Former éS Team Manager Tony Evjenth's Top Five Favorite Hairdos

Posted January 26, 2006 by éS

  1. Devil's Lock
  2. Corn Rows
  3. Dorothy Hamill
  4. Donald Trump
  5. Ted Koppel


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There's 15 responses to "Former éS Team Manager Tony Evjenth's Top Five Favorite Hairdos"

  1. haha dude said donald trump. guy's got the nappiest hair ive ever seen. and you KNOW he can pay off some hair stylest to make his shit look good too. somethin aint right.

    truehead Posted: 9 years ago
  2. Much love. Tony is my dog.

    Josh P. Posted: 9 years ago
  3. tony is sick man to bad he goner but jay is also sick

    WouterMan Posted: 9 years ago
  4. Im sporting the Donald Trump hairdo as i type! lol

    BURRITO Posted: 9 years ago
  5. wohh whats a ted kopple

    tampa Posted: 9 years ago
  6. dont be sad tony manages matix, and i love that company

    Dirk Posted: 9 years ago
  7. What about the jerill crow Tony?

    Oscar Oliva Posted: 8 years ago
  8. tampa... SHUT UP

    What does tony do now? I forgot...

    Plan B_09 Posted: 8 years ago
  9. SPIKES!!!

    Shimizu Posted: 8 years ago
  10. plan b listen YOUR A FUCKIN HOMO PIECE OF SHIT FAGGET ASS BITCH so shut the fuck.

    tampa Posted: 8 years ago
  11. Hey, uh. I dont mean to be a dumbass or anything, but how did Shimizu get a custom avatar?

    Demo Posted: 8 years ago
  12. Josh P. Posted: 8 years ago
  13. Yea thanx, but that Gravatar site sucks balls. It didnt let me sign up for some reason. I clicked on the "submit" button but it just erased what i had typed.

    Demo Posted: 8 years ago
  14. Ha ha, donald trump!!!!

    Wes H. Posted: 8 years ago
  15. tampa did u just tell me to shut the fuck?
    i knew u were stupid but WOW! donald trump?

    Plan B_09 Posted: 8 years ago

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