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Posted October 10, 2005. 2 Comments

éS Timeline

Take a look at each year of the first decade of the brand, from 1995 all the way to 2005.

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Posted October 6, 2005. 7 Comments

Team Report 10-06-05

Eric Koston and Rick McCrank are still in Toronto, having a killer time filming for the upcoming éS video with filmer Scuba Steve.

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Happy Birthday, Cale!

We here at éS Footwear would like to wish a Happy Birthday to team rider Cale Nuske.

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Koston the Sole Collector!

Read a very long, un-edited interview with Eric Koston at Sole Collector.

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Holiday 2005 Footwear!

We just posted up the new Holiday 2005 shoes in the Footwear section. Don't be afraid, they don't bite...much.

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Posted September 30, 2005. 9 Comments

Justin Eldridge Answers Your Questions!

Justin responded to a whoppin' 27 of your favorite questions. So, what are you waiting for? Mosey on in and check 'em out!

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Cale Nuske's Top Five Favorite Restaurants

  1. Sushi Zen (Los Angeles)
  2. Heavenly Hamburger (Santa Rosa, California)
  3. In-N-Out
  4. Chipotle
  5. Toi Tai (Los Angeles)

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Team Report 09-28-05

Eric Koston has been working on his golfing technique at the local resort. When not driving, he's been spending time putting around on his skateboard.

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Greece Gallery!

Feast your eyes on the Greece Gallery we recently posted. These pics are from the éS filming mission over there earlier this year.

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