posted October 28, 2005. 33 Comments

2002: P.J. and Mikey!

Ooh, yeah! We're up to 2002 in the good ol' éS Timeline now. It's almost time for Back to the Future.

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Posted October 27, 2005. 19 Comments

Be an éS Pro for Halloween!

Walk around disguised as your favorite éS pro team rider.

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Team Report 10-25-05

Team Report, Schmeam Report! We got all your éS team news right here, pal!

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Posted October 24, 2005. 23 Comments

Goofy Sweeps GvR!

Team Goofy grabbed the top honors back away from Regular this year at the second annual GvR contest at the Skatepark of Lake Forest.

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