A Day in the Life of Ben Carden

Posted March 2, 2006 by éS

Ben Carden wakes up. Ben Carden immediately drinks an orange soda. Ben Carden busts some tricks in the kitchen. Ben Carden eats a slice of pie. Ben Carden spills a white substance on his zipper. Ben Carden drives to the store to buy more candy. Ben Carden fills his glove box, ashtray and every open space in his car with said candy. Ben Carden drives around in a rap music-fueled sugar rush. Ben Carden spray paints horizontal stripes on his pants. Ben Carden attempts push-ups on an éS Mainblock logo rug in a skate shop, but fails miserably. Ben Carden has a ball sessioning spots with his friends. Ben Carden repeats all of the above several times a day, every day. Welcome to A Day in the Life of Ben Carden by Charles Wray, a hilarious 20-minute video clip about a seriously funny and hyper kid. Watch it right now. You'll be glad you did.


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There's 35 responses to "A Day in the Life of Ben Carden"

  1. pretty funny!!

    skate4food Posted: 9 years ago
  2. I'm going to have to get back to this when I have 20 minutes to spare.

    Josh P. Posted: 9 years ago
  3. oh my GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this is the kind of idiot that i wonder:
    1. how does he have enough brain cells to coordinate an ollie, while i'm in ap, but can barely kickflip a 4
    2. how does he live? why would his mom support him? and...
    3. How the heck is a creature like this even created?

    dumbest person alive award goes to:

    Ben Carden! what a surprise...

    Jump Posted: 9 years ago
  4. regardless, it was pretty funny, especially the pant spraypainting

    Jump Posted: 9 years ago
  5. is josh p ever gonna tell me why sole tech dumped thousands of shoes in santa monica????

    froston02 Posted: 9 years ago
  6. Froston - No I'm not because I don't know what you are talking about. Maybe Garry can help you with you query.

    Josh P. Posted: 9 years ago
  7. HOLY CRAP! i saw this ish on Skate Perception a while ago and was wondering if i'd see it again! this isnt the full edit though. there's a longer, funnier one.

    lamb-choppy Posted: 9 years ago
  8. id totally watch it but my computer is fruity slow...

    nastasia Posted: 9 years ago
  9. Froston, I've never heard of that, plus it's off-topic, plus it's Sole Technology, not Sole Tech.

    garry Posted: 9 years ago
  10. this video is off the chain so funny

    WouterMan Posted: 9 years ago
  11. I can't believe that you guys posted this on your site....

    does he ride for you?

    I saw this on SkatePerception in the fall so I figured it was pretty low key...

    TuneBomb Posted: 9 years ago
  12. I can't believe that you guys posted this on your site....

    does he ride for you?

    I saw this on SkatePerception in the fall so I figured it was pretty low key...

    TuneBomb Posted: 9 years ago
  13. Looseball

    sh1f Posted: 9 years ago
  14. damn I need to skeef me one of those Es carpets for my room.

    Justin. P Posted: 9 years ago
  15. they dumped thousands of misprint or lilttle defective shoes in a land fill in santa monica. Sorry for not adding the ology sir.

    froston02 Posted: 9 years ago
  16. DANG!... stoked you guys posted this up... I edited this a while ago, but it's still heartwarming to this day askdfj;alhahhaa... if you guys want more ben carden and other homies... check out my video that's in the works called "Apples and Oranges". here's my myspace, and I've got a buncha other videos posted if you check out my blogs...


    Charles Wray Posted: 9 years ago
  17. wow this video was on skateperception months ago,they even have a new one when hes on a road trip with 2 other guys and he has a casio in the back of the car.

    omgroflpwnt Posted: 9 years ago
  18. Thats not just a skate shop?
    It's Spirit Skate Shop!
    check it out at
    I wonder where all that e's stuff came from in his car?
    Ben is the only guy I know that made e's coasters by hand out of wood. there are a couple dudes at sole tech that have them.
    Ben Carden is the best part!
    skate like Ben Carden!

    SPIRITsteve Posted: 9 years ago
  19. there is no way that id be able to consume that much candy

    jaxterx10 Posted: 9 years ago
  20. He's my idol

    Tanna Posted: 9 years ago
  21. Ha ha, he's Ali Boulala on steroids!!!

    Wes H. Posted: 9 years ago
  22. garry are you trying to say it can only be called sole techNOLOGY?
    because i see people all over the place say sole tech

    Plan B_09 Posted: 9 years ago
  23. jfkdlsafjdkslajsakl.......this isnt actually ben cards, but its his homie patty....and hed like to say.....kcirtapnamreve: ok, what do you have to say? about the day in the life to everyone...?
    black wu tacker: umm let me think
    kcirtapnamreve: haha
    black wu tacker: oooooooooooo I AM #1 and i eat eat cinabuns... i like to give a shout out to PJ and mcrank hit me up at spirit.ben@gmail.com actuillay hit me up on my phone at 509-389-4020 leave a message or somthin I be stoked for years
    black wu tacker: hold onreal fast i got to go eat din din for like 5 min
    kcirtapnamreve: you sure thats what you want?
    black wu tacker: what else should i put i got to make it epic
    kcirtapnamreve: i dunno.....
    black wu tacker: give shout out to energy drink

    bencards Posted: 9 years ago
  24. Garry is very proper.

    Josh P. Posted: 9 years ago
  25. TIGA STYLE!!!!

    Spokane kids are crazy

    good shit

    taekwondave Posted: 9 years ago
  26. fjdsklfjsdkl....tiga style is a vid. that ben is editing that he says will be...."heroic"...i dunno if he wants it shipped out but im sure it could be..jfkdlsajfdslk plenty of more epic footy in there. *footnote* bens favorite vids include: bootleg 3000, rds fsu 2002, street cinema, baker 3, shake junt, and baker summer tour.

    bencards Posted: 9 years ago
  27. no

    Sweat King Posted: 9 years ago
  28. There is a LONGER VERSION of this!?! haha
    I did find that pretty funny though.
    The bit towards the end where they were skatin all at once looked like they were having the funnest time EVER lol.

    But yeah, i agree on wha one kid above said - why is his mom supporting him?! he doesnt go to school, doesnt have a job, but yet he spends loads on candy n junk food... haha this kids got A.D.D

    iamdgk Posted: 9 years ago
  29. who knows why his mom still supports him... it's insane... he's screwed too cause he just bought a 200 dollar razor phone and it's garunteed to be destroyed so fast... I'd give it 3 months MAX. glad most people are enjoying this... once again, seriously hit me up on myspace, I'd be hyped to talk to new people.


    Charles Wray Posted: 9 years ago
  30. Myspace is gay.

    Wes H. Posted: 9 years ago
  31. no, people posting negative comments for no reason that do not add anything constructive are "gay".

    Charles Wray Posted: 9 years ago
  32. its cool someone from spokane can get their video on the éS site.

    Messy_Betty Posted: 9 years ago
  33. Wes u are gay

    Plan B_09 Posted: 9 years ago
  34. "that one kid"???????
    i'd like to be refered to as "jump" or "mitchell" please from now on. jk...lol

    Jump Posted: 9 years ago
  35. this kids insane, does he work or do anything? or was it just a weekend

    Ezra W. Posted: 9 years ago

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