Go Skateboarding Day: June 21, 2006!

Posted May 1, 2006 by éS

June 21, 2006: No school. No work. Nothing but skateboarding. Today is our day. Join in the grind heard around the world!

There are plenty of Go Skateboarding Day events happening all over the place. Go to your local skate shop and see what’s going on, or visit Go Skateboarding Day. If nothing is happening in your area, get everyone together and start your own event!

Suggestions: Choose a place for everyone to meet. Skate across town, hitting all the spots along the way. Hold a best trick contest or play a game of SKATE. End up at your local skate shop or skatepark and have a barbeque! Use your imagination. The possibilities are endless!


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There's 33 responses to "Go Skateboarding Day: June 21, 2006!"

  1. last year was killer and this one will be even better

    joe s Posted: 8 years ago
  2. Hope this year my city gonna do something

    Wouter2005 Posted: 8 years ago
  3. Wouter,

    Your city doesn't have to do anything. Just get together with your friends and go skate.

    garry Posted: 8 years ago
  4. true true, but i am goping to my local shop to see if they can make some event :P

    Wouter2005 Posted: 8 years ago
  5. yea i might be goin to dallas its only 3 hours away i might be goin to wild in the streets with emerica..if i dont go were goin to have a masive game of skate

    skate4food Posted: 8 years ago
  6. They should let skaters skate anywhere on go skateboarding day!

    accels fo life Posted: 8 years ago
  7. I cant wait!

    Its the day before my High School graduation too! haha

    BURRITO Posted: 8 years ago
  8. Nice, I'm definately skating to my fullest that day. Going to try and get the skateshop to do something fun.

    Accel13 Posted: 8 years ago
  9. yess, my skateshop and everyone sponsored by them go downtown in a big bus and skate tons of places, it is sweeet

    HabitatEsSkater Posted: 8 years ago
  10. holy crap BURRITO! you don't get out until june 28! that sux. anyway...yay skateboarding!

    sk8s_in_montucky Posted: 8 years ago
  11. haha dude its on june 21

    peter Posted: 8 years ago
  12. yÉs! im gonna be in olympia washington that day. im sure i can find something there

    skaterdude933 Posted: 8 years ago
  13. i have an idea, whenever someone says "hey no skateboarding you dumb kids" just say dude its national go skateboarding day, or say you have a filming permit. that'll shut them up

    mattp Posted: 8 years ago
  14. Hah i can't wait! my friends and me are already making plans!
    and that's only ONE day after my birthday!

    skatedaily Posted: 8 years ago
  15. I'll just go skate.

    ilikeskating Posted: 8 years ago
  16. lakai has more traffic on their website than

    froston02 Posted: 8 years ago
  17. than what?

    Wouter2005 Posted: 8 years ago
  18. YES!

    G - rant Posted: 8 years ago
  19. My favorite day of the year!!!!!!!! Skating all day!!

    Wes H. Posted: 8 years ago
  20. Go skateboarding day is every day that it isn't raining, for me.

    WelcometoHell Posted: 8 years ago
  21. oh god damn im from germany and in germany is school on that day i need to stay till 2:30 :(
    f**k but im gonna go skate that day

    skateboarding is forever

    moeminator Posted: 8 years ago
  22. hey skate4food i live in greenville, texas and dallas is only 50 miles from me.im going to united skatepark in grapevine thatday.

    ryanbanks2006 Posted: 8 years ago
  23. I hope something is planned in the Seattle area

    taekwondave Posted: 8 years ago
  24. i wish i couldskip school but thats my graduation date. but im gonna skate so much after it

    pjwadd Posted: 8 years ago
  25. AHH! i have fucken skool that day. make it on a damn SATURDAY!!

    Demo Posted: 8 years ago
  26. haha, while on usa its already summer vacation, on other places like thailand or argentina they are in the middle of the school year haha! turds!

    MONBUKAGAKUSHO Posted: 8 years ago
  27. i have school to but im not goin to be a little bitch like u, ill skip school to skate and if u cant then just sskate after school!!

    big head Posted: 8 years ago
  28. I think every day is a "go skateboarding day" only the coverage changes.

    incsk8 Posted: 8 years ago
  29. I think that go skate day is a good idea!
    Everyday should be go skate day.

    chipper Posted: 8 years ago
  30. Everyone should go skate everyday

    Wouter2005 Posted: 8 years ago
  31. that is cool but i miss my taco

    mikeskater95 Posted: 8 years ago
  32. krudco son

    Plan B_09 Posted: 8 years ago
  33. i cant skate this week

    skate-life Posted: 8 years ago

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