Nyjah + Rick Take Second + Third at Global Assault!

Posted February 13, 2006 by éS

Update: Sweet photo.

Congratulations to 11-year-old éS rookie Nyjah Huston for winning second place at the Global Assault contest in Melbourne, Australia, with éS veteran Rick McCrank right behind him in third. Reports have it that these glue-foot wheat shredders were unstoppable all weekend long.

Let us all gather in a semi-circle, don our éS Mainblock logo robes and solemnly chant: "YéS!"

Final Results
1. Ryan Sheckler
2. Nyjah Huston
3. Rick McCrank
4. Chris Cole
5. Greg Lutzka
6. Ronnie Creager

"second place is_sometimes better than first."


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There's 34 responses to "Nyjah + Rick Take Second + Third at Global Assault!"

  1. first comment suckas, lick the pit, candy cane

    Pimpero Posted: 9 years ago
  2. That was a dope comment, Pimpero.

    garry Posted: 9 years ago
  3. when is YeS coming out

    Bella Posted: 9 years ago
  4. will there be any footage from the cop coming ?

    stu Posted: 9 years ago
  5. congrats for the two of them! i dont know how can nyjah skate with those dreads going around his head.
    yeah, when is yés coming out?

    guille Posted: 9 years ago
  6. bella shut up, do u really expect an answer?

    Plan B_09 Posted: 9 years ago
  7. This Blog is not about YéS.

    garry Posted: 9 years ago
  8. i predicted this, but no one believed me...j/k congrats to the best shoe's great rider's skills from the bestest sport from the so on and so forth

    sk8s_in_montucky Posted: 9 years ago
  9. i've been joining this site daily since 2 years hoping to see something like "check out the new pj footy" will this ever happen? or we gonna have to wait for him to change to another shoe sponsor?

    landardini Posted: 9 years ago
  10. like gary said, this blog is not about the Yes video or new footy. i know es is holding on to their footage, and its a good idea too. it would suck if the video came out and it was all shit we've already seen. they're gonna take their time with this one, so it doesnt come out and everyone is bummed cause its only 20 minutes long.

    ok, now back on subject.

    screw sheckler. he sucks. hes got like 3 or 4 tricks he does everytime. fs flip, bs flip, bs lipslide, and bs feeble. its so boring. man, nyjah should have took him out while he had the chance. great job guys.

    woolymastadon21 Posted: 9 years ago
  11. Hell yeah, Wooly. Nyjah comin' up!

    garry Posted: 9 years ago
  12. im sure they have pj's footy that wont be used in the video, so its ok if they put that footy on the site.
    Im sorry about asking this evertime, but im addicted to pj ladd and i havent seen new footy in a long time! i've seen all the old footy like 1000000 times.

    landardini Posted: 9 years ago
  13. landardini - We don't even know what PJ footage we won't be using yet. So, for now, you can just stop checking.

    Josh P. Posted: 9 years ago
  14. sheckler should of placed last he SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    flipskater6 Posted: 9 years ago
  15. aren't eS and Etnies related companies? i mean they both use System G2....... so its not hurting too bad that Sheck got first, but im glad to see McKrills in the top 3.

    TrevorTWS Posted: 9 years ago
  16. to: Flipskater6

    He could school you ass.

    TrevorTWS Posted: 9 years ago
  17. your*

    TrevorTWS Posted: 9 years ago
  18. thats crazy that cole didnt make top 3....hes normally # 1 good for mccrank tho

    circa8806 Posted: 9 years ago
  19. yeah man, cole usually rocks the shit out these contests. his bs 360 kickflips are PERFECT.

    woolymastadon21 Posted: 9 years ago
  20. Sole Technology is rocking 4 of the top 6 spots. Word!

    Josh P. Posted: 9 years ago
  21. yea Nyjah is comin up and mccrank still got some sick tric ks down there to yeaaa

    WouterMan Posted: 9 years ago
  22. wooly fo sho! seriously ryan is pretty consistent but its with the same tricks! and in his video part's lines are like contest's lines: stay safe and be sure to land it. like in almost round three he does that manual and then only kickflips the big four(not like i could do it) and later he halfcab flips it. i tihnk its stupid he should go for crazy/broke. lol whatever

    marc Posted: 9 years ago
  23. wow! congrats. This is called a ttp://www.justplumber.com" rel="nofollow">spirit.


    Keep it up!!

    emmajoseph Posted: 9 years ago
  24. will nyjah have a part in yés
    and why is it sometimes good to go second place

    the_moeminator Posted: 9 years ago
  25. pj for life yo

    landardini Posted: 9 years ago
  26. Chris Cole and McCrank should have got 1st and 2nd.

    Demo Posted: 9 years ago
  27. I HATE Sheckler, Nyjah is wayyyy better than sheckler, i mean sheckler can only do like 3 tricks bolts, like woolymaster said but he gets all this credit for nothing. McCrank or Chris Cole should have placed 1st.

    Wes H. Posted: 9 years ago
  28. Sheckler and Nyjah are skatepark/competition kids. Chris Cole and McCrank will kill them at some good ol street.

    Demo Posted: 9 years ago
  29. competition is gay, i would rether go street skating

    josiah Posted: 9 years ago
  30. Would you be in a street competition, josiah?

    .............comps are gay

    Demo Posted: 9 years ago
  31. Sheckler used to be cool when he wore a helmet, now he is just a fashion like the rest of 'em.

    HenleyChild Posted: 9 years ago
  32. Nyjah's awesome, nice run bro

    jase Posted: 9 years ago
  33. wooly, are you retarded? I mean seriously, did you see sheckler's almost part? Brilliant. way beter than anything i've ever seen of pj or nyjah or mccrank(then again, i've only ssen 2pics and 1 ssequence of pj and 1 pic of mcrank) sheckler has a big trick selection and does it off big stuff and lands really clean. the coolest part in almost was tht huge ollie sheckler did in australia into the street. Nyjah has little pop, and lands all sketchy.

    no offense, i just think you are crazy...

    Jump Posted: 9 years ago
  34. Shecklers skating is getting heaps better as he gets older. I think Nyjah will be the same

    Dinky Posted: 9 years ago

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