Nyjah Huston Biography!

Posted April 27, 2006 by éS

Scope the online shrine we just built for one of our upcoming new team riders, Mr. Nyjah Huston, complete with a bio, interview, stats, video coverage, magazine coverage, internet coverage, contest placings and even a lil' list o' favorites. It's a virtual cornucopia of encyclopedic Nyjah Huston knowledge!


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There's 64 responses to "Nyjah Huston Biography!"

  1. sick dude finally nyjah gets some respect

    marc Posted: 9 years ago
  2. hell yeah

    ilikeskating Posted: 9 years ago
  3. Nyjah going straight to the top. I was waiting for this.

    Accel13 Posted: 9 years ago
  4. WOW!!! theres 2 nyjahs in eS team Page

    Wouter2005 Posted: 9 years ago
  5. this dude is damn
    im looking forward for his first promodel

    moeminator Posted: 9 years ago
  6. why did u erase my message? your breaking the law of the free expression, you handriel lover!

    ronnie creager for life!

    MONBUKAGAKUSHO Posted: 9 years ago
  7. you sick pedestrian

    Mr Code Posted: 9 years ago
  8. Heel flip frontside boardslide, feeble, heel flip frontside boardslide, lip slide, feeble, kick flip board slide, heel flip frontside boardslide...lol. I do have to congratulate him, I mean, he is only like 12 years old, right?

    Mikey Posted: 9 years ago
  9. damb nyjah rips

    rawhorse Posted: 9 years ago
  10. lol u cant even spell damn

    BrandON P. Posted: 9 years ago
  11. Cool, if only this site would do the same thing for Bobby Worrest, Mike Barker, and Silas-Baxter Neil. Nyjah is awesome, i just think those guys deserve it more.

    Wes H. Posted: 9 years ago
  12. Fricken grommies, kickin' everybody elses asses.
    But good on him for being able to do it.

    G - rant Posted: 9 years ago
  13. Nyjah is good but will he get new tricks

    Wouter2005 Posted: 9 years ago
  14. njyah, elderige and mccrank are the only people saving es. es is lucky that njyah waited so long to be put on the team

    froston02 Posted: 8 years ago
  15. i envy nyjah hahaha
    heS good he should make more new tricks.

    Alex Posted: 8 years ago
  16. mmmmh, maybe froston02 needs to now better the és team members. Go buy the flip really sorry video and discover who is pj ladd. Go buy the firm can't stop and discover who tx is. Maybe you'll change your mind on little nyjah or mccrank...

    kostonsdabomb! Posted: 8 years ago
  17. hi ya everybody

    ryanbanks2006 Posted: 8 years ago
  18. froston ur forgettin about ladd and nuske

    MONBUKAGAKUSHO Posted: 8 years ago
  19. shave your head

    Nude Evil Demon Posted: 8 years ago
  20. since when has this kid done a nollie heel back lip and i cant believe they associated getting high off the ground easily with huston. I have seen one of his nollie flips on flat and i almost threw up.

    Plan B_09 Posted: 8 years ago
  21. dude ur sick 2 me ur the best no matter what these other dumb asses say keep doing what u do i have high for u man ur my insperation.

    exavier Posted: 6 years ago
  22. shit you kick ass at skateing

    josh Posted: 6 years ago
  23. I love hiiiim so much. when will bi some new footage

    Aleksa Posted: 6 years ago
  24. he is amazing i thing that when he grow up he gone be the tonny hawks of the future

    dainak Posted: 6 years ago
  25. hell yeah you rock at skteboarding

    khadeem Posted: 6 years ago
  26. eres el mejor i mi idolo soy de mexico y te admiro

    oscar daniel Posted: 6 years ago
  27. your awesome and shred

    you make it look so easy

    korrey Posted: 6 years ago
  28. your awsome come to indiana

    brian Posted: 6 years ago
  29. KEEP THE HAIR...
    Just Trim it A Lil...

    juice4 Posted: 6 years ago
  30. ur not on element any more y?

    austin Posted: 6 years ago
  31. Why do you leave the element team?

    Mark Posted: 6 years ago
  32. ey...
    I am from austria....
    had anyone from yoou seen nyjah huston....
    many greeting

    daviiD Posted: 6 years ago
  33. hey eres genial andando en skate

    Brandon Posted: 6 years ago
  34. soy tu fans numero 1 ,

    !!!!!!!!! VIVA ELEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    randall Posted: 6 years ago
  35. Nyjah you rule!!!

    Rajiv Posted: 6 years ago
  36. mijitos riko , tenis que puro venir a mi casa , te voi a violar ql xd CUIDATE ^_^

    janoskaterboarding Posted: 5 years ago
  37. soi de antofagasta chile :3

    janoskaterboarding Posted: 5 years ago
  38. sos muy groso pibe!!!!

    tuto!! Posted: 5 years ago
  39. nyjah you rule im only 12 and i can nollie tre flip but i wish i was pro like you instead of tony hawk project 8 call it nyjah houston project 300

    Austin H Posted: 5 years ago
  40. dude your alsome and you rock

    damonta Posted: 5 years ago
  41. Your so sick dude you really rock KEEP ON SKATING

    jose Posted: 5 years ago
  42. what are his sponsors?

    EKo Posted: 5 years ago
  43. man i think Nyjah is way good!!!!

    connor Posted: 5 years ago
  44. Omg your like so dope at skateboarding and you hot as fuhh come to florida

    Rileigh james Posted: 5 years ago
  45. how do you become pro

    #1 fan Posted: 5 years ago
  46. you make everything look so easy how do you do it?

    bill Posted: 5 years ago
  47. how you become an element team

    nick huston Posted: 5 years ago
  48. nyjahs the best there is im want to be like him.

    j.capskater Posted: 5 years ago
  49. you're the best skateboarder, I love looking at you. you can do tricks amazing, so no one reply me a big fan of you ...

    Adha widianto Posted: 5 years ago
  50. good tricks....

    Adha widianto Posted: 5 years ago
  51. Dude ur moves r wicked sik. I always loved sk8ers, and u just make it all better

    Kitty 92 Posted: 5 years ago
  52. i love nyjah huston!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sam chaos! Posted: 5 years ago
  53. so young, but so good

    josh Posted: 5 years ago
  54. man he is the best street skater i seen on u you tube sick man

    rod Posted: 5 years ago
  55. he sud be in the xgames go nyjah

    rod Posted: 5 years ago
  56. i love elemant do u skate in fremont ca fremont nyjah huston

    rod Posted: 5 years ago
  57. nyjah huston you are my favorite skater

    tayler Posted: 5 years ago
  58. i am do a biogriph about you at school

    tayler Posted: 5 years ago
  59. he sud be in the xgames go nyjah huston

    antonio jose Posted: 5 years ago
  60. he is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    eli Posted: 5 years ago
  61. I am better skateboarder than Nyjah Huston damn it!!

    Chris Haslam Posted: 5 years ago
  62. nija your my favorite skater

    dyllan beers Posted: 5 years ago
  63. sickest skater ever

    anthony delatorre Posted: 5 years ago
  64. dude i wish i waz as good a skater as you are you are the skater i look up to you are the best skater ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    cameron kerr Posted: 4 years ago

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